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Hazard ME Free

+5    "saving the world from nuclear warfare just got more fun and interesting with Hazard Middle East." iPhone Footprint Hazard Middle East is an action RTS game where you command your squads in a war madness, you will find yourself fighting ...    18 MB    Views 9991

Sarge HD

action alien human nova
+3    FREE for a limited time (Regularly 4.99) Built for the iPad The planet Zephyr, in the middle of a war between the human United Terra Initiative and the alien Nova Imperium. Sarge and Trysh, a rag tag mercenary team, has been ...    79 MB    Views 9569
+2    Chicken robot wars in space This rooster does more than to shout cockadoodledoo Beware The robot chicken is ready in action Let us help the chicken on its galactic mission. This game is easy to play, just shoot all the enemies that ...    21 MB    Views 1067
+3    Get ready for nonstop, skillbased shooting action at its finest Cube Animals are all in action,Take control of your powerful 360 degree rotating Bow and Arrow and aim at beautifully designed cubeshaped enemies have to eliminate waves of oncoming enemies. ...    33 MB    Views 6968
war strategy action game defend clan defense awesome
+13    Experience a Clan Defense Game for a Special Discount Intense bombblasting action Do you want to become a hero? Then you can start here With your wits and strategic planning you can defend your clan This game is a fastpaced, ...    17 MB    Views 6987

Commando in Action

+12    Soldier, situation is critical. Enemy has invaded the borderlands. They have silently captured our border cities. Now they are moving forward. We are surrounded by enemy forces. As a well trained commando, you are assigned a special mission. Your target is ...    118 MB    Views 4377

Super Fatty

action game awards fatty fun
+4    Fatty is a fun, actionpacked arcade game that challenges you to beat your high score. You’ll have to dodge cannonballs, flamethrowers, falling rocks, and other traps while you chow down on continuous waves of edible goodness. Buy new jetpacks, characters, ...    19 MB    Views 7033

Bugdom 2 Lite

-4    THE FREE VERSION OF OUR AWARDWINNING GAME BUGDOM 2. PLAY THE ENTIRE FIRST LEVEL FOR FREE The best actionadventure game for iOS • Play on your TV in true HD via Airplay or the Apple HDMI Adapter • Universal Binary Runs on both ...    NAN    Views 9201
Related Apps poker action game heads play
+1    Fast paced poker action with everything on the line every game You vs your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Run up your bankroll from 1000 to over 1million...if you can. Every game counts. Play double or nothing each round. Don't ...    41 MB    Views 9197

Jungle Journey

+24    Help Sgt. Cletus navigate through jungle levels to get to the gold chest in this action packed platform adventure. Avoid obstacles, booby traps and enemy soldiers while you figure out how to reach the end of the level. Although the early ...    NAN    Views 5017

Doodle Gunner

0    0.99USD > Free Full Game No AD "Doodle Gunner" is a unique action game with many unique weapons and enemies, get ready to control your stick hero to destroy huge enemy army in this brand new version of action game Features: Large scale ...    14 MB    Views 7651
action fun warrior apache full
+20    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED NON STOP ACTION He's back Get ready for a fun action packed game full of big snakes, eagles, floating rocks, and more You're goal as a little Apache Warrior is to make it as ...    26 MB    Views 9817

Bow & Arrow

action arrow bow touch weapon
+8    NOW FREE FOR DOWNLOAD ARROW SLINGING ACTION FOR THE IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH For centuries, the bow and arrow was the ultimate weapon in battle for medieval European and Asian warfare. It's origins date back to even furtherto the cavemen who slayed mighty dinosaurs ...    1 MB    Views 2360
Related Apps action bingo blaze ready speed free
0    Are you ready for Hi Speed Bingo Action? Then get ready for Bingo Blaze the new fast action bingo game that puts you up against the clock for the Big Win. Challenge friends through multiplayer tournaments Free daily rewards to earn tickets Quick ...    63 MB    Views 9630
Related Apps action balls attack close
+24    When balls gets very close to you, you have to give below Attack when it is too far and you miss, too close and too late. Beware however, there are other aquatic life bent to pay him a visit, so ...    12 MB    Views 6953
action game animated ducks
-8    Carbon fiber, evil ducks from space, or the closest thing to ducks Apple allows in games, have invaded the Heartland. Either way, the Presidents of the United Staes of America want YOU to hunt them to save the Heartland. TIP: Tap ...    71 MB    Views 9467

Operation Swarm

action swarm alien hordes operation friends
+2    Operation Swarm is a twinstick shooter packed full of thrilling action and fast paced combat. Can you survive the longest against hordes of alien horrors, or will your friends beat you to the top? Far out there in the vast nothingness of ...    18 MB    Views 5839
sniper games shooting action game shooter force strike
+18    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED HEADSHOTS, SNIPER KILLS, & MORE Get ready for an intense "in your face" sniper shooter game where you play a member of a sniper special ops strike force on a mission to take out ...    34 MB    Views 8053
-7    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED ACTION PACKED SNIPER GAME In this action packed war game, you are a member of an elite special forces squad out to rescue a group of humanitarian workers taken hostage by a rouge nation. ...    47 MB    Views 6712

Poppin' Pests

Related Apps action poppin game players
-5    12 pests, 30 seconds. But do you have the skills to keep these Poppin' Pests from getting all up in your grill? Download Poppin' Pests now and get playing this family oriented arcade action game. Three unique levels of beautifully rendered ...    52 MB    Views 4417
Related Apps action enemies level physics grenades fun
-3    Simply, a true action thriller. You are on this deadly mission from which very few secret agents could come back home alive Your objective in each level is to destroy all of your enemies with a limited number of grenades. This is a ...    13 MB    Views 8877
Related Apps action ninja stick gravity advanced hero super
-1    —————For all the Ninja and the gravity lovers———— —————Dash through this advanced fast paced and frustrating addictive advanced gameplay———— —————Stick Ninja Your favourite super hero is back in action where he rules the time period in this impossible world of gravity———— Avoid ...    28 MB    Views 8111
action practice game arrow
+4    Razorback available arrow action game. Try to dodge the arrows The efforts geared towards us. ASAP fun exercises to practice sight. Practice finger movement    8 MB    Views 1437
Related Apps action shooting war game tank
0    Get into action with this action packed war game Drive your tank and demolish the enemies Blast them into pieces and avoid taking heavy damage Acquire in game items and boosts to withstand the ever increasing difficulty of the game GAME FEATURES: > Realistic shooting ...    26 MB    Views 3569
-3    Whenever I wasn't setting up a shot, emptying my lungs, and pumping a sharp metal bullet through the thick skull of an unsuspecting enemy soldier, I was frustrated with Island Sniper Shooting.Not because the surrounding mechanics are broken or the ...    67 MB    Views 4521
pets action cool ace funny tap rescue
+14    Ace action for Rescue Pets is cool traditional eliminate game, tap the same funny pets to gain the score. When you win, you will get additional reward. When you are in stuck, you can change a drop from the leader to ...    6 MB    Views 3888
action game parkour
-8    In the history of the most difficult competitive action game. It is an action game. This is also a Ultimate parkour game. Subtle level design, good sense of operation. action + levels + parkour, a kind of brandnew feeling. Warm up your ...    7 MB    Views 1885
+19    Do you like adventure while playing a game ? Then here we are …you should not let it go, because this is a game with full of excitement and action where a Frozen warrior utterly tries to rescue herself from strong ...    24 MB    Views 1597
Related Apps action jungle game addictive battle
-4    Battle the bad dudes in the jungle. Your mission is clear; hit all enemy before they can destroy you. Absolute addictive game play – everyone playing this game will confirm: it's one of the most addictive Action games on the App Store. Only ...    42 MB    Views 3679

Predix in Action

action gas oil
+5    Dive into a fullyimmersive exploration of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in this visit to an undersea oil and gas site. Then lift off in your own helicopter for further examples of the IoT in action. You'll respond to ...    74 MB    Views 4563
sniper action game packed city
-2    100% FREE ALL WEAPONS UNLOCKED HEAD SHOTS, SNIPER KILLS, & MORE Big sniper shooter game fan? Get ready for an action packed urban warfare sniper game. You're the last of an elite sniper assault team on a mission ...    33 MB    Views 3003


action gaming missile
-7    Exciting 2D gaming action You are Cole Pierce, an experienced simulator instructor that has been approached by the military to pilot a new piece of innovative missile technology aimed at thwarting a global nuclear holocaust. Key Features •Sidescrolling action, addictively fun & ...    35 MB    Views 3034

Samurai Bowman

action kingdom samurai game bowman enemies atlantis
+9    We proudly introduce to the ios App store the Samurai Bowman an easyoperated and very addictive casual arcade action game. Samurai Bowman is excellent for all ages if you are an action game lover,you will love playing this game. STORY "Long time ago ...    31 MB    Views 4452

Spell World

word action words world game monsters spell
+2    Looking for a new type of word game that will hook you in from the beginning? Look no further Spell World is a new breed that mashes action and word game genres. It has a fast paced action gameplay coupled with ...    75 MB    Views 6201
Related Apps action insane gameplay speed
+4    "SPEED, EXPLOSIONS, AND INSANE CRASHES… THIS GAME HAS IT ALL" MobleGameBlast "From gameplay to graphics, this is the complete package." Justin Ramsey, Chicago, IL "Really addictive action, this is what mobile gaming is all about" Sandra Dane, Los Angeles, Ca Get ready for an all new ...    19 MB    Views 7558

Survivor Squad

action zombies full hand world game town
+5    NOTHING BRINGS FRIENDS TOGETHER LIKE THIS APOCALYPSE ACTION GAME When zombies eat your neighbours, who you gonna call? Naturally, a handful of buddies with a crapload of firearms Be quick, be mean and shoot your way through various town locations. Beware ...    NAN    Views 132
cats cat action space donuts game
+1    Protect the galaxy in this action packed 8Bit game Fend off space dogs, blast away roaming space donuts, destroy the giant balls of yarn (and avoid their evil pilot) and the treacherous homing vacuum cleaner Post your high scores in Game ...    22 MB    Views 6909
+2    Love it Very cool quiz Fantastic Very good game I'm a movie buff so I love trivia about actors and movies THINK YOU KNOW YOUR ACTION FILMS? Prove it in this easy to use addictive quiz. Guess a movie ...    8 MB    Views 1428


action player unique foes gaming
-7    ACTION Gripping submarine warfare action with challenging underwater foes. Compete with up to 4 other players in online multiplayer action, or take on the battle yourself in singleplayer. STRATEGY Use cunning and stealth to gain the upper hand Find and collect upgrade parts ...    27 MB    Views 231
war action games ninja lot enemies magical game
+14    Do you have the craze of playing action games???? Now this time to download this Action games based on Ninja War.... You are that Ninja that is on the way of war... There are lot of difficulties on your way sO be sharp The ...    24 MB    Views 2685
retro trip action juggle balls simple arcade
+19    "JUGGLE is a gloriously simple and entertaining game that is flawlessly executed. This is a definite must for iPhone gamers." "JUGGLE is just perfect for pulling out when you have a spare moment. Definitely worth adding to anyone's collection." 5/5 ...    24 MB    Views 889
sniper action game packed city
+11    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED ACTION PACKED SNIPER GAME Big sniper shooter game fan? Get ready for an action packed urban warfare sniper game. You're the last of an elite sniper assault team on a mission to rescue hostages ...    33 MB    Views 3196


action survival mode play fire rate game
+19    An awesome action game with a little twist. Defend your self against the swarm of enemy forces. Upgrade weapons and fire rate to cope with stronger and faster units on each level, and face the boss at the end. Never before ...    6 MB    Views 5931


Related Apps action packed puzzles friends
+5    Join Roda in his eyepopping adventure through levels of action packed puzzles and rescue his animal friends from the clutches of evil. Features Fast pace action Split second decisions Action packed puzzles Share with your Facebook friends and get rewards to help you beat ...    27 MB    Views 7338

warpspeed 2

Related Apps action game full levels
+3    "The fastpaced action along with its visually stunning and equally trippy visuals will have a lot of budding Viper pilots coming back again and again for more action." "The overall feel of the game is a lavalamp 70s kind ...    13 MB    Views 5288
Related Apps action classic levels weapons controls original
+10    Play the legendary original game that launched the First Person Shooter genre. You are OSA super agent B.J. Blazkowicz and you must escape from Castle Wolfenstein and defeat the twisted Nazi regime Includes all six original episodes with 60 classic levels ...    28 MB    Views 478

Derat Inc.

action puzzle genre graphics levels
+1    An original action game with puzzle elements, cartoony graphics and fast action "Simple, fun, delightful. (...) Recommended to all fans of the genre. Whatever that genre might be." 8 out of 10, IGN Italy Control up to three catshaped trucks to ...    50 MB    Views 9957
Related Apps action combat pixel zombies block wars
-7    For action fans, peraction FPS war games Pixel Combat : 3D Block Wars available Be fast Zombies, spiders, birds, and many creatures in your pursuit Kill zombies in different cube themed battle field from each other, collect points and coins capture the ...    39 MB    Views 7691

Fruit Madness

action gamecenter integrated game fruit madness
-8    Fruit Madness is a 2D action game where your goal is to get as many points as possible, by tapping fruits. But beware of bombs If you tap one, it explodes and the game is over. FEATURES: Nice and addictive gameplay ...    38 MB    Views 6373
action spartan waiting soldier character run sonic gravity
+30    Did you ever wanted to take control of ancient warrior? Well, there is your chance, this Spartan guy is waiting for some action Run, jump and slide as fast as you can and as far as you can. Most stunning challenge ever seen ...    54 MB    Views 9949
action game items lot minion fighter
+10    Please enjoy the action game with the best fighter LeeSin. The game was produced by the fan game. Every time random action confrontation with other artificial intelligence player. Let's grow the strongest action fighter with more than 180 various items. There ...    46 MB    Views 9701
Related Apps action games shooting game advance shooter combat fight
-4    Welcome to Advance Combat Action Game, where fortunes are made and lives are lost with a roll of the dice Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popular firstperson shooter, Action Game If you are looking for the ultimate ...    59 MB    Views 4650
action running enemy game territory good escape commando
+1    Good work commando Your sabotage mission was a success Now it's time to return back home from the deadly enemy territory. The enemy is furious and hungry for revenge You can escape the enemy by running or hijacking an enemy vehicle such ...    45 MB    Views 2861
action shotgun phone
0    Turn your iPhone into a Pump Action Shotgun. Pump your phone back and forth to cock, Swing phone upward to fire Professional Grade Awesomeness Uses the accelerometer to simulate realistic shotgun pumping action    3 MB    Views 9734
action games shooting game shooter advance combat fight
+11    Welcome to Advance Combat Action Game, where fortunes are made and lives are lost with a roll of the dice Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popular firstperson shooter, Action Game If you are looking for the ultimate ...    60 MB    Views 3234
Related Apps war action gangster stickman mafia game shoot blood
+4    BEST STICKMAN ACTION GAME Grab your blood pistol because you are about to gangster out and shoot some gangster mafia in Stickman Gangster War The most actionpacked stickman game is here Let the blood flow as you join this gangster mafia ...    23 MB    Views 8142

Age of Puzzle

puzzle age action multiple prophecy human continent
+17    Age Of Puzzle Jump into an exciting Puzzle Battle Action with an epic RPG theme. A long time ago, in Dryas, the uncharted continent. It is a period of chaos. Evil monsters and humanoids, raging from hidden places, have devastated human territories incessantly. During ...    5 MB    Views 5940
Related Apps rpg action world blood city features friends
+14    The city rains blood tonight. Join a massive worldcriminal network RPG and become the most elite fugitive in the world The acclaimed World of Blood RPG series features hundreds of hours of action, stories, missions, and powerful equipment. Find old and ...    12 MB    Views 6096
action save mankind
+1    Comets are heading earth. You are the only one who can save mankind. Fire missiles at the asteroids before they are reaching your stations. Do you have what it takes? How long can you survive? Enjoy adrenaline pumping action in this classic arcade ...    30 MB    Views 2230

Emissary of War

Related Apps war rpg action touch story
-7    The emissary's journey is almost complete Only a single treaty remains to be brokered and then home to a hardearned rest. As long as nothing goes wrong… Hack and slash your way through legions of mercenaries and monsters that want you ...    41 MB    Views 9676
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