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Catacopter 3D - Cats VS Dogs PRO | WAR-gamesios


Cats hate dogs. Dogs hate cats. Their endless war continues even nowadays. Who will win? You have to decide in Catacopter 3D - Cats VS Dogs game!

Imagine you are an embittered cat who dreams about a horrible revenge. BOOM - you're sitting in a catacopter equipped with deterrent guns. And this is your target - a pack of dogs. Shoot them one by one listening to sorrowful yelping and remember: no mercy to the enemy!

How to play?

Control the catacopter! Shoot all the dogs which disturb your pieceful life.

Catacopter 3D - Cats VS Dogs features:

- Amazing arcade for adults and kids!

- Rich weapon arsenal!

- Funny animations!

- Several types of dogs and cats!

- Finish this war and decide who is the winner!
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Catacopter 3D - Cats VS Dogs

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-05-09
Categories Level, Child,
Views 5540