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Village City Builtit Edition | WAR-gamesios

Do you enjoy playing city island and village city?. Do you also enjoy playing the famous sim city buildit game?.

Well ever thought of having both of the games together in one app well here it is. The app is called Village City Builtit Edition

Why Edition you ask. well it is called Edition because it has premium games which is the popular puzzle game and throw game which is similar to City Island . Village City Builtit Edition will test your IQ levels and skills in gaming to the next level.

This game app is inspired by both of the famous apps in the apple app store which is the Village City and the City Island game puzzle.In this app you will also get two free bonuses game a throw Village City Builtit Edition game which is a simple destroying building game where you will have to throw your worker towards the enemy and topple their tower.Next is 9 free puzzle Village City Builtit Edition game where it will keep your IQ going while playing the game or it can fill in your time of procrastinating

game features includes :

Super Challenging Tower Block

Game is automatically autosaved

Animation controls

Beautiful and simple UI

Sling Scope for laser targeting

Each level requires logic, skill, and force to solve.

Keep playing and level up your clans to improve their skills!

A groundbreaking new way to play!

Test your skills with super-fun angry levels and surprising new level birds game modes.

9 Fun and challenging puzzle

1 premium game that’ll keep you going

How to play the block game in this Village City Builtit Edition game

well it's simple all you got to do is just stack the floors so that it'll become a tall building but remember it has to be inline together to win if not your building of Village City Builtit Edition will topple down

Throw game.

Well all you got to do is move the slinger backwards aim to your target and then shoot

Enjoy this Village City Builtit Edition game and give it a five star rating
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