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Galaxy Defender - Space Glory | WAR-gamesios

It's time to build your own galaxy empire! Are you ready to join a space team and to become one of the greatest space explorers?! Don't hesitate and take this challenge!

A bloody battle will take place soon. Nobody will stay alive on the devastated planet and it's up to you whether it will be protected and get help from your army or not. Fight against the invader from space! Prove your tactical skills in this space war battle!

HOW TO PLAY: First choose a mission and location and make sure your army is big enough to win the space war battle. Then watch your army fight and win! Don't be afraid of evil sounds and win all space ship wars!

There won't be any difficulty for you if you've already tried castle defense or war strategy and tactics games! Galaxy Defender is a real challenge, but you'll manage!

Galaxy Defender features:

- realistic weapon sounds

- cool space war battle games graphics

- user-friendly star fighter 3D interface

- intuitive control: tap to select star fighter war machines

- invader zombies game with lots of levels

Defense games and strategy war games are your favorite ones? If you're looking for real cool fighting games for boys, Galaxy Defender will do perfectly! Play Galaxy Defender and forget about space invaders classic! You have to win in this brutal war!
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Galaxy Defender Deluxe

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-05-20
Categories Space, Win,
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