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Mexico States Geography Mem Free | WAR-gamesios

Learn while you play, play while you learn! Are you a curious person with a strong interest in the states of Mexico? Why not play a game, have fun and while doing that, test your knowledge and learn. Now, the all new Mexico Geo Mem HD Edition is available. An addictive game that helps you learn Mexico states' capitals, flags and maps while you play and beat your previous high scores. Match the entries on each section and match them before time runs out. If you get it wrong, remember what you saw, because the next time you want to match, your good memory will be rewarded. Remember, as you crack the levels, they get tougher... and interesting. Topics covered:

- Mexico states ... and match them with their

* Capital cities

* Flags

* Maps

Sharpen your mind and fingers and learn about Mexico!
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Mexico States Geography Match Free

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-01-29
Categories Geography, Flags,
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