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Cube Wars: Space Battlefield 3D Full | WAR-gamesios

Join this space battlefield and destroy blocky enemy with this first person shooter war game!

Kill enemy soldiers using variety of powerful weapons! Explore huge space station being a cube soldier and battle against enemies to occupy it! Different mission – defend the space base or just survive in this cube war! Many opportunities to show your worth as a blocky soldier, just upgrade your shooting and survival skill to lead your cube army to victory! Cube Wars: Space Battlefield is a great action game in 3D, which will give you tones of fun! Snipers and mobs are waiting around every corner, so have fun and try to survive in this cube war!

You are a blocky soldier right on the frontlines of this terrible war. Fight against cube enemies to defend a space station! The Earth is at risk! Explore the space with Cube Wars: Space Battlefield and save planet leading your cube army to victory with this military action game!

The battlefield is rife with cube enemies, earn points to upgrade your shooting or survival skills by killing them! There is no chance to go back, so defend this military space base using your weapons or die! Destroy blocky enemy soldiers such as mobs or snipers and end up with this terrible cube war! Enjoy Cube Wars: Space Battlefield – great action game in 3D!

Cube Wars: Space Battlefield features:

- Different weapons to kill blocky enemy and defend the space base

- Thrilling first person shooter game in 3D

- Detailed military space station

- Different mission – shoot enemies, defend the space base or just survive in this cube war

- Huge battlefield to show your worth as a blocky soldier

Save the Earth being a blocky soldier with Cube Wars: Space Battlefield action game in 3D! Join the battlefield, defend your military base and lead cube army to victory! Great war game for those who loves first person shooters. Defeat enemy soldiers; upgrade your weapons and shooting skills by killing enemies and just have fun playing Cube Wars: Space Battlefield 3D shooter!
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Cube Wars: Zombie Shooter 3D

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