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`````````````````````````````Treasure Casino````````````````````````````Dragons Slots: Free Casino Game! | WAR-gamesios

Awesome big casino style slot action with amazing jackpots , Lots of Power-ups,Prizes ,Leaderboard,and best graphics in HD here for you!!!!!!!!

`````````````````````````````Treasure Casino````````````````````````````Dragons Slots: Free Casino Game! is mobile gaming slot machine gaming at its best! Awesome gambling action with all of the thrills of a bigtime casino! With five themes, multiple paylines, and frequent happy hours, you can spin and win in style right from your mobile device! Big bonuses, free spins, and and progressive jackpots you couldn’t ask for better Vegas-style slot machine mobile gaming! Cool graphics and expertly designed game play make this one amazing video game slot machine that you won’t want to put down!

`````````````````````````````Treasure Casino````````````````````````````Dragons Slots: Free Casino Game! Features:

Awesome Powerup ,jackpots, Prizes etc

Best HD Graphics support code

Multiple paylines for huge bets

Frequent happy hour, free spins, and bounses!

Game centre Integration

Lots of Prizes to Unlock and get coins

Lots of powerups to get rewards and jackpots

Excellent Animation and Particle Effect you never seen in any other casino slot games

First time ever in slot game there is Characters to unlock to get Jackpots ,Free spins, Extra Wild, Double 2x etc.

Store is there to Purchase Different Powerups and Character

wonderful support in IOS 8 (Iphone 6, 6 plus)
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```````1001```````Dragons Slots: Free Casino Game!

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Published 2015-02-03
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