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Steel Balls Pro | WAR-gamesios

Lean to the left, lean to the right, forward and backward. This will be your slogan in our game Steel Balls. Nobody can cancel physics laws, now with our game you can don’t just check how they go, but also make your own experiments with them. Do you know how to get balls to the destination more faster and improve your results? Just do it, use everything you know in physics, control traffic of the balls. Maybe you should take into account frictional force and weight of balls.It’s all in your hands. Don’t let balls skip out of the way in the game Steel Balls.

different levels with different mazes, each of them has it’s own secrets, that you need to find out

train your reaction and hand’s sleights to place balls in the right place

maybe you can be one of the most genius physicist, bring your talent to light

finally your cellphone will not anymore in the same position when you play game

Steel Balls - find out a secret of maze and get to the finish!
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Author wargamesios
Published 2015-05-12
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