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App Name Minibay - Wrath of Black Pearl

Description * 2013 Best Strategy Sailing Game

Build a wonderful bay of your dream. Assemble your ships and battle against ferocious pirates and sea monsters. Trade with different colony and look for mystical treasures hidden in the northern sea.

Come and join us to experience the original maritime trade and spectacular naval warfare in the epic northern sea and ultimately become the legendary land ruler.

The story begins in the Renaissance era, when a new land is fallen up on the shoulder of our queen victoria to raise from ruins after years of years battles

Unique game features:

-Over 100 quests spanning 30 levels

-Over 60 buildings with different characteristic and functions, over 50 trading and battle & pirates ships across the game

-Specialized ship upgrade system with distinguish ship-bond skills/abilities

-Eight-to-eight heart-thrilling battle types

-3 battle raids with 3 difficulty category

-One intense boss fight

-Over 20 trading routes

Contact us:[email protected]
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Author wargamesios
Published 2015-01-22
Categories Trading, Time,
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