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Slotty | WAR-gamesios

Do you want a fun experience, with a simple and addictive casual game without paying a single cent? This is your game. Download FREE and play for FREE! Without any stinking secret In-App Purchases!

This game is fine tuned for you pleasure! Checkout what you will get:

* Free coins every minute or so. Run out of credits? No problem! Take a minute to relax, drink some water, then start playing again;

* Cute symbols to match. You got the sevens, you got the cherries, you got something else, too;

* Fair rewards. You know those slot machines from real life can be fine tuned to take all your pennies? Well, this one is adjusted for giving a fair amount of prizes - just keep playing!
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Author wargamesios
Published 2015-06-21
Categories Games, Skills,
Views 700