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Many light a brief warning before you use these slot machines, because it may very well be that you'll mighty hungry during the game. That's one of the risks that you will encounter in the slot game Pizza Prize. But where risks are, because there is finally also opportunities and which are not measured in this slot machine to beat.


Was created for the Italian ambience Casino NextGen Gaming. The even younger developers know always skillfully everyday topics in a new way to interpret, so you will under no circumstances be bored while playing. But not only the charm of the images and the music speak for this slot, but also the content. The functions are all not necessarily new, but they work and provide you opportunities, so you do not have to go empty-handed at the end. Of course there are no guarantees, but in any case it manages Pizza Prize to convey a good feeling and it would be ridiculous if the luck in this case should not be on your side. And if you have thanks to the pizza once snatched the fifteen free spins, then rings the cash register of their own accord.

Once you start the game, you flows once opposed a chic Italian flair. The accompanying music is appropriate, but may also be issued in doubt. Five adjacent rolls form the backbone of Pizza Prize. Each roll contains the symbols that exist in this slot machine. A round then begins with a rotation of these rollers. Should arise after winning lines, then there is also profit. However, such a range is not wild combination but one and the same icon that is located next to each other just multiply on the reels.

Left and right of the reels, you can see small numbers. These characterize the 25 paylines. These lines are important insofar as that it also must be the winning series. Use you can save, by deselecting lines, but of course then goes at the expense of your chances, you have a total in Pizza Prize.


Before the right orders to be placed, Pizza starts Prize once slowly in the world of symbols. Will say that will not win a prize for originality with the 9 to A, but a little tradition finally can not hurt the Italians. Next, the ingredients are prepared, which include sausages, as well as fresh vegetables. With the rolling pin, the dough is rolled. And when everything is finished, the pizza delivery brings the freshly made masterpiece up to the front door. The pizza maker may not be missing and gets missed a very exclusive appearance than wild. The pizza itself is the scatter, making it one anywhere on the reels. Fifteen free spins there with appearance of three pizzas.

Bake A good pizza is an art. The slot game Pizza to use Prize falls since been much easier. The game is basically self-explanatory, especially when you could already gain experience in machine casino. Of course, the importance of setting possibilities with respect to your use and the paylines.

Have fun!

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