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Listen Hear 5 | WAR-gamesios

Listen Hear 5 consists of activities relating to the beginning sound/s of words.

Listen Hear 5 covers:

the sounds of the alphabet except 'x';

consonant digraphs: ch, sh and th;

f, l, s and r blends/clusters.

In keeping with the previous Listen Hear Apps the focus is on sound awareness and listening.

Listen Hear 5 can be used to assist with speech sound/articulation practice, letter sound awareness, early literacy, phonemic awareness, naming and word retrieval, language development and vocabulary.

Each sound has 5 related activities and between 5 and 8 pictures.

The sounds covered appear on the main screen.

The five activities for each group of sounds are:


The default setting is for 12 pieces.

In options there is a choice of 6, 12 or 20 pieces.

find us

A fun way to search for chosen sounds.

The pictures can also be used for revision of speech sound production, letter sound awareness, naming and word retrieval, extending vocabulary and making up sentences for language development.


Finding the matching sound pairs.


Another fun way of identifying the chosen sound.

take away

A challenging activity to remember which picture has been taken away.

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