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New White Tile - Catch The Black Tiles | WAR-gamesios

It's an addicting game.

1. Test your reflexes against time and movement.

2. Test your speed and accuracy.

How to play:

1. Tap on the black blocks to steps toward the goal.

2. The quicker you tap, the faster moves!

3. Tap on a white block and the game is over.

five modes:

1. classic mode - speed and accuracy

test you speed of 50 steps.

2. race mode - speed and stamina

If the 50 steps forward at a specified time´╝îextra time will be given.

first 50 steps : +12s

second 50 steps : + 11s



3. stop mode - sense of time

Tap fast in first 5 seconds, then continue touch,but stop before 10s.

4. twice mode - Coordination

In addition to black and white pieces, there will be a blue block, you need to click two times to advance

5. Hit-Mole Mode - reaction speed

12 grid which appear randomly in black block, you must click before it disappears
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Don't Touch The White Tiles - Tap Black Tile

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-04-29
Categories Goal, White,
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