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ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator lets you hone your trading skills by analyzing and trading against real historical markets. Ever wonder if you could have spotted the ‘29 crash coming? Want to test your theory on how to make money in a sideways market? Looking to hone your investing skills without financial risk?

ChartIQ PTS™ equips you with a full set of professional-grade technical analysis tools and the ability to move through time at your own pace - entering and exiting positions whenever you want using market, limit, stop or bracket orders.

As you rack up gains (or losses...) you can reference your trade sheet to see each trade you’ve executed with running totals. You can also scroll back in time to analyze entry and exit points which are automatically plotted on the chart.

A full set of historical S&P 500 securities with randomly selected entry points is included with ChartIQ Practice Trading, as well as major market indexes with pre-selected entry points for trading against various market conditions such as crashes, sideways markets, bear markets and bull trends.

In addition to standard drawing tools and indicators, ChartIQ PTS provides a full range of tools, indicators and features found nowhere else:

Projection Tool

Curious to know what the future holds? Use the Projection Tool with your own set of trusted indicators to predict future price scenarios

Anticipate Buy/Sell Indicators

ChartIQ PTS includes automatic IQReversal and IQExhaust Buy/Sell indicators.

Bell Curve

Automatically create a price action bell curves for any time period or periodicity.

Composite RSI

Automatically plot Composite RSI. Composite RSI is weighted towards recent momentum activity and yields trading signals based on divergence with RSI, "w/m" patterns and support or resistance levels.

Divergence Plot

Automatically calculate and plot price targets based on bearish/bullish divergence and Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points (aka positive and negative reversals).

Automatic Gap Detection

Automatically detect and plot opening and closing gaps directly on price charts.

Chart Flip

Gain a fresh perspective on your analysis - and remove any predispositions - by flipping the stock chart and all of your indicators upside down.

Moving Average on Indicators

ChartIQ PTS gives you the ability to calculate and plot moving averages against indicators such as RSI and volume.

For analysis of current market data, check out ChartIQ Pro - Advanced Stock Charts and Technical Analysis
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