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All Glory to the Pixel King! | WAR-gamesios

Exciting news citizen! Our glorious King has passed a new law, specifically stating that 'The King's castle must at all times be at least 42% grander, cooler and shinier than those of his enemies.' The time has come for you, brave citizen, to fight for, and almost certainly die for, your King's noble dream to one day have his own private waterpark!

Build an awesome fortress, stuff it with soldiers, catapults and whatnot, and lead your army into battle in devious turn-based combat!

All Glory to the Pixel King! is a single-player game, supported by the creativity of it's players worldwide. Each of the computer controlled fortresses you invade is that of another player.

Defeat opponents to unlock new unit types, and raid treasure chests to equip them with legendary weapons, armour and mounts. Try and unlock them all!

My Fair IAP Promise: no paywalls, no pushiness, no timers, fair matchmaking, and nothing that can't be unlocked through good old-fashioned play!


I've been made aware that some player's are encountering issues with persistent crashing. This is due to issues with the age of the game's engine, and a full rewrite is planned for the future to fix these issues. Please click the support link to see the full announcement.
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Lords Pixel Castle King Battle

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-04-12
Categories Mode, Fun,
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