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Circle Ball Crush | WAR-gamesios

^Crush the balls in the circle world^

Circle Ball Crush - A simple but funny trivia game.

Tap the circle to move the curved jelly, and block the balls from rushing outwards.

Try to block the balls as many as possible.

The balls has different colors, corresponding to the blocked times with the curved jelly. A pure white ball will be crushed after being blocked.

We have some special balls with different functions:

-- Bomb: Crush all the balls and gain score.

-- Rocket: Speed up all the balls.

-- Clock: Slow Down all the balls.

-- Star: Increase star/life count.

-- Indicator: Show a indicator on each ball to show their moving tracks.

You can choose to play this Round Crush game by level, or play in unlimited mode.

Wish you have fun! It's appreciated to give us advice or encouragement by reviewing our game!

Thank you!
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Round Crush

Author wargamesios
Published 2015-11-06
Categories Crush, Colors,
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