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The WitchBorn | Dragon Moon | WAR-gamesios

During a Dragon Moon, hunger hits you bad. There’s nothing to eat. Anywhere. You’ll eat grass and leaves and bugs, trying not to puke them up. Your best chance to survive is in the Wandering Forest with berry patches, birds, or even an elk. Trouble is, the forest is spooked.

During the Battle of the Trees, Challasaia used her Talisman to animate the forest to fight on her behalf. The animated trees still live—and walk! Fall asleep nestled under a bough and you might wake up in an open field, the trees having moved on. It’s unnerving to travel through that forest. Worse, there’s tales of Faelwyn, a bitter Elven Shade who kills intruders in her wood.

But your rumbling stomach decides it’s all worth the risk.

The WitchBorn® revolutionizes tabletop miniature games with an impressive variety of encounters and the kind of rich storytelling usually only found in roleplaying games. Dragon Moon is the third adventure in the series, but works great as a starter adventure. The app functions as an electronic deck of cards to reveal random discoveries that detail what your warriors see and hear. The app also provides the notes and stats you need for every odd character you meet, from Baba Yaga to a storm giant that can’t make it rain. This all assures that your experiences in the Wandering Forest never play out exactly the same.

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Published 2015-05-12
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