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Magic Ball Returns

+11    Magic ball returns have three different modes. All modes have different types of environment, powers, bricks, pillars and miscellaneous animation. You will have a Magic ball to break those bricks and pillars. You would need to make sure that the ...    20 MB    Views 1816
mines break tiny hero
+18    Tiny Mines Break out Hero Use the ball to break out of the barricades and escape the mines. Get power ups to help you and collect gems to use toward getting special added features Easy right? Or is it?    10 MB    Views 4556
+7    Can you get a way out of prison maximum security? Play as rouge ninja warrior caught for murder, but the revenge is not over yet. Find way out of imprisonment and search for your weapons. Your mission is to kill police chief and ...    75 MB    Views 8272
+7    Create a gravity well at the touch of your finger The bad guys are building bad things for the galactic alliance. You have a direct order not to attack, because they believe a peaceful solution is possible. You don't believe ...    37 MB    Views 4364
+9    BREAK THE MAGIC SPELL ON YOUR BUBBLES Play as Powerful Witch and use your magic to break the spell cast on your bubbles. How to play: Shoot bubbles beside matching colors in group of 3 or more. The more matching colors ...    72 MB    Views 7509

Break the Bully

bully bullying break
+18    Break the Bully Cycle Award Winning game design from 1st year students Mollie Massie and Grace McDermot. Beat the Bully combines arcade action with an interactive quiz and antibullying facts that open the conversation about bullying. Winner of the Creative Schools App ...    25 MB    Views 5715

Jail Break Now

tools escape jack prison mission innocent break
+3      Innocent Jack has been caught into prison…   Please show us your attentive observation to help him escape from the uncertainly ==========Storyline==========   Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice.   In the restricted prison, it's tough to find any ...    17 MB    Views 6022
+23    This totally simpleyetaddictive game has one objective... Stack the crates as high as you can The crane is always swinging from side to side, so the boxes must be dropped at the right time, otherwise they will fall and break You can ...    20 MB    Views 4331

Jewel Break

Related Apps jewel break gems chain play game number screen tapping jewelry
+10    "Jewel Break" is a puzzle game with gems. Chain [Break] to compete for high score will win. Break Enjoy the miracle ■ How to Play 1. Slide the left and right columns of gems come down the screen. 2. Determined by tapping ...    7 MB    Views 6767
+16    Eye Of Red tells us the story of the war between a great Warrior king who is trying to get back his Idol ring from the Evil forces.You will play the role of the king to break the defence of ...    54 MB    Views 9008

More Breakfast

food iphone cook ipad breakfast kinds eggs add toppings toast
0    Breakfast the most important app of the day Now you can cook, eat, and share all your breakfast favorites on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Made by Maverick Software creators of the best food games on the iPhone More Breakfast ...    91 MB    Views 5646

Code Breaker HD

code game mode color classic pegs single rows lock breaker
+14    This game is the classic board game, Mastermind. The Code Breaker HD game has generated code for any digits. You must try to guess a sequence of unique (nonrepeating) digits 09. Then, see color of pegs as a hint. (You ...    16 MB    Views 4234

Magic Bubble

magic iphone challenge time color bubbles score bubble game random break continue
+13    Magic Bubble Breaker is a challenging game. In order to get higher score, you need both luck and strategy. This is because magic won't on your side all the time. Try and see if you can balance between risk and ...    1 MB    Views 7247

Space Buster 2048

games retro buster space mode levels game breakout arcade acceleration
0    You thought you knew everything about Breakout games? Guess you don’t With Space Buster, Storybird Games will really surprise you. Endowed with an irreproachable gameplay and a cleverly balanced level of difficulty, Space Buster is already THE mobile Breakout game ...    27 MB    Views 3805
winter prison find game break stealth
+12    WINTER FUGITIVES is a stealth game that will put all your skills to the test to run away from an isolated prison in the mountains. As the last inmate from your ward to join the unexpected escape, you’ll have to ...    66 MB    Views 649

Paper Breaker

Related Apps facebook games twitter game paper breaker play unique breakout join
+24    AWESOME...WE'RE COMING TO IPAD ALERT: We are aware of performance and rendering glitches in the 2.0 update. A fix is in the works and will be out in the next few days. To follow along with the developer updates feel free ...    8 MB    Views 1713
Related Apps board music time game bubble breaker play score leader relaxing
+9    Burst you way to the top of the global leader board and show your skills to find all 14 achievements. Bubble Breaker is a classic game with beautiful awesome graphics. Score are base on the amount of bubbles you are ...    29 MB    Views 2835

Key Breaker

children learning alphabet voice penguin ice play yeti child break numbers block alphabets
+14    Discover a whole new way of teaching your children the basics of Alphabets and Numbers. Introduce them to two new funbuddies, Yeti and Penguin, as together they embark on an unforgettable educational experience, and learn ABCs and 123s along the ...    5 MB    Views 3135
+10    These cute girls can't wait to go on Spring break so that they can party on the beach under the warm sun. That's why they've decided to treat themselves to a fabulous makeover so that they can create a cute beachside ...    22 MB    Views 9698

Candy Shooter

candies candy shooter cannon part aim break simple
+1    Candy Shooter: Unwrap a sweet holiday surprise Partshooter, part puzzle game, Candy Shooter challenges you to think strategically and react fast. The aim is deceptively simple: break as many candies as possible. Candies break when at least three candies of the same flavour ...    19 MB    Views 3196
Related Apps action twitter tennis game break bricks mode enjoy sound blocks beautiful
-9    3D Break the Bricks Artemis brings a whole new feel to puzzle action game. It is the game which combined "3D Break the Bricks" and "squash" and still more beautiful graphics and sound united. Enjoy exhilarating world. Please to enjoy a new sense ...    35 MB    Views 6148
slot money twitter design facebook bank break free coins vault machine times https
+6    DOWNLOAD BREAK DA BANK AGAIN SLOT MACHINE FOR FREE NOW Break da Bank Again is with five reels and really cool design, the modern version of another it still very popular slot game from Microgaming in which only rotate three rolls. NOW ...    22 MB    Views 3518


egg game written mode tap breaks
+11    eggbreak It is a game which breaks an egg as a title. They are the contents of a game on which it is not based on appearance but reflexes and moment memory are tried. The two modes exist in this game. ■ Normal mode It ...    8 MB    Views 4923
blind poker time blinds structures add breaks payout game timer
+12    Poker Blind Timer HD is all you need for your home tournaments. It controls blinds increases, duration of breaks, ante, playercount, and chipcount. It plays a warning sound three minutes before the blinds go up and when the next level ...    6 MB    Views 6399

Dish Break +

+15    Dish Break is a finger tapping, dish smashing game of speed and endurance Life can be stressful – break something In Dish Break, you can safely smash and shatter all the dishes you want without having to clean up the mess Tap ...    14 MB    Views 9558

Doodle Rush

games multiplayer art design game screen mode character break world barriers race speed
0    It stands out Handpainted art design,in additional to unique level props.These advantages endow this 2D games world a new life. Game Operation manual: You can control character movement through right and left buttons.You can speed up and break barriers by combo hits ...    16 MB    Views 8576
car racing social play cars wow break item friends game highest
-8    Extreme racing beyond imagination ========================================== Free to play Can't miss ========================================== CAR WOW is Casual Racing style, easy to play with just a single touch With many cars for you to play on the beyond imagination route, compete with your friends to get highest ...    60 MB    Views 3636

Break the Cookie

-2    PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF Do Cookie what ever you want with Therefore we guarantee the weapons for you More than 300 thousand downloads worldwide Thank you for choosing our games and supporting us with your positive opinion From the ...    73 MB    Views 6917

Gaia Odyssey

challenge time skill strategy characters character break limit upgrade skills kind form combat power
+2    Want to play something fresh? Gaia Odyssey is a game for you. Easy to play Easy to master Epic battle system 15 vs 15 battle challenge your ability to set tactics and strategy. Power up and upgrade system, limit break You can train up ...    18 MB    Views 6927

Protector M HD

security people thieves protector day direction break canon
-6    Protector M, in appereance, is working as Turkey Distrubutor of Micae cameras at Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. But in fact, he is a very successfull detective that is nightmare of the thieves and secret hero of the people. One day while Protector ...    44 MB    Views 5460
office coffee break donut slider escape
+26    Working within the four walls of your office can be frustrating and exhausting. The best way to relieve some stress and revive your energy is to take a break and grab some hot coffee and a donut. But be quick The ...    23 MB    Views 2456
office coffee break donut escape slider
+22    Working within the four walls of your office can be frustrating and exhausting. The best way to relieve some stress and revive your energy is to take a break and grab some hot coffee and a donut. But be quick The ...    23 MB    Views 2627

Easter Blast!!

easter gifts cards eggs points break blast gain monster game
+22    Easter Blast is not only a game but also an opportunity to earn Easter gifts for your loved ones. Play game and achieve points. Points achieve can be used to Redeem against amazing Easter Gifts. Create cards from those gifts and ...    24 MB    Views 1482
games zombie kids person adventure playing glass smash bowling game balls free effects obstacles break
-9    Take a tour of cracking, smashing and breaking everything that comes in your way and experience the best destruction effects on your screen playing one of the most addicting games today – Smash Glass Bowling Game 3D. Throw bowling balls to ...    43 MB    Views 1496
game slingshot fun stuff breaking sound effects break screen
-1    Everyone likes to break stuff Over 3 million downloads across all platforms The slingshot game where you smash up plates, glasses and crockery. Fully 3D and physics controlled, with lots of fun sound effects. Highscore tables and 18 handbuilt levels (with ...    22 MB    Views 9623

Melon Drop

100 break stages earn leaderboards seal play
-2    Melons have been captured and need your help Use your skills to break them free in this completely original puzzle adventure. Travel through one day in the life of a Marsh Melon and clear all 100 Stages. Collect Time bonuses, ...    168 MB    Views 3910

Bar Madness

drink playing people bar ready beer break serve hard show
+11    Spring Break has just began Are you ready to drink lots of beer... in this bar you can only find a beer madness... You are the best barman in a florida bar and lots of people might show up, think you can ...    18 MB    Views 8219


+11    Have a break? Tea, or coffee? Milk ...Good, good, good. It's gorgeous to have a tea break in a peaceful garden. Before your drink is ready, let's get ride on the Teacup like in a theme park You can guide the character move by ...    2 MB    Views 4099


challenge music game smartphoneware paddle fast breakout feel control shoot
0    Cybernarium  a cybernetic arena breakout based on real physics. It's a dynamic highpaced action game with cyberpunk look and feel. "Cybernarium is a block breaking game in 360 degrees, and with all those extra degrees players will need to be ...    17 MB    Views 5398
video time school history kids game blender bead arcade don break aware year simple
0    Perfect upgrade for all of us PONG lovers BEAD BLENDER BREAK OUT an exciting interpretation of one of the earliest arcade styled video game “Pong” with a dazzling unique twist and colorful new look. Year is 1972.... ... The Watergate Scandal ; ...    14 MB    Views 1598


games playing language facebook chat friends world independent break play
+30    Take a break to chat and play with your friends around the world. Wapper is a unique multi game app with straightforward strategic games for up to four players at a time. All games are languageindependent which enables you to ...    23 MB    Views 577
mother break step game
+15    "Step On a Crack, Break Your Mother's Back" As the old saying goes, you better watch out for those cracks, or you could break your mother's back Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game, and face ...    11 MB    Views 5292
free game break
+10    Break Free is a fast paced action game that explores the concepts of overcoming temptations and addictions. In this game, you must navigate the world while avoiding temptations. Joining with others who are struggling with the same temptations gives your ...    24 MB    Views 3880
tools security prison break escape objects breakout mission days hardest
-9    Breakout Jail In 8 Days Hardest Prison Break Ever Break out from this filthy prison before your new cell mate arrives Break out from a low security prison by constructing objects and using wit and intuition. Click on objects to collect ...    28 MB    Views 8285

Prison Break (Free)

tools prison escape jack mission innocent break
-8    Jailbreak now Innocent Jack has been caught in to prison… Please show us your attentive observation to help him escape from the uncertainly Storyline Jack is an innocent person, who has been circumstances surrounding a miscarriage of justice. In the restricted prison, it’s tough to ...    16 MB    Views 9465
box break flick game shock wave tap generated perfect aim
+3    Simple and exhilarating breaking action game Tap or flick the box. It's to break all of the box In two game modes, and try to challenge the Perfect and limitations Operation of box Tap It will break the box. Shock wave is generated at ...    51 MB    Views 1466
christmas party ornaments hints break buy
+2    There are only so many ways to celebrate this Christmas Holiday. To kick off the season, what better way to party than to break a few Christmas tree ornaments Like the Greeks breaking those plates, you will need to break ...    28 MB    Views 8723

Puzzlesnap FREE

Related Apps photo puzzle photos facebook friends send solve puzzles ice share break
+5    Play the Free version of Puzzlesnap, a ridiculously addictive photo puzzle game for the iPhone Experience for yourself the social photo puzzle game your friends are raving about Puzzlesnap is a cool, fun way to share photo puzzles with your ...    10 MB    Views 6141

SuperBall 3

Related Apps time game block levels level breaking based physics gameplay insane
-9    SuperBall 3 is an incredibly fun block breaking game unlike any other. It is the only block breaking game to be completely physics based, where blocks are free to move anywhere and explode against one another. It is also the first and ...    10 MB    Views 3030

Power of Logic HD

puzzle twitter facebook power game logic code break http www great
+19    ==== FWA Award get a puzzle game which has reached over 3 000 000 downloads ====

 Power of Logic is a rebirth of the classic board game with endless variations. Use your “power of logic” to break the power station’s ...    47 MB    Views 7677
jump racing free prison top fun escape break boys game
-3    Adrenaline is pumping through your system as you are about to download yet another exciting and addictive game from the Fun Racing Boys series Prison Break Top Jump Free Escape You're a famous spy and you are breaking out of ...    28 MB    Views 8507
plant play energy game grow water break skills
+11    Grow, the original indie game, an Indieplay China award winner, is now available at app stores in over 150 countries. About the game: The story is of a little plant that wants to grow big. It was born into a dark ...    62 MB    Views 9730

Shaolin Pets HD

jump pile pot easy temple day break
+4    High Definition graphics Retina support As a resident of Shaolin Temple day by day you practice your skills. Under strict regime you try to become the best adept who have ever left Shaolin Temple. Use your special abbility KungFu Sense, which ...    93 MB    Views 3222

Bottle Shot

bottle game stone bottles player break levels automatically score shot
+3    Bottle Shot is an exciting game of breaking bottles with a stone. It has unlimited levels based on scores. See the features of the game below. Player will have to swipe the stone towards the bottle to break the bottle. ...    27 MB    Views 4888
casual break lines game ice
+11    You are the Game Master and your world is rectangular room. Theres only one way to win you must capture over than 75% part of space, by dividing it with horizontal and vertical lines. But theres a trap You ...    3 MB    Views 7880

Brick Breaker HD +

twitter game concretesoftware tons support aces points gems extra breaker themes
+20    ♦♦♦ 67% Off new iPad sale for a limited time ♦♦♦ Have you mastered the standard Brick Breaker game? Are you ready for a new challenge? It creates an exciting new destruction experience With lifelike physics the ball is able to ...    16 MB    Views 4867
gun adventure deluxe system break city kill cyborgs powerful robots dangerous
0    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Are you ready for the challenge that will change you life? Welcome to the System Break Down 3D Deluxe game Here you will come across hordes of cyborgs which thirst to kill you. You are wandering in ...    86 MB    Views 5814

Amazing Breaker

puzzle game bomb amazing breaker cleared angry level birds beautiful add
-4    TOP METACRITICS SCORE: 91 KOTAKU: "Gaming App of The Day" Gamezebo: “A fantastic game for the iOS platform. It is refreshingly different than most of the other puzzle titles currently on the market, and challenging at that.” AppSafary: "Most Angry Birds fans will love Amazing ...    52 MB    Views 8863
Related Apps magic bubbles game spell play matching break colors shoot witch
+29    BREAK THE MAGIC SPELL ON YOUR BUBBLES Play as Powerful Witch and use your magic to break the spell cast on your bubbles. How to play: Shoot bubbles beside matching colors in group of 3 or more. The more matching colors ...    72 MB    Views 7308


time break mode easily stop bottles
-9    Have you every dreamed to break some of your porcelain ware of your home, or even those expensive ones in exhibition? Or sometimes you just want to break all glass bottles within sight? Luckily, in virtual world you can do ...    27 MB    Views 9424
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