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Count The Colors

+2    Fun for kids and adults. Something to do on a long ride by car or on a walk. Count the colors of the cars on your way and know which are the rarest and most common colors. Check your wardrobe ...    290 kb    Views 7546

TravelPlot Porto

0    TravelPlot Porto is a fun and engaging way to visit Porto, where you get to experience this beautiful city while trying to locate a hidden treasure. 
It’s a great way to explore Porto’s history, monuments and historical characters. This unconventional tour ...    77 MB    Views 1189
+2    Check out our latest hot iPhone games: Fantasy Warrior™: Good and Evil – which will you be in this epic RPG? Carnival Games Live™ multiplayer fun with friends Absolute Minesweeper™ another great new take on a classic, like ...    8 MB    Views 5968
+2    Prepare your child for the next generation of learning This app combines learning, interactive technology, and fun to introduce children to the essential knowledge and skills. Also parents will check what kids are learning and how your kids are developing ...    32 MB    Views 5911
+13    DISCLAIMER: This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true ghost chatting or detection functionality. Detect, Conect and Chat with Spirits of the Underworld or even try to Capture them in a snapshot and check if they are ...    8 MB    Views 879

Slide Check

check slide
+6    Test your spacial awareness Slide check is a simple and quick game with an easy premise: get the slider as close to the target value as possible. The closer you are, the more points you get Good luck    3 MB    Views 2666
+20    "The legendary playcat" Donchan is on his way What adventures will be waiting for him on Motemote Road? Cars are passing by fast, but he will dodge them to go to meet that cute lady cat What kind of encounters will be waiting ...    32 MB    Views 6895
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+23    Congratulations girls,boys & kids you have a cute little patient named Rosa to treat in the best hospital in town so be ready to be a crazy virtual surgeon. Fun starts here you have to play the role of a real ...    35 MB    Views 4090

Bouncy Plane

facebook work plane bouncy fly higher check ground
+4    Bouncy Plane is falling towards the ground Help him stay in the air by tapping to make him go higher and higher That's not the only problem though; Bouncy Plane has to dodge and fly through massive cranes that are scattered ...    8 MB    Views 2774
+26    Fly some of the most advanced helicopters in the world, including the UH60 Black Hawk, CH47 Chinook, AH64 Apache, UH1 Iroquois, OH6 Cayuse, AH1Z Cobra, Mi24 Hind, Ka50 Black Shark or Mi8 Hip in various regional environments, building on your ...    240 MB    Views 1854
personal iphone code key desired statistics check sell orders
+20    IMPORTANT INFORMATION At this point, ArenaNet has removed the button to generate a QRCode from your APIKey in your AccountSettings. To get a QRCode from your APIKey, just use our QRCodeGenerator Tool: Have you ever asked yourself if you ...    25 MB    Views 631
games kids hospital dino doctor puzzles department mini check fun
-9    >Take care of 8 different dinos and help to cure them. >8 different hospital scenes 28 puzzles & games >Cute animations and Dino Stickers as Rewards >Cool physics games >Understand body structure! >No AD and No IAP Play with Dr. Dino, be a doctor Kids can ...    54 MB    Views 174
time games puzzle management chocolate shop game customers emma run find check high
+13    Put your chocolate making skills to the test in this delicious Time Management and Puzzle adventure. GAME REVIEW IGN gives 8.3/10 and says "Chocolate Shop Frenzy is an exceedingly attractive game, from the great color choices to the design of the Emma ...    29 MB    Views 5091
games adventure children facebook game http fish bigfi zombies big check
+26    Jump into a new zombie adventure game with this incredible Collector's Edition. The children are turning into zombies after watching a TV show. What could be behind this? • THE CHILDREN ARE ZOMBIES A TV show is turning the children of Fort ...    938 MB    Views 909
kids children time magic dentist teeth habits good check find dental
+19    "The app offers a great reallife toothbrushing companion for kids and parents to keep track of their brushing progress." HealthyKids It's important to use SMART APPS especially with young kids 1+ yo. By using "Good Habits" our Mood Up team ...    25 MB    Views 6195

Happy Bubble

apps game rabbit fun chick happy appstore check bubble
-6    Top1 in Taiwan AppStore Top1 in Thailand AppStore Top2 in Hong Kong AppStore Raqpit studio developed apps game along two cute characters, Rabbit and Chick. The innovative "Happy" apps game series had been downloaded over 400,000 counts. Thank you to ...    18 MB    Views 7060

Tap The Hank

Related Apps time tap check order don
+2    The official Tap The Hank mobile game. Don't let anything stop you from tapping. This is the first step that we took in order to introduce you guys to Kenny. Tap as many hank balls as you can and challenge your friends to ...    9 MB    Views 9924


opponent selected square side squares points turn symbols empty check
+8    The principle is very simple. On a gridlined sheet, you need to check the empty squares. A cross mark shows the square that you selected. The goal is to align your signs next to each other, horizontaly, verticaly or in diagonal. As soon as ...    3 MB    Views 5191

Death Drop

+11    Helmet: CHECK Jumpsuit: CHECK Parachute...ummm WOOPS Find hidden objects, complete missions, by slamming into them at ridiculous speeds This ain't no wussy stuntman's gig. It's the "Where's Waldo" of extreme sports. Strap on your gear and take an adrenalinepumped sky dive. Zoom ...    77 MB    Views 7185

Photo Kifu

photo file grid game check zoom easy
-4    Convert your go/baduk/weiqi games or positions to sgf file for easy review or distribution. Take a photo of the game and let PhotoKifu do the hard work. Send the resulting file to friends, continue playing or check the score using any ...    12 MB    Views 6101

Gun Fire Girls

gun weapon betty power fire check mission pepper
+4    Cute teen girls fancy gun fires Easy to play Enjoy Gunfire Girls Don’t forget to see girls change You can be a master for saving people from polluted world with Girls. Specialization ▷▷Easy Gun Shooting◁◁ Casual shooting Play with one or two hands Blow away your stress ▷▷ Costume ...    55 MB    Views 9724

Mirror Maze Lite

art puzzle games music game maze mirror levels challenging check concept player
+4    We proudly support Check out their site, or download the Daily App Dreams App to find out about the free apps on offer each day NOTE: This LITE version is purely a taster containing 12 levels, you can get the ...    21 MB    Views 6855
survival games check cool
+2    Check your survival skills in the city games Be the best warrior in online battles. Can you pick up a better weapons and fight against your rivals? Try cool features: Cool offline survival Awesome multiplayer mode. Play with people all around the ...    67 MB    Views 2619
doodle games shooting playing racing adventure fun game http robonacho free battleship check
-3    Featured in Games > Racing & Role Playing > What's Hot Do you love classic shooting games? Then check out Doodle Battleships Free Fun Shooting Warship Adventure Battleship Game It's full of crazy explosive doodle action. Destroy the enemy ...    10 MB    Views 9872
-7    Quizi is an amazing trivia game covering wide variety of topics ranging from nature to current technology.Play lots of quiz here and increase your knowledge. WRITE YOUR OWN QUIZ AND MAKE MONEY Add your Quiz and give it for FREE or ...    14 MB    Views 860
math apps puzzle measurement time cats children fractions money practice content topics nbt check
+20    Want a MATH app that goes BEYOND multiplechoice? Then here is the MATH practice app that you have been looking for. . . one app that covers ARITHMETIC, PLACE VALUES, SHAPES, BASIC GEOMETRY, MEASUREMENT, TIME, MONEY, DATA, & FRACTIONS practice for ...    86 MB    Views 3179
music search game free minesweeper master mines extra tap great check
+4    Master Minesweeper Free is an exciting version of this classic game with 3 levels of difficulty for extra fun Mark where mines are by tap and holding for 2 seconds. You can tap and hold again to place a question mark ...    7 MB    Views 8330
+10    It is a roleplaying game to rescue the citizens to wait for help in the city wandering zombies. ■ Story zombies that has suddenly appeared in this city ... I became mayor. Damage to expand ... inexhaustible. While zombies are roaming the city in ...    6 MB    Views 9244
swim ski swimming sea scuba steve dive octopus monster ups avoid check
+2    Gear up for its time to take Steve for a Scuba Dive Fight the GIANT octopus and evade the swift sea MONSTER Submerge yourself into a perilous waterworld filled with dangerous animals and wondrous treasures . The boisterous sea of liberty ...    36 MB    Views 4841
thanksgiving turkey food dinner items maker table perfect check version create
-6    Turkey? Check Stuffing? Check Mashed Potatoes and gravy? Check Get ready to set the most spectacular Thanksgiving table with turkey and all the trimmings With Thanksgiving Maker, you can arrange the table just the way you want maybe recreate the ...    20 MB    Views 8562
games kids dino doctor puzzles free fun mini scenes check version
+2    >Take care of 8 different dinos and help to cure them. (ONLY 3 DINOS IN FREE VERSION) >8 different hospital scenes 28 puzzles & games(ONLY 3 SCENES IN FREE VERSION) >Cute animations and Dino Stickers as Rewards >Cool physics games >Understand body structure! Play with ...    54 MB    Views 831
reviews online application methods choose deposit features offered read check
0    If you want to pick a casino that suits you than check out this great online casino reviews application. With online casino reviews application you get a break down of the casino's features and an analysis of their pros and cons ...    6 MB    Views 1490
food time animal games game falls falling foods easy power check
0    Be sure to check out our other apps and games as well • 135+ in 1 AppBundle 13 Games & 122 Utilities • Military Night Vision • To Do Create Check List Of Things To Do • Real Fingerprint Scanner System ...    8 MB    Views 5163

Watermelon! - FREE

watermelon free version game robot check http attacking robots
0    Using only slices of watermelon, you must defeat the robots who are attacking earth. "Watermelon" as a weapon? "Watermelon" as a weapon? Yes, it's incredibly normal but super powerful. Eat watermelons and throw their peels at the robots, to make them slip up, ...    19 MB    Views 427
market jack motor bugs check game adventures bug
+8    In this fastpaced free arcade game, you have to ensure Motor Jack reaches his rock concert while you fight off endless swarms of bugs With seven new scenarios, new bugs and countless new levels, Bug Attack challenges puts your skills ...    36 MB    Views 7885

abiosis : chains

games screen complete check balls exploding chains score game
-5    ADDICTION HAS NEVER BEEN THIS BAD The object of the game is to remove as many balls from the screen as possible by 'exploding' them; in a chain reaction. >> HOW TO PLAY Tap the screen to insert the starting ball that ...    2 MB    Views 2734


golf building time game rocket unique hours countless courses graphics check
+2    Hydrothermal is a city building game where you create a space colony and ward off alien invaders. Control every aspect of your colony's layout, including zoning, building placement, and terrain features, all with the ability to conquer more land for ...    7 MB    Views 9781
+14    Spawn Lite lets you can make a swarm of colored lights dance across the screen with your fingers. Be ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and flowing movement that can be created with just a simple touch. Spawn has evolved ...    5 MB    Views 2099

Hydrothermal Lite

golf building time game rocket lite unique courses hours nuclear check
+10    Hydrothermal is a city building game where you create a space colony and ward off alien invaders. Control every aspect of your colony's layout, including zoning, building placement, and terrain features, all with the ability to conquer more land for ...    7 MB    Views 7664
people rescue training special select items public check operation place
+29    In a world where monsters who infested, Save the public for help I can not afford to die here" appearance left rescue type RPG ■Story World where monsters who infested. Number of demons along with the rumors of devil revival further increased, damage ...    4 MB    Views 2889

Restaurant Quiz

keyboard logos answer restaurant hints game levels quiz logo check brands
+10    How many of restaurants and their logos can you guess and how much do you know about them? Play the 1 Restaurant Quiz Game Restaurant Quiz is a free game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of 1500 more ...    19 MB    Views 894

Let me out!

unit touch words check start enjoy study learn game score
+5    The game features: The words of this version are from NCE2—an authoritative text book which is suitable for middle school students or anyone of equivalent level. Fifteen units and 55 words in each unit on average. You are suggested to finish one ...    18 MB    Views 1829

Extreme Flight

flight game extreme armor graphics players full check top world
0    Extreme Flight is a 3D flight combat game in classic arcade style. Manipulate your craft to travel across and eradicate all the enemies. As you progress, you can also unlock more powerful space vehicles, and upgrade your crafts and props. Stunning ...    40 MB    Views 8259


stock tanks game doesn show check base equipment
+26    App is a guide for gamers of MMO "Word of Tanks" "Helper for World of Tanks" will help you: Will help to study characteristics of game technology Will advise how to level up your carriage Will advise which equipment to set up Will advise which ...    142 MB    Views 2858

Party Trampoline

party balloons www http pop trampoline check john
0    Join the party with Party Trampoline. This controversial app initially banned by Apple and featured in an article by TechCrunch and Wired finally available because bags are now over their heads Have a blast jumping on a trampoline Use your head to ...    5 MB    Views 727

Art Match Game

art artists creative game play easy match check
-3    Steel your mind, improve reaction time, and beat the clock in this addicting and creative Matching Game Great for all ages with easy medium and hard play modes. Completely AdFree & No InApp Purchases All artwork used in this game was created ...    36 MB    Views 196
games twitter episode god journey pocket universe robots check
+3    Pocket God Journey To Uranus is an interactive universe that you can explore, discover your godly powers, and play games. Feed the volcano god on Earth Fight a war on Uranus Ward off robots from another universe Navigate the hightech ...    53 MB    Views 5151
games kids hospital dino doctor puzzles department mini check fun
+14    >Take care of 8 different dinos and help to cure them. >8 different hospital scenes 28 puzzles & games >Cute animations and Dino Stickers as Rewards >Cool physics games >Understand body structure >No AD and No IAP Play with Dr. Dino, be a doctor Kids can ...    54 MB    Views 2899

Find and Count

children voice shooting planning count pictures concentration fine encourages check motor
+30    Learn playfully how to count up to 10 with the Find and Count app. Developed by Heutink, the largest elementary school supplier in the Netherlands. The app contains 6 cheerful pictures. Count the monkeys, flowers, children, etc. by shooting beads on ...    39 MB    Views 2002

LDS Bingo HD

board ipad iphone children jesus lds bingo game fun images attention play check player
+4    LDS Bingo HD It’s the LDS General Conference Classic come to your iPad Want your child to pay attention, learn something, and have fun doing it? That’s the promise of LDS Bingo HD. LDS Bingo HD isn’t just for General Conference Play ...    5 MB    Views 8875
apps puzzle learning math games educational time thegames topics answer child check player
+8    Here is the MATH practice app that you have been looking for. . . one app that covers NUMBERS and GEOMETRY practice for your Kindergartener throughout the year The difficulty level progresses with your child as he or she learns. So, ...    64 MB    Views 2431
accessories summer girl play beautiful friends check wardrobe clothing clothes
+3    The summer vocation is coming. Get ready to prepare for another year of school You have to work long hours this summer, so you can afford a brand new wardrobe. Check out all chic and stylish clothing and accessories you ...    43 MB    Views 4716

Movie Quizzle™ 2

movie trivia play leaderboards achievements check level
-4    Are you ready to take your movie trivia skills to the next level? Can you prove that you are the ultimate movie buff? Movie Quizzle 2 is the perfect movie trivia app to pick up and play. Unlock over 90 achievements ...    15 MB    Views 2509
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-5    Crossroad Bird Awesome Endless Jumping and Flying Hard Adventure Game in Cowboy World for kids Boys and Girls let you get into great adventure, No other app on the market lets you play this impossible game Over 1000 people love ...    23 MB    Views 697
movie movies sounds ultimate update favorite check
+7    Welcome to the Ultimate Movie Sounds App Fixed Crashing Issue Now you can have all the best sounds from your favorite movies wherever you go Why just get 1 soundboard when you can have multiple in one app. So far the app ...    57 MB    Views 7189


green pilots check sections section completed
+10    Checkflight is an application that allows pilots and virtual pilots to have a digital checklist available on their iPad or iPhone. We currently have over 100 checklist for different airplane models. These checklist are basic checklist and are not approved ...    5 MB    Views 2289

Captured Lite

adventure captured game play level check prison lite
0    This is the Lite version of Captured, which makes the first 10 levels playable. Please check out the full game As a soldier of Sirk, you were captured and taken as prisoner of war into the menacing nation of Eiggam. You ...    5 MB    Views 7103
games hospital kids dino free scenes puzzles doctor check dinos version
-5    ※※※"Restore" your purchase if any game or scenes was locked after your updates, and it is FREE if you have already purchased it before.※※※ Take care of 8 different dinos and help to cure them. (ONLY 3 DINOS IN FREE VERSION) 8 ...    54 MB    Views 784
math puzzle apps time children cats practice topics answer answers sense check
-7    Awarded the "Editor's Choice Award" by the highly regarded Children's Technology Review Here is the MATH practice app that you have been looking for. . . one app that covers NUMBERS and GEOMETRY practice for your Kindergartener throughout the year The ...    53 MB    Views 1432
game drops easy simple dual plane master http check
0    Guide the little plane and avoid crashing into buildings. Also be wary of the mean birds they are out to get you. Note/Warning: You have to pick up as many precious fuel drops as you can if you want ...    16 MB    Views 9909
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