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+23    "Winner 2010 Best App Ever Award Best iPhone Action Game This is the physics puzzler you've been waiting for Smash NITROBURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS Demolish skull fortifications on Hell's Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, Industrial Armageddon, The ...    86 MB    Views 9903
+3    It is very important as for a construction to understand the speed and accuracy of each mega construction trucks ability to meet it standards. For it is now an option to have delays in the construction brought by this slowness ...    54 MB    Views 1128

Truck Racers

racing time driving games truck american race trucks endless game mode free
+5    Become the fastest truck racer with your high performance American trucks Super American trucks are ready in garage. You will race for the unlocked ones. Drive at extreme speeds without taking damage. Show all the drivers on the road that you ...    111 MB    Views 3246
driving simulation truck trucks game experience extreme heavy road simulator controls
+10    Enjoy the most advanced and realistic 3D Truck & Bus Driving Simulator Game. Experience the real world truck driving & be a master truck driver. Control trucks while driving and avoid crashes. Driving a heavy duty truck is a dream for ...    64 MB    Views 3217

Fire Truck 3D

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+3    “One of the most addictive driving game ever made” FREE download Tons of content to enjoy 3D HD graphics – Realistic physicsbased environment Alert This is not a drill Grab your helmet and get ready to drive fast Bring your team to ...    62 MB    Views 5370
construction racing time drivers game race yard fast trucks domination truck play
+26    The biggest, Heaviest and most extreme truck racing game. Are you man enough to drive these monster trucks ? Race the way as those construction trucks take over those cars and dominate the road. Scary and intensified experience has brought to ...    53 MB    Views 4161
construction children truck engine horn simple blocks spin start
+11    Start the engine, put on your helmet, and go full speed ahead toward adventures Mika «Dumper» Spin is a builder truckdriving simulator game for children aged 36 A big construction project is starting. We have received many bricks. We have a problem, ...    75 MB    Views 1427
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-6    Download Super Fast Offroad Monster Trucks today for some amazing racing fun Choose from 10 different trucks while you blast your way through the challenging levels. And don't worry if you get stuck on one, just use a level skip ...    28 MB    Views 4373
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+20    === Welcome to 18 Wheeler Big Rig Construction Truck Simulator === Construction Truck simulator is realistic driving game for truss, dumper, and lifter truck trailers, for building material, transport vehicle or construction simulator, In our heavy equipment games use hydraulic tools ...    56 MB    Views 3145
+1    It is time to colour interesting Monster Trucks. Both educational and enjoyable game is designed for both adults and children. Fabulous monster trucks, crazy collision trucks, pickups offroad vehicles, driver vehicles, modified trucks are waiting for you to be coloured. Let's ...    13 MB    Views 6165
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+14    UH OH….it’s a highway speed chase and the police is coming for you. Hope you’ve you have polished up on your driving skills because you are in a highway speed race for your life. Watch out for the cars, trucks and ...    32 MB    Views 4143

Secret Agent

construction iphone secret find enemy boss agent high site top agents
+13    Note: This version of the Secret Agent game now has graphics that are scaled correctly for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, even though they aren't the high resolution graphics that are in the Secret Agent 4G version. A shadowy group ...    16 MB    Views 5405


puzzle facebook time social work men tools traffic trucks play truck cubes game level score earn friends lives
+1    Match and clear 2 or more trucks of the same color before they wholly cover a path of cubes in this new freetoplay puzzle game called Trucko. To create combinations, stop trucks or move them forward by placing the right ...    84 MB    Views 1755

Cargo Bridge 2 HD

construction green twitter bridge cargo level packs hills test levels
+1    The Cargo Bridge is back Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there are more levels, more bridge connections, more cargo and more fun Design a bridge on a blueprint and test it when you are done Your workers ...    43 MB    Views 4451

Castal Knight Pro

trucks tracks worlds gameplay amazing offroad unlock monster truck
0    Fearful,lonely and helpless,All of these were front of you in this Castal .But the Only thing called Speed can fling off them. Collect Stars to unlock new cars and tracks as you play Complete missions and get rewards Optimized for ...    42 MB    Views 1665


construction tools game levels level mode achievements provide geometry
-1    GeoCon is an educational game for iPhone. It is useful for students, teachers and math enthusiasts studying plane geometry since the geometric constructions of GeoCon are one of the most interesting and exciting areas of geometry. With GeoCon you will ...    10 MB    Views 8041
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+4    Meet Dusty the Digger Dusty is on his way to the construction site when he sees that his friends need help Help Dusty move, break, and build as he works to rescue his friends and build them a new home ...    50 MB    Views 5600
construction aqua learn screen circle
+4    This app is intended for use on the iPad mainly. It may be difficult to see the screen in iPhone. Please be forewarned. "AQUA" is a math teaching materials touching the screen to learn intuitively. It allows you to move graphs ...    8 MB    Views 4504

3D American Truck

-7    Hop behind the wheels of some of the most impressive American Trucks that you've ever dared to fancy yourself master driving and help with the building of some spectacular constructions in key locations all over USA. Put together your passion ...    68 MB    Views 9933

Truck Parking

games car truck parking play park drive turn trucks pedal
-4    You like truck parking games? Here's a high quality game to play to park heavier vehicles. You can choose from 3 types of trucks, Parking a truck, a fire truck and park a garbage truck. To drive the trucks, you ...    14 MB    Views 4349

Delivery Trucks

trucks game delivery flag
0    Delivery Trucks This amazing gave will measure your speed and instinct. The whole purpose of this game is deliver all good to the specific stores you are assigned to. you will have to stop in several places to reach your goal. Instructions: 1. Swipe ...    21 MB    Views 7766
fire trucks department helicopter firefighter fires fireman simulator
+21    Have you ever had the dream to become a Fireman? Now you can Play Firefighter Simulator 3D and save citizens from dangerous fires Make your way to the fire point by driving different fire trucks Use your siren to aware ...    73 MB    Views 7297

Dusty the Digger HD

home kids construction dusty friends build privacy fun http
+27    Meet Dusty the Digger Dusty is on his way to the construction site when he sees that his friends need help Help Dusty move, break, and build as he works to rescue his friends and build them a new home ...    45 MB    Views 296

Boomtown Heights

construction building bomb level bring town play drag levels required
-2    "My life will never be complete until I've walked away from an explosion in slow motion." Tired of all the construction going on in Boom Town, you take on the role as the Boom Town Bomber. Bent on destroying any new ...    12 MB    Views 5448
+5    Play the most realistic night truck parking game on the store. Drive various trucks each with an unique behavior. Discover lots of varied level in a completely physical simulated world. The ultimate night truck parking simulator in the palm of your ...    63 MB    Views 4612

Shake Islands

construction original islands transport shake screen collections cocktails
+1    Shake Islands is an arcade simulator with elements of strategy. In this game you will get awards and collections allowing construction of original transport for travelling to the next island. Tanned and generous local visiting your bar, unique cocktails with ...    38 MB    Views 4473
ipad drivers driving challenge racing game events view trucks leader boards modes truck courses
-3    Take on the Ultimate Trucker Driving Test Challenge 100% FREE Career Mode Enter the Advanced Drivers Competition and prove your Truck Parking Skills to the crowd in a variety of Exciting Events using THREE AWESOME TRUCKS in three New event ...    74 MB    Views 5273
0    "Winner 2010 Best App Ever Award Best iPhone Action Game This is the physics puzzler you've been waiting for Smash NITROBURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS Demolish skull fortifications on Hell's Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, Industrial Armageddon, The ...    85 MB    Views 7569
action iphone construction crazy machines touch build tasks tilt ipod
0    Crazy Machines' new action game not only demands your mental prowess. Demonstrate during the experiments the full spectrum of your abilities to the Professor There's no time to take it easy during the experiments in Crazy Machines Action. The eccentric professor's ...    9 MB    Views 5017
kids truck fireman ride fun game trucks levels stars
+2    Ride your Fireman Truck hard, fast, up, down anyway you like In this kidfriendly, supercreative app, you get to run your very own fire truck, with 3 fun trucks to choose from. Drive, jump, go up the lift any ...    33 MB    Views 2181
puzzle construction kids toddlers children games educational preschoolers trucks jigsaw big vehicles puzzles
-3    Big Trucks and Construction Vehicles JigSaw Puzzles for Preschooler is an educational introduction to jigsaw puzzles for kids (nino) between the ages of 15. This is a great puzzle app for toddlers who can't get enough of big trucks like Bulldozer, Excavator, Digger, ...    10 MB    Views 3370

A+ Airport

truck move touch airport trucks
-4    The goal of this game is to takeoff the Airplane from the airport. You can touch the trucks to move them. If you touch the front side, the truck will move forward all the way and if you touch the ...    1 MB    Views 958
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+5    Job of Builder – can you fix it? (NOTE: Tilt your phones to the sides to steer) Are you a builder from nature? Well this is the game that will test your guts how good you are at construction. Take part in ...    63 MB    Views 1630

Secret Agent HD

Related Apps ipad construction secret find agent enemy boss high agents working
+5    Note: The new version 1.1 of Secret Agent HD works now with iOS 3.2.1. Note: Show off the large display of your iPad with the iPad version of the Secret Agent game. Secret Agent for the iPad contains specially rendered high ...    38 MB    Views 2942

MMX Racing

racing ipad monster truck filled higher head game trucks
+5    THIS IS IT Your chance to create a firebreathing Monster Truck and race it headtohead over spectacular jump filled courses. Over 15 Million players can't be wrong. "This is the best Monster Truck game I've ever played" 5/5 HollyDK Experience benchmark ...    426 MB    Views 9177
driver driving simulation time parking truck game park levels trucks big
+11    Truck Driver Parking 3D is a other new original 3D parking simulation game. Just as in his predecessor you get be hide the wheel of a big rig truck. Drive this big 18 wheeler truck through different 3D settings ad ...    66 MB    Views 4660
driver driving simulation time games skill truck parking wheels park levels trucks game
+23    18 Wheels Truck Driver 3D is one of the best free 3D parking games. Parking a 18 Wheeler requires a huge amount of skill and precision Most truck drivers cannot cope with the amount off skill needed. As a 18 wheeler ...    61 MB    Views 6979

Logis Tycoon

+5    Take control of global logistics Become the owner of a logistics company delivering friendly and precise service to cities around the world. Fulfill a city's delivery request using the trucks collected by you. Build up more experience points in order to perform a ...    23 MB    Views 4889
toddlers puzzle kids cars vehicles puzzles trucks motorcycles moving
+9    Polished wooden puzzle experience for toddlers and preschool boys Large puzzle pieces, many interesting vehicles, and vibrant colours make it perfect for toddlers. There are three difficulty levels and a playground that can be filled with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. ...    23 MB    Views 3627
war multiplayer monster game awesome trucks zombies words
-9    ABAISER MONSTER TRUCKS are here. Use your powers to defeat the zombies. Awesome multiplayer features Ultimate MONSTER TRUCK war game BEWARE the ZOMBIE WORDS INCREDIBLE graphics and music Simple controls for maximum pleasure Hours of awesome gameplay Race ...    14 MB    Views 819

Heavy Loader 3D

camera facebook videos challenge driving game parking play truck free control trucks real
+30    Description: Experience the Real Truck Parking 3D game with new concept of loading your trucks. Drag the load into the truck and move it to the parking area. Buy and upgrade new heavy trucks and feel the real 3D experience. Play ...    42 MB    Views 6303
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+5    An awardwinning creative play app, More Trucks has 4 new activities that stimulate young imaginations and teaches sequencing, sorting and problem solving. FIRE TRUCK: Hose down the fire and save San Francisco. MONSTER TRUCKS: Drive 10 monster trucks over bumpy ...    54 MB    Views 1588
construction racing time drivers race game domination trucks fast yard cars truck
+7    The biggest, Heaviest and most extreme truck racing game. Are you man enough to drive these monster trucks ? Race the way as those construction trucks take over those cars and dominate the road. Scary and intensified experience has brought to ...    53 MB    Views 4216
army driving war tank tanks game parking trucks truck control world steering
-7    Army Tank and Truck Parking 3D will prepare future tank heroes for their jobs. The Army Tank Parking game will help you learn how to control tanks at the battlefield and handle massive army vehicles. It's your utmost duty to ...    48 MB    Views 8209
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+12    Why did the construction guy cross the road? Play this and find out Why did the emergency services rush in without looking? Play this and find out So we have a forklift truck, a bulldozer, a mixer truck and an oil tanker. Beware They are ...    31 MB    Views 3343
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-7    ◉◉ Offroad Monsters ◉◉ ◉◉ Monster Trucks Simulator Racing Game For Kids Free ◉◉ Feel serious adrenaline driving awesome cartoon monster trucks Compete in a race full of emotion, shocks and crushed cars Choose one of the four characters with their respective monster trucks ...    81 MB    Views 4238
traffic construction car game bug character avoid trucks cars
+8    The simple object of this game is to avoid the oncoming traffic and keep the bug from becoming a “splat” on the windshield Imagine the day in the life of a ladybug (or other insect) caught in the middle of a ...    23 MB    Views 1886
construction level bridge game build
+14    This is an interesting puzzle game for those who love design and construction . The essence of the game is very simple and clear even to a child you have to build a bridge , driving a vehicle in ...    43 MB    Views 7182

Monkey Trouble

construction game trouble load loss play safely result bricks hit
+11    Turn back the clock to the 1980's with this retro game and relive the magic of the LCD handheld revolution with Monkey Trouble. A simple yet extremely addictive game play that is perfect for casual and advanced gamers alike. You are ...    6 MB    Views 8851
army time playing gun driver military truck trucks crash points machine waiting control
+5    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Agressive, harsh, powerful army trucksare waiting for their driver Complete military missions, fight against enemies, destroy your rivals, crash, smash and explode with incredible Army Truck 3D Engines are roaring, machineguns are charged, what are you waiting ...    187 MB    Views 1694
challenge driving military army war parking realistic simulator trucks truck modes day
+5    Do you have what it takes to be a war trucker? Well, the country needs your driving abilities behind enemy lines. Driving a military truck will be the ultimate challenge. Tapinator presents its newest and finest Parking Simulation Game, Army Truck ...    57 MB    Views 3130
time moon people planet truck trucks game boxes population earth tough realistic
-8    Download This Game Now And Let Fun Roll Hay it's finally your time. You can be the hero that saves the people of mother earth. A nuc bomb has wiped a large part of the earths population. The survivors have moved ...    80 MB    Views 4051
Related Apps construction driving driver board loader drive skills truck simulator parking heavy
+7    Stay true to your driving skills while drive clean to prove you an expert loader truck driver. Take control on steer and gear of heavy machine gears to park in parking bay. An expert construction driver needs to be accurate ...    67 MB    Views 7570
driving truck trucks monster jumps missiles complete destroy graphics long achievements
+1    Climb into your Monster Truck, strap yourself in and prepare to destroy what lies in front of you You are being called to be the destructor in this desert track complete with sand dunes, huge jumps, turns and oil slicks. Get ...    60 MB    Views 7520
construction painting engineering games car tools truck trucks repair engine tank wash mechanical oil clean service
+15    Grab your automotive mechanic uniform and mechanical tool box to repair up the messy, broken, dented trucks at truck garage. Park your muddy truck, Identify and repair the defected parts of the 4 different industrial construction vehicles. Adjust the engine ...    44 MB    Views 5883

Bomb Transport 3D

transport bomb bombs play drag trucks heavy zone storage weapons
-2    Play the new series of Bomb Transport in 3D. You play a role of a Bomb Transporter and have a tough job ahead. Transport weapons and nuclear bombs in big trucks from the storage to Bomb Storage zone. Complete this ...    63 MB    Views 6530

RC Racing Pro HD

Related Apps racing gold trucks race track
+29    Experience the thrill of RC Truck racing Race against 3 other trucks and win the gold on five unique tracks. Features: Accurate physics simulation Gold medals awarded for 1st place Best time stored for each track Practice area for refining driving ...    25 MB    Views 3072

Ace Transporter

police time danger deadly transporter trucks game parcels choose
+2    Race with a Mission If driving is in your blood and defeating danger is your passion then let ACE TRANSPORTER takes you on a high octane, adrenaline pumping deadly mission. In order to reign the Transporter Mafia, you have to move ...    131 MB    Views 8278
construction time driving excavator sand truck tractor heavy game simulator loader drive
+13    3D Sand Excavator Simulator tractor is a dream game for the lover of excavator simulator who like to drive heavy duty bulldozer like tractors and other construction machines. This new 3D sand excavator game has great features as compared to ...    46 MB    Views 2355
Related Apps monster cars truck worlds trucks
0    Welcome fellow Monster Truck driver. You are test driving our new Monster Truck models Can you make it back to the garage at 25km? Smash cars to get Money. Upgrade your truck. Choose from a range of Monster Trucks. Explore different worlds. Don't forget to ...    20 MB    Views 8749
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