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+27    Crossy Arctic, the fun game for game lovers. Move the player across the arctic tundra. Fast dog sleds, snowmobiles and ATV's and wild nature. All what is needed for good vacations, but not for our eskimo's as they need to cross snow, ...    38 MB    Views 1933

Pet Fashion Contest

+3    Only for this month half price 0.99 Pet fashion contest will be hold today. You must want your pet more fashion and be the winner. Now dress them up and will get score We are here to find the answer ...    2 MB    Views 2488
+7    Noah’s Dogs Trivia Quiz is the fun, free game for dog lovers of all ages from Noah’s Dogs Test your knowledge of dog facts and trivia. Test yourself against the clock and challenge friends and family to beat your ...    74 MB    Views 7136

iHate Dogs

dogs cat dog game levels fishes addictive journey
+3    iHate Dogs is an addictive game, the purpose of the game is to guide the cat to explode the dog. Let's kill those dogs that bite us on daily fashion. ✓ Flick the cat towards the dog and/or fishes. ✓ Pick up all ...    19 MB    Views 4853

Dog Runner

0    Game Story On a sunny spring day, a male dog and a female dog met under a large tree in a park. They barked each other excitedly just like old friends. The two dogs’ owners went to the park for a walk ...    29 MB    Views 5919


dog fun picking detector
+4    Playful Detector Dog game. Perfect and fun for kids to play Ideal for Adults as well, especially when you want to check on your concentration capability Detector Dog chases along the belt and picks up the suspicious suitcases and gets ...    48 MB    Views 2945

dog puzzle for kids

-4    Available languages: english french italian German Swedish Dutch Spanish Polish Czech Portuguese Presentation: Warning, this game is made especially for children. Its colorful graphics and difficulty are low for a young audience. It ...    17 MB    Views 4681
+5    All of the cats in your city have been turned into furious zombies All the zombie cats are attacking a dog house, four dogs are fighting hard to prevent them from overtaking the dog house but they are not enough You have ...    51 MB    Views 6896

Bouncy Dog Free

dog levels game play
+8    are you fast ? able to concentrate enough? it is time to challenge yourself use your finger to draw spring lines to help the dog to quickly jump over obstacles, collect bones as much as you can by jumping through towns, try to ...    18 MB    Views 9407
0    Your pet dog is in danger Now, it needs your help Your dog was playing with his friends in the ocean and the sharks attacked him Now, he is trying to swim very fast to get back home But there are lots of ...    27 MB    Views 9767
dog zombie jump truck collect trucks plays sounds beware
0    In this new of adventure of J Dog You guide J Dog jumping from tire to to tire, trying to collect trucks including a Monster truck, Classic Trucks, Big Rig and more. Each Truck you collect gives you bonus ...    15 MB    Views 4199
cat animal children software parents learning horse educational dog sounds peekaboo fun child simple years
-2    WHO’S THAT HIDING…..? Meow... Meow ... its a Cat... PEEKABOO CAT Peekaboo Pet Shop is beautiful interactive peekaboo game for young children. Can your child guess which animal is hiding? BRIGHT COLORS, FUN ANIMAL SOUNDS and EXCITING ANIMATIONS. A FUN & EDUCATIONAL ...    8 MB    Views 6608

Crazy Wanwan

dog dogs tornado game gift poo free added explosion crazy
+25    Try it, its free Gift: 100 free coins as a gift for new players A new kind of Drag n Drop cute dogs game waiting to be paired to create combos with POO and Tornado effect. ※※※※※※※※※ New features such as the ...    34 MB    Views 7609
Related Apps puzzle dogs dog simple game progression difficulty level collection
+3    Available languages: english french italian German Swedish Dutch Spanish Polish Czech Portuguese Presentation: Warning, this game is made especially for children. Its colorful graphics and difficulty are low for a young audience. It ...    19 MB    Views 394
dog dogs detailed idea supports description
+27    An insightful and detailed analysis of your dogs emotional and physical state The dog horoscope app takes a photo of your dog’s face & displays your dogs reading. FEATURES: 100’s of canine horoscopes Ability to save & replay all horoscope readings ...    70 MB    Views 3821
dog love puzzles jigsaw puppy game puppies
+15    Puppy Dog Jigsaw Puzzles is loaded with 84 different jigsaw puzzles made from pictures of adorable puppies. A star rating system that rewards you for quick times keeps you focused. At the same time, there is no timer itself during ...    64 MB    Views 5256
dog dogs pet dress game good biggest costumes fun
+19    After thousands of satisfied users, Dog Dress up finally becomes available for iOS as well What others say: “This is a good way to have a boyfriend” “Best dog game” “I like that it has more dogs and they are really nice. “ “Fun and ...    48 MB    Views 5442
children animal cat software parents learning dog horse peekaboo sounds pet animals shop child fun
+29    WHO’S THAT HIDING…..? Meow... Meow ... its a Cat... PEEKABOO CAT Peekaboo Pet Shop is beautiful interactive peekaboo game for young children. Can your child guess which animal is hiding? BRIGHT COLORS, FUN ANIMAL SOUNDS and EXCITING ANIMATIONS. Peekaboo Pet ...    9 MB    Views 4391
-9    Top fun jumping dog game Bounce and grab the food to feed your cute puppy Tilt your phone to take the food – if you miss any, the platform will start cracking Also, be sure to avoid dangerous bombs falling ...    39 MB    Views 9343

Space Attax

dog fighting opponents space
+6    Have fun with this intergalactic multiplayer space dog fighting shootemup. Fast action gameplay with up to four players. Compete against your friends and family. Once you start its hard to stop playing... Instructions Steer your ship using the left or right ...    14 MB    Views 8196

Falling Fred Dog

dog platform falling game
+27    Falling Dog is a very interesting and addictive physics game. With your left and right controller you can move the main character of the game means the dog. Your job is to make sure that he stays on platform and ...    20 MB    Views 6147
dog camera game player face flying cow front moving device
+28    “Shaking Head, Flying Cow” is a facial gesture base casual style morphed shooting game, which is challenging, fun and suitable for various game players. This game can be played by finger touch or facial motion detected by front camera on device. When ...    7 MB    Views 5432

My Dog ID

Related Apps dog dogs family time friends fun
-8    Bet you didn’t know you had a dog twin That’s right. In this fun face to face iPhone App you can take photos of yourself, your friends or your family and, voilà, with a little facial recognition magic, find your ...    3 MB    Views 3770
dog history wars air aircrafts game plane play fly
+7    Nothing like the old school dogfights air wars Fly like an eagle and beat those plane out from the skies as you fly those aircrafts and engage in one of the most intense dogfights ever written in history. Create a history ...    53 MB    Views 6188

Dog Discs

+4    Look at this cut dog..he is happy, enthusiastic and playful. Let's help him play and enjoy more in this amazing timing based game "Dog Discs". All you have to do is to move the dog towards left/right when needed, and ...    14 MB    Views 4493
math animal blog dog kids game edition james good show
-3    This easy addition math game For Animal Dog Blog Edition is perfect for kids in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade at school. Help improve your addition skills by answering a range or math problems. For Animal Dog Blog Edition Making ...    9 MB    Views 5766

Bad Dog Free

dog cats bad poop special fart feed
+7    As Bad Dog there's only one way to to wipe the smile of those cats faces, poop Feed the Bad Dog and fart your way high into the sky, aim for the blissfully unaware cats below and deliver your special Bad ...    16 MB    Views 226
-7    Start your space race and win the best score Run and fly through the space like a real rocket pet Leap the farthest, and turn into a jetpack astronaut and start your wild joyride journey today Simply download this “space ...    45 MB    Views 9627

Simon 4 Kids

kids dog cat playing farm simon animals buttons attention sequence
+9    Simon 4 Kids is a version of the popular "Simon says" game targeted to the younger of the house, who will not only pay attention to the colors of the buttons, but the animals too as they pass by towards ...    45 MB    Views 3926
dog playing jump game run control based
0    Do you like to rescue dog to be your pet? Try playing this game and enjoy as this cute animal breed will smash every enemy that comes across as he continue to run and jump on his full journey. The game ...    51 MB    Views 9146
dog ducks hunt game swamp hunters agility hunting
+22    TRY OUR DOG AGILITY HUNTERS : THE SWAMP HUNT FOR DUCKS GAME Do you like hunting? In this game, the dogs will be running in a swamp trying to find and fetch the dead ducks that has been hunted by the hunters. ...    24 MB    Views 268

myBoo Weather

weather dog forget
0    Woof woof woof I'm myBoo, you weather dog Have fun watching how the weather changes in your city. Enjoy our weather widget for your notification center (iOS8) look after me... if it's cold dress me up, and if it's hot... ...    12 MB    Views 2429

Bad Dog

dog cats bad special poo feed fart
0    Feed the Bad Dog and fart your way high into the sky, aim for the blissfully unaware cats below and deliver your special Bad Dog parcel (a POO) to them. Splat all the cats in each level to progress through ...    18 MB    Views 1313

Puppies Out

ipad iphone running kids dog puppies game puppy fun ios mini
+2    PUPPIES OUT THE CUTEST, FUN AND ORIGINAL ENDLESS RUNNING GAME Attention all fun and puppy lovers out there Puppies Out is a free 3D Infinite Runner game for kids featuring a lovely cute pet – named “Buddy Lab” – alongside with some ...    92 MB    Views 7310
dog hot contest
0    There is the a national hot dog festival. On this day hot dogs are sold everywhere in the streets. There are even contests in making this easy and tasty meal. You are taking part in such contest and your aim ...    3 MB    Views 6968
dog police games chase city crime hunting simulator fun crazy
-6    Here we are with a crazy police dog in one of the solitary police chase games having the concept of police vs thief and police dog games with top police chase stirring missions. So get ready to start the full ...    65 MB    Views 5045
Related Apps iphone voice dog bone watch puppy fire cute
+15    Snuffles is your talking cute puppy that responds to your voice and your gestures. Talk to him and he will repeat whatever you say, poke him and he will respond in a friendly bark, gesture him to smile and he ...    10 MB    Views 7276
-1    &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; GOLD EDITION &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; NO ADS EVER AND ALL DOGS UNLOCKED &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; &9733; TRY OUR RESCUE DOGS K9 ...    22 MB    Views 4955

Chopper Drop

dog great drop chopper birds update response reviews effects
-3    Ready Drop Epic Retro Arcade Fun Watch out for the Birds & Tornados "Hidden Gem of the App Store How this one got lost in the shuffle, just don't know. Chopper Drop is a great trip to the early days of game ...    22 MB    Views 9581
dog kids dogs children music french apps spanish love reading colors game fun color scene matching animation
-3    Color Dog is a fun and interactive matching game for learning basic colors. Colors are learned from reading written text and hearing a kind voice. Fine motor skills are applied through pinch, pan, rotate, swipe and tap gestures. Each dog ...    27 MB    Views 6183

Dog Simulator HD

Related Apps dog apartment cool explore simulator knock real play high
+1    The most beautiful and realistic Dog Simulator available on App Store Play as a real dog inside a cool apartment and get ready for some real adventures. Knock off stuff, destroy whatever you like and cause the massive damage. Run around, ...    67 MB    Views 5908


dog cat alphabet film animation voice time screen fun festival
+14    MACROPHONICS is a fun new alphabet game for children aged 35, featuring CAT and DOG the stars of the IFTA awardwinning animated short film MACROPOLIS. CAT and DOG are two physically impaired toys, who have come to life and escaped from ...    13 MB    Views 9446
dog truck hot
+7    Be warned This hot dog truck is possessed It is totally out of control and cannot stop doing stunts Please help the hot dog truck get through the obstacles    11 MB    Views 1011
dogs dog hot game greatest american match
0    Get addicted to this match3 hot dog game earn real rewards at Greatest American Hot Dogs in Rockville, Maryland swipe ingredients to match 3, 4 or 5 make the GAHD Relish, Devil & Maui sauces explode to score more points ...    17 MB    Views 2673
dog fashion accessories creativity social dress fun game city achieve
+12    Rumor has it in the city that the annual cute dog contest will be next week. You quickly check on the Internet only to see that this is indeed true. You have only seven days to match up against the ...    56 MB    Views 2472
puzzle learning dog kids game fun joyful rewards amazing
-5    Fun interactive puzzle app for babies and little children – developed by educationalists This app teaches your kids puzzling in a joyful manner and rewards correct answers Your baby will have fun learning how to put objects into empty ...    34 MB    Views 6809
survival war dog game planes blocky mojang dodging high fun screen
+4    ◉◉ Survival Planes ◉◉ ◉◉ Mine Air Dog Fight Combat Game with Blocky Aircrafts ◉◉ ● NO ADS 100% COMPLETE GAME ● Have you been waiting for a funny and exciting war plane game? Survival Planes will fulfil all your expectations Blocky design, high ...    39 MB    Views 6547
Related Apps slot puzzle dog twitter facebook treasures slots gather free riches treasure raiders fun unique
+5    Download the best brand new slots experience for FREE today Dive into the greatest treasure hunt of your life with Slot Raiders, the brand new game from the creators of the 1 mobile hit Bridge Constructor. In manifold unique and beautiful ...    76 MB    Views 2276

Funny Top Cat

cat dog game screen obstacles roof cow man young floor
+1    A simple and addictive flight game with amazing hd graphics. That’s a story about four brave friends: cat Muffin, dog Sparky, cow Charming and young man Ernesto, who went on a risky travel through the North Pole. A lot of hazards ...    30 MB    Views 8857

Herdsman Simulator

dog sheep shoot wolves wolf simulator grandpa points real
+7    Hello, my dear friend Would you mind helping your grandpa with his work? Grandpa is a herdsman and he loves his little sheep. But hungry wolves have appeared near the grazing They steal sheep and take away into the woods ...    39 MB    Views 2129
jump dog adventure cute platform seconds rescue speedy
+5    Help A cute little dog is trying to save its life from total downfall. Help it jump over disappearing platforms fast in order to survive Cute Fluff Pup Jump – Littlest Dog Speedy Rescue Adventure is the thrilling and totally addicting ...    11 MB    Views 5897

Pee Pee Dog

dogs dog puppy bully pee great
-7    What a furious puppy dog can do? The outrageous bully dogs have not only robbed our puppy’s food, also forced puppy to guard the house with them. The poor puppy is very hungry, exhausted and very mad, but he can never ...    3 MB    Views 2997
Related Apps puzzle facebook kids dog levels fun game puzzles cute jigsaw
0    If your kids like fun animal games and jigsaw puzzles, they will LOVE this puzzle filled with cute dog and puppy pictures Features: Lots of cute dogs Fun rewards for each puzzle Play with 6, 9, 12 or 16 pieces Natural ...    14 MB    Views 7106
Related Apps dog strategy dogs child prevent
+10    Can you or your child prevent/avoid dog bites? Do you want to know how to warn children about dog bites and what to teach them about dog bite prevention strategy? Any dog can bite; the chances of a dog biting increase ...    38 MB    Views 5192
dog war dogs military game shepherd german platform fun heroes
+11    •• NO ADs of Any Kind in this Game •• Plus, all the dogs are FREE (open and ready to play) Your country is at war and an elite group of military war dogs is here to help you keep the bad ...    32 MB    Views 199
dog puppy game play claw fun stars version prize easy
-7    What a fun game for all ages Easy to understand & easy to play If you have ever played a Prize Claw Machine at the Arcade or Grocery Store then you can play this version What's the twist? In this version ...    56 MB    Views 2511
dog accessories dogs fun brushes fur shower feed
-6    Those Dogs can't wait to be all dressed up Pick all the right clothes and accessories to make Dogs the most glamorous puppy the world has ever seen Race to see who can get dressed faster & fill up their ...    99 MB    Views 3909


dog play mochi titles touch winning
-4    ============================= He is a dog or a mochi(rice cake) or neither or both. He is bouncy and chewy, and loves to play. Play with Wankoromochi. ============================= If you have a problem changing the volume, go to 'Settings' on your iOS device, and go to ...    24 MB    Views 6419
dog jet fighter game coast attack chaos tactical line fights
+2    "A perfect 3d jet arcade shooter" Nick Noela Top 10 around the world Thanks Guys A perfect example of how fighter jet game should be Tactical attack fighter jet is a 3D dogfight battle where you get to fly ...    43 MB    Views 3043
adventure facebook dog levels candy boosters free sweets game match smash fun jelly
+1    Collect as many sweets as possible before you run out of moves You also need to find those 3Matches with the most AWESOME chain reactions. Be lost in hours of FUN as you try to travel through the hundreds of ...    21 MB    Views 4525
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