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+15    An abstract endless survival game, Zylum is designed to be challenging, while rewarding. A modern, colorful interface adds to the fun. Rewarding sound effects compliment a beautiful ambient sound track, setting the mood of the game. I'm doing my best to ...    30 MB    Views 8003

Terminator: Shotgun

+30    "Come with me if you want to live…" Do you remember the legendary scene from Terminator 2 when Sarah Connor fights a T1000 with a shotgun? Now you can do the same with your iPhone Simply load the shotgun by pumping ...    4 MB    Views 6605
+1    Waiting in line at the bank? A fussy toddler in the grocery store? A long car ride? Or just want to provide an entertaining funfilled experience, while developing your kid's ability to concentrate and focus? Just pass the phone to ...    15 MB    Views 139

Lær Klokken

der sound med man til button
-1    DANSK TALE Mingovilles populære app, Fun Clock, er nu kommet på dansk Lær Klokken er et spil, som samtidig lærer dit barn, hvordan man aflæser et ur. Spillet er produceret af den prisbelønnede virksomhed, Mingoville, der står bag en lang ...    NAN    Views 6356
0    Try Our New Featured App "Aaah Math Zombies" Testimonials: 1) Featured in the "New and Noteworthy" 2) Featured on CBS EVENING NEWS: 3) Recommend by Educators and Parents TWO TYPE OF FLASH CARDS: 1) Image Cards Shows the name of the dinosaur, picture ...    7 MB    Views 7116

Boom Boom Bap!

drum boom shake sound machine
+2    It's a Toy Drum Machine SHAKE out a beat you can rap, rock and dance to MASH the colorful buttons on the cartoony drum machine FUN for kids of all ages, Boom Boom Bap will have you "playing the drums" with the tap ...    949 kb    Views 2009
games kids game big western sound
+3    'Like' Pete's Games on Facebook for the latest on my games(and occasional codes). A game of memory and reflexes. Find all matches before time runs out for a reward from Big Bart. Try to win Big Bart's entire cowboy outfit. The game ...    46 MB    Views 7957

iSounds Warfare

-3    iSounds Warfare brings you one of the largest warfare soundboards to ever hit the market Using our instant touch multisound engine you have the opportunity to mix and match your favorite war sound effects. iSounds Warfare includes 40+ war sound effects ...    16 MB    Views 9234


http sound ball
+26    A completely new sensation of zero gravity Breakout A feeling of tension, freedom, and neverbeforeexperienced speed Nononsense, straightforward graphics and sound How to play Tilt iPhone to control ball. Break all brocks within 30 seconds. Aim for a breaking rate ...    15 MB    Views 8945
-5    A simple game where the objective is to go the farthest possible collecting the biggest number of coins. Beware of asteroids Features: Simple but fun and challenging game Crazy music and sound effects Achievements Update: 28/04 Improved performance Game Center integration Post score on Facebook New sound ...    NAN    Views 5825

Bubble Reef

shots game levels bubbles scuba diver shoot sound move pass
+19    Bubble Reef is a fastpaced game that will keep you entertained all the time, to the point you won't stop playing until the entire game is over You are a Scuba Diver shooting bubbles in the depths of the sea. It ...    6 MB    Views 9738


dead sound completely
-9    Are you completely bored out of your mind? Are you the type of person who likes to stir things up? Have you been waiting for something to completely revolutionize deadly silences? Then this app is the perfect companion when it comes to being ...    4 MB    Views 9101

Papa Sangre II

audio games iphone design adventure voice facebook horror survival papa game immersive www sound
+8    Metacritic iOS game of 2013 If you are reading this, you are already dead. There is no App Store, there is no iPhone and there is no game called Papa Sangre. They are all lies. Do not trust your eyes, they ...    296 MB    Views 5349
Related Apps food sound game answer correctly enjoy
0    About this app Enjoy and repeat everyday, then your ear for music is trained. Congraturate your kid over again and again when he/she answer correctly Instructions Get the ingame character to eat food with the same sound as you hear at the beginning ...    29 MB    Views 9368

3 Letter Words

learning frame word facebook twitter reading building home letter words letters www sound
-6    Use your Touchtronic Letters to spell 3 letter words. Simply stamp each letter on the word frame to build words. The Touchtronic 3 Letter Word app can be used for classroom or home use. When placing a letter on the ...    30 MB    Views 2833


love fun gameplay match expert mode game sound
+22    Full version with just with one click iAD. Comments by a player: Polished and fun NEW variation on Match3 gameplay This software rivals Popcap in gameplay & event presentation. Fresh graphics and happy sound. The gameplay is way more fun than the average ...    7 MB    Views 9652
fighting sound real life step fights game gangster
-3    Real Gangster Fights is Game fighting free 100% You will love this game fighting Want to Become the ultimate champion, you have to beat all rivals, step by step progress towards a championship. You can execute high or low punches, block, or ...    15 MB    Views 6012


game phrase fun team find lot sound hint secret
+29    Backwordsy: The Reverse Speaking Game is a party game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. On your next game night, forget about Charades and try Backwordsy. One team member reads a secret phrase into the game where no one can hear ...    8 MB    Views 6206
-9    Become a Party Planner today Pick and choose different birthday party ideas for the birthday party of your dreams Each birthday party needs specific activities planned for all the kids. It's up to you to prepare each fun activity in order ...    54 MB    Views 7187
Related Apps facebook war multiplayer maps twitter action fighting game helicopter chaos missions combat battle simulator training sound effects
-9    This is 3D realistic Combat helicopter assault operation simulator short name C.H.A.O.S. CHAOS is a unique opportunity to act online as a pilot of a military helicopter. The game simulator is an unequalled power of a fighting vehicle (like ...    270 MB    Views 6121

Gravity Bird

time bird sound gravity levels challenging game
0    Looking for a challenging and fun way to spend your time? look no more Gravity Bird is an addictive game that consist of leading a bird by tilting and moving your device through a maze with different challenges until the end. ...    5 MB    Views 3556
Related Apps jump ninja game jumping simple sound graphics fun gameplay
+1    GAME DOES NOT CONTAIN ADS Happy Holidays Discover the new winter Jumping Ninja in AppStore Craziest jumping ninja ever to grace a your mobile screen You and your ninja will indulge to an great adventureand complete quests You’ll experience unique moments with your ...    51 MB    Views 4972


earth background sound alien
-5    Are you an alien from another planet trapped on Earth in the early 21st century? Or, are you on a recon mission trying to find out what Earth knows? Wish you had your handheld scanner to help you discover that temporal ...    758 kb    Views 4913


music library bubbles sound
-7    The simple pleasure of popping some bubbles, with music. blow at the screen to make lots of bubbles let the environment noise make bubbles for you. let the game randomly select a sound track from your music library, and make ...    14 MB    Views 8242
+2    Have fun with this counting song whilst learning the numbers from one to five. The song and animation stop at the end of each verse and a simple touch of the screen or press of a switch will continue the ...    14 MB    Views 4748
Related Apps war ancient challenging enemy fun young shoot sound physics
+3    Get ready to be transported to an ancient time and disconnect from reality instantly in this highly addictive, challenging and fun war themed app Some of the main features include: Amazing professional graphics that will have you feeling like an ancient warrior Challenging ...    28 MB    Views 6155
war facebook audio bingo world vegas game sound gameplay stunning
+5    Super Fun The World War BINGO in your hand. Have fun and feel atmosphere in the war style , just watch out the bingo ball, tap the number, and win the prize You will enjoy with amazing interactive gameplay, stunning ...    58 MB    Views 399
+22    __________________________________________ 'It's Great To Catch The Next Wheel Again' 'Really Cool Graphics And Game Control' 'This Game Is So Funny, I Keep Playing' 'Will Keep Me Entertained For a Big While' __________________________________________ It's all in your hands The King's Journey must continue, at all cost. And ...    18 MB    Views 2059


http sound
0    A simple Breakout Nononsense, straightforward graphics and sound Crew Sound : kohrogi ( Design : mashairo8 (    10 MB    Views 5884

Air Strike 3D

air wars content graphics attractive sound lively beautiful spaceship
+30    "In 2048, the world was attacked, invaded by the forces of evil. The air wars occurred fiercely. Let's protect the earth on your spaceship. Let’s fight to regain the region which is occupied. " Game Airstrike promises to head in aerial ...    69 MB    Views 1579


sound http straw
+9    Comes out people straw straw came a space suit to match the sound from the rocket. Flick and Trace You let me be happy to eat in HalaMon. youtube → Was made ​​of ( 20130421 sound game jam. Powered by "CRI ADX2 (TM) LE". CRIWARE ...    29 MB    Views 6589
animal kids children twitter facebook background sound menu sounds animals finger
+8    :: INTRODUCTION PRICE :: Zoogle Kids Create your own funny animals With Zoogle Kids big and small children have fun learning about different animals while playfully puzzeling. They are rewarded with animal sounds when findig a fit ...    10 MB    Views 6245
game slingshot fun stuff breaking sound effects break screen
+1    Everyone likes to break stuff Over 3 million downloads across all platforms The slingshot game where you smash up plates, glasses and crockery. Fully 3D and physics controlled, with lots of fun sound effects. Highscore tables and 18 handbuilt levels (with ...    22 MB    Views 9623
Related Apps learning number child learn counting play sound graphic write
-1    This amazing Number learning app is designed to foster your child to learn number counting from 1 to 20 in an enjoyable and rewarding environment. The program will come with three separate apps: 1. Number counting with animated graphic and sound. 2. Number ...    9 MB    Views 3456
animal facebook audio bingo world vegas stunning developer sound las game
+25    Super Fun The Animal World BINGO in your Zoo. Have fun and feel atmosphere in the Fantasy Planet style , just watch out the bingo ball, tap the number, and win the prize You will enjoy with amazing interactive gameplay, ...    60 MB    Views 1217

HowDo Game

Related Apps children stories game images story quality sound screen
+7    How do beautiful rainbows appear in the sky? How do they make this yummy ice cream that we love so much? Your children are asking you questions about themselves and the world – and with HowDo you can give them some answers. ...    101 MB    Views 5995

Glidy Plane

plane game sound play effects score tap
+13    Glidy Plane is a Unity 3D casual game with a tap to glide game mechanic and has a fusion of retro arcade and modern iOS mobile gameplay style. Experience the adventure of Glidy Plane, a plane in distress that glides to ...    34 MB    Views 3578
+2    BATTLE VAMPIRES IN AN ALL OUT UNIQUE AUDITORY EXPERIENCE IN THE DARK... HOW GOOD OF A KILLER DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT? We've taken the common shooter game concept and applied the iPhone and iPod Touch's ...    14 MB    Views 4230

CasioTron Beats

beats popular sound keyboards
-8    CasioTron Beats recreates the rhythm patterns found on the vintage home keyboards of the 70's and 80's. These popular keyboards were analogue and have now become collectors items because of their warm sound. This particular version takes the drum sounds from ...    8 MB    Views 9449

iSounds Warfare HD

gun war sound machine warfare effects explosion experience engine
-7    Bring your iPad to life and experience it's full sound capabilities with iSounds Warfare HD iSounds Warfare brings you one of the largest warfare soundboards to ever hit the market Using our instant touch multisound engine you have the opportunity to ...    17 MB    Views 6880
Related Apps sound sounds picture point hear child mode animals game
+2    Here is a great application for your baby Let him/her play with : farm animals sounds, wild animals sounds, musical instruments sounds, vehicles sounds and alphabet Every sound is linked with beautifully designed picture. There are two game modes 1. SOUND Mode Your child hear sound and ...    38 MB    Views 1443
Related Apps sound killer fun battle
-3    Hold on for a cacophony of sound. Bang drum loudly to shout down the wayward triangle, killer guitar and other beatsmiths. It's a wall of sound that is way fun Awesome Music Killer Beats Endless sound battle    12 MB    Views 1170
Related Apps animal sounds early animals introduction sound child hear
+30    Curious Circus proudly presents our very first app Animal Sounds: An Early Introduction. Created by awardwinning designer MichaelPaul Terranova, Animal Sounds: An Early Introduction, brings to life twenty different animals from around the world. Hear Their Sounds Simply touch, "tickle" or ...    2 MB    Views 5134
Related Apps animation email apple facebook share gamecenter unicorn flappy easy sound win great
+20    FLAPPY UNICORN is VERY EASY to play FOR ALL AGES AND GENDERS, designed to help those frustrated with other similar games, like the famous Flappy Bird… this one you can definitely, easily win And you’ll love the Animated Unicorn…. and collect ...    17 MB    Views 7623

GM Sound

Related Apps facebook twitter sports sound game friends levels sounds collections guess play
+14    Put your ears to the test Guess Who? What? Where? Play this bestselling social sound guessing game GuessMate Sound is the living proof that puzzles don’t always need pictures. Battle it out with friends and fellow users to determine who has ...    29 MB    Views 8637

LightSword Defense

coming mode laser headphones sound modes high experience lasers
+1    Sharpen your reflexes and light sword skills with LightSword Defense This application allows you to practice battling space thugs from the safety of your own home. The LightSword droid will float in front of you and fire lasers from three directions ...    1 MB    Views 3184

Gravity Marble

time marble sound gravity levels challenging game
0    Looking for a challenging and fun way to spend your time? look no more Gravity Marble is an addictive game that consist of leading a marble by tilting and moving your device through a maze with different challenges until the end. ...    6 MB    Views 2117
people music modern follow sound bash
+4    Try to get people to follow you, by playing the right music You are a DJ, the modern pied piper Story: The Pied Piper use his magic powers to travel forward in time. He tried the good old piper trick to get people ...    46 MB    Views 6019
Related Apps kids alphabet sounds sound swipe hear phonic
-5    A Says ah teaches your kids the phonic sounds of the alphabet. Kids will develop an awareness of the alphabet sounds. Swipe through the alphabet A to Z, pressing letters to hear their phonic sound. No other buttons to confuse the kids, ...    7 MB    Views 1920

LCD Slots

money slot lcd slots payout vegas sound adjustable
+5    LCD Slots puts Vegas, kitsch and all, in your pocket. Inspired by the plastic throw away slot machine games that you buy for five bucks while waiting in line at the market or big box store, LCD Slots is an App ...    2 MB    Views 5671
Related Apps car click drag dream game champion hard sound auto
-5    Not all cars wanna be the transport for people, some of them are determined to be an racing , galloping on the racetrack and working hard to be a champion. Mazda , a car just born from autofactory,has a such dream ...    31 MB    Views 1712
artwork toddlers music circus shapes fun shape easy sound colorful
+14    The excitement and fun of the circus will keep your toddler entertained while they improve their shape recognition and motor skills From five shapes, your child will choose the correct match to the shape presented in the circus. After getting three ...    8 MB    Views 9454

Sound Juggler

Related Apps music score mode hit play screen sound points juggle
+4    Sound Juggler 1.1 Tested and working on iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch. Tested and working on IOS4. Watch the ingame trailer: Juggle with Glows, light spheres that emit alluring tones, trying to keep as many of them in midair as possible. ...    135 MB    Views 1499

Dodo Master Pocket

twitter facebook dodo master play game touch controls platformer sound experience challenging
-4    REVIEWS: toucharcade, 5/5 "Dodo Master is a flawlessly created platformer that screams panache from beginning to end." kickmygeek, “Dodo Master is beautiful, well gauged, surprising and addictive.“ 148apps, 4/5 "Dodo Master is tough but fair, and that's what makes it a joy to ...    320 MB    Views 8359

Letter Muncher

letter sound consonant tap initial game symbol image
+14    Designed and tested by educators and parents of young children, Letter Muncher will help your child build vocabulary while mastering the essential skills of identifying initial consonant sounds and the letter or letters that represent them. In each round, the player ...    26 MB    Views 6039

Annoying Fly HD

fly flies annoying store realistic review sound modes 100
-6    Where on earth is that annoying fly sound coming from? "it's vey realistic, and lots of fun" app store review "Realistic sound and fun to see how annoying it it if someone cannot find the source of ...    13 MB    Views 6663
Related Apps animal sounds early animals introduction sound child hear
0    Curious Circus proudly presents our very first app Animal Sounds: An Early Introduction. Created by awardwinning designer MichaelPaul Terranova, Animal Sounds: An Early Introduction, brings to life twenty different animals from around the world. Hear Their Sounds Simply touch, "tickle" or ...    19 MB    Views 3483


game figures pixel sound features finger play
+6    "I love those small challenging games for any occation. A game, which can be played with one finger waiting anywhere: Pixel graphic and cool sound. Thus this game was created with a bow down to the one and other classic: SoundARound" Torsten Biermann ...    52 MB    Views 8659

Fugu Maze

iphone facebook maze thumb screen sound effects http
+2    Use your iPhone or iPad to find your way out of the maze with just your footsteps and a flashlight to guide you. Don't let the suspense sound effects make you nervous. The 3D maze is regenerated randomly each time, with ...    65 MB    Views 8255


tap screen sound area
-9    Let Mawaro look at the area of Fujiyama around with Kotaro Slipping the Fujiyama Tap the screen with jumping Let's take a flying to the area of a lot · How to Play Kotaro because Ru slip When the game started Tap the ...    3 MB    Views 6460
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