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+3    If the Grimm Brothers were to make an interactive app of Snow White, this would be it With enchanting illustrations moving with the physics of your iPhones and iPads, the story comes to life before your eyes. Completely interactive, explore and ...    76 MB    Views 619


+24    Do you like animals? Only you can help them. In the zoo we lost them and now you can help us to find them again. How to play? The objective is to find two identical animals that are hidden below the game rocks. ...    45 MB    Views 8148


+1    Created by Judy Murray, Set4Sport offers fun, free and accessible physical games for parents to play with their children and help develop their sporting skills. “Set4Sport is all about inspiring parents to dream up their own ideas that will help their ...    19 MB    Views 7871
virtual games parents home pet butterfly play grow game watch
+11    Our little lost caterpillar egg needs your help Can you take care of it, clean, feed and play with your own virtual pet and watch it grow into a beautiful butterfly then help it find its way home to the Butterfly ...    130 MB    Views 6030

IQ Safari MATH Free

math kids children teachers time parents play game leo safari operations
+28    Try the FREE version Level up your mathematics skills with progressive difficulties. Play, collect and have fun Together with Leo you can learn and revise the four basic operations, optimized for children from preschool up to third grade. Playing IQ Safari Math ...    33 MB    Views 8147
iphone kids love apps children parents artistic touch kid drawings version devices
+5    Top 10 "Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids" at Top 10 "Kids App” AOL's ParentDish magazine Colorama is a fun animated coloring book for all ages. Vibrant colors and funny illustrations keep you smiling. Nurture your child’s artistic talent, and ...    48 MB    Views 6448
children kids parents drawing love child color engine trace coloring abilities pictures
+4    Prekindergarteners profit from encounters that backing the advancement of fine engine abilities in the hands and fingers. Youngsters ought to have quality and aptitude in their grasp and fingers before being asked to control a pencil on paper. Taking a ...    14 MB    Views 4456
math learning accessories toys measurement kids tracker age love parents tasks pack game child world objects fun colors
+10    Lola’s Learning World is a comprehensive math game with dozens of tasks for hundreds of hours of childfriendly educational fun with Lola Panda. The tasks are developed with top educators to help improve school readiness for children ages 35. Correct ...    87 MB    Views 6431

Math GO 2 HD

math kids apps children education apple love parents box http koala kid
+25    Celebrate Children Apps Koala Box HD now available on the App Store. Children Apps Koala Box HD Download URL: Children Apps Koala Box, an innovative and useful utility, reclassifies all childrenrelated apps on the Apple App Store. It ...    3 MB    Views 8271
+20    Perfect for 5 to 11 year olds, the Squeebles are here again to help your child recognise and learn key spelling words whilst having great fun at the same time in Squeebles Word Search. Combining children's natural love of word puzzles ...    31 MB    Views 8739

Papa Penguin

children games parents papa penguin fish world play easy
+9    Papa Penguin is a simple and cute casual arcade game for children and their parents. Play as Papa Penguin who puts all his efforts in trying to get some fish for his two little children. And as all children, little ...    21 MB    Views 9818
kids love iphone apps artist parents children artistic drawings touch kid fun ages
0    Top 10 "Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids" at Top 10 "Kids App” AOL's ParentDish magazine Colorama is a fun animated coloring book for all ages. Vibrant colors and funny illustrations keep you smiling. Nurture your child’s artistic talent, and ...    15 MB    Views 7276

Big Movers

Related Apps parents love page story big playful read tap coloring
-5    Big Movers Story and Coloring Book By The Benetti Bros. If your kids love big trucks and tractors they are going to love this activity app. Wonderful illustrations by award winning artist Rob Benetti and a fun playful read along by brother Bryan. Featuring ...    13 MB    Views 4417
children educational learning green love parents toys colors child sticker train number engaging objects
+3    Abby's Train Learning colors is a new app from a series developed by a team of educational experts from 22learn designed to best prepare your children for success in the kindergarten curriculum. Its simple, yet modifiable, childfriendly interface offers ...    28 MB    Views 5422


parents bible audio games word love recording program children memory verses awana sparks songs clubs hear play international review
+10    Parents and children will love memorizing verses in this Bible memory app that coordinates with the Awana Sparks SkyStormer program. Includes all the Awana songs. Kids love the audio recording capability. Children can see, hear, record, sing and say verses ...    274 MB    Views 6208
kids children learning parents family education time transportation love fun kidsbook easy training
-9    Kids love to play. Parents love puzzles. With KidsBook: Transportations, both parents and their children can have great fun with a puzzle experience that's awesome for brain training Give your kids a headstart on their education with an app that's ...    21 MB    Views 3190
science ipad teachers love learning kids parents apple game topics bump free
0    For a limited time, the "Teacher's Edition" inapp upgrade is completely FREE. See and learn about all the critters without having to pass the more difficult levels Go play with some bioluminescent millipedes, now 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of ...    142 MB    Views 2307

Chicken Cha Cha Cha

kids children board ipad card parents game chicken memory play chickens
+8    "This is the best children's game I have played on iOS", Bradley Cummings, Editor, The awardwinning memorytraining board game for up to four kids now available for iPad Kids aged 4 and up race animated chickens around a meadow, all while ...    101 MB    Views 4543
-5    Do you or your children love logic puzzles? Are you looking for kids’ games that are easy to learn but challenge your brain; games that you can enjoy together with a youngster, that siblings can play together or your little ...    27 MB    Views 991

Math Champion

Related Apps math students kids school parents love champion application fun skills courses
-6    Why spend thousands of dollars on private tutoring if you have Math Champion? Math Champion is a musthave for parents with schoolaged kids. It helps them master math skills in a fun way. Developed closely with a group of students, each course ...    9 MB    Views 5947
kids children learning parents time family education love easy kidsbook training fun
+23    Kids love to play. Parents love puzzles. With KidsBook: Transportations, both parents and their children can enjoy an interactive puzzle experience that's great for brain training Get a jump start on your child's education with an app that's easy and ...    21 MB    Views 2953

Sky Fish Phonics

kids reading love learning parents apple word twitter facebook program sky phonics fish child http
+21    Apple "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" Featured Education App Apple "10 Great Kids Apps" Featured iPad App Reviewers call Sky Fish Phonics "Perfect," "Superb," and "Amazing" Spark your child’s love of reading with an adventure unlike any other Sky Fish Phonics is ...    44 MB    Views 8308

Five Little Monkeys

Related Apps children toddler reading love word parents monkeys interactive touch monkey young jumping counting bed
+3    > Highly recommended for Education by the App Store, as well as teachers and parents around the world "My Kids LOVE This App" by Father of 3 (Under 4 yrs.) "Perfect. Great fun for a toddler. My best toddler buy yet." by Rodub _____________________________________________ "Mama Called ...    22 MB    Views 4173

Sago Mini Road Trip

apps kids trip parents love car racing road sago mini drive trust
-1    Go for a funfilled drive with Jinja the cat. Pick a destination, select a vehicle and hit the road. What will Jinja drive today? Choose a sporty racing car, a jumpy jeep or a funny pickle car Stop along the ...    54 MB    Views 822

IQ Safari MATH

+29    New content update is live IQ Safari MATH is now containing all four basic operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. We have not only added brand new chapters with rewarding challenges but updated also the minigames. Beside these 24 new collectible cards, 15 ...    24 MB    Views 202
language apps children word speech party analytics parents love learning level instructions words information
+6    An exceptionally highquality, interactive game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children learn listening and language skills, from the authors of the Receptive Language Assessment with Splingo app and the exciting new Pronouns with Splingo app. With thousands of ...    100 MB    Views 6530
cat love cats accessories baby parents tabtale kitten http www newborn play give
+3    > MEOW These mommy cats are pregnant and need YOUR love and care > Join these beautiful cats on their exciting journey to motherhood, as they await their tiny new kittens > Enjoy over 8 interactive activities Give Mommy Cat an ultrasound, ...    76 MB    Views 7622
+1    Nommons Math Universe is part of the Astro GO Play Network of games for Learning and Play. Created by a team that worked on The Simpsons and Sesame Street. "Nommons is a math game your kids can sink their teeth into" ...    NAN    Views 7838

Shape Gurus

preschoolers games kids love parents shapes support game colours fun designed
+7    Parents, are you searching for a fun game that stimulates your Preschooler's brain? Your child will love the challenge of solving this series of fun puzzles with shapes and colours as they make their way through an interactive story. Designed for 25 ...    53 MB    Views 3712
Related Apps word time car children learning parents love profile kids apps words lists spelling add player game
-8    Children love spelling in this engaging 'build and spell' game. Parents love how easy it is to add custom word lists and see children's progress. It's great for weekly spelling lists, learning new vocabulary, and spelling bee practice. Ages 48. In ...    82 MB    Views 5021
halloween kids ipad puzzle parents love shape puzzles abc features version colors
+25    Halloween ShapeO ABC’s is a new free lite version of ShapeO ABC's, the iPad favorite. This creative activity for preschool age kids encourages “learning by doing” by integrating puzzles, shapes, words, colors and sounds. It features twelve Halloween themed shapepuzzle ...    64 MB    Views 7301

Shape-O ABC's

kids apps love parents learning children puzzle ipad design education shape real play
-6    What Bloggers are saying "A really nice little puzzler for kids, and highly worthy of its 2 asking price" iLounge ‘If you think the educational component of preschool apps is a little lightweight, ShapeO will make you reconsider.’ ‘Interested in a fun ...    85 MB    Views 6828
chef learning math children parents recipes toys apps kids love tiggly addition counts child ingredients numbers
+9    Tillywig Brain Child 2014 Award Winning App (enhanced by Tiggly Counts) Welcome to the silliest kitchen in Tiggly Town Learn early addition concepts and think flexibly about numbers while helping Chef prepare his signature Spicy Hula Monkey Cake, and over 40 ...    101 MB    Views 7559
preschoolers educational people communication children age parents interactive quiz game knowledge play
+4    Apply age: 3 6 years old Preschoolers Interactive Educational Quiz is an interactive educational quiz specially designed for preschoolers who can play together with friends, mom and dad. Much more fun Preschoolers Interactive Educational Quiz is designed for preschoolers. It can ...    33 MB    Views 9191

Bubbo Pop!

children learning ipad love alphabet dance iphone kids parents learn fun bubble play pop
+4    Learn ABCs in awesome 3D "I was impressed by awesome 3d graphics and animations in this ABC learning and spelling app And the interactive dancing monster is so cool Was playing with this app like a kid matching ...    94 MB    Views 3569
kids children learning moon family animation parents bag bean apollo play join
+4    A fantastic adventure in the Apollo XI rocket to explore space and the moon 3...2...1... BLAST OFF “If this isn’t the future of storytelling, I don’t know what is” iLounge Join over 400,000 families playing and learning with children’s international awardwinning ...    92 MB    Views 3521
children parents kids love animal time games age tiger friends tiny game hand child animated book
+4    Tiger, Hippo and Monkey need a friend They’re looking for someone to help them dress up, take funny photos, and play games. Will you be their friend? Tiny Tiger and Friends is a game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad designed ...    75 MB    Views 8291

QuikTap Colors

+1    QuikTap Colors is a fun and exciting game that teaches colors to the Preschool child and is fun and engaging for older kids and parents as well. Younger children will play for fun and be taught their colors as they ...    2 MB    Views 8146
creativity children parents kids learning love games drawing design magazine child fingerprint fun
+8    Your child draws and their drawings come to life Join Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in this groundbreaking, animated, drawing app that encourages creativity ∙ iTunes Educational Staff Favorite 2012 ∙ iTunes Top100 What's Hot in iPad Educational Games and Kids Games ∙ ...    33 MB    Views 3312
toddler parents apps preschool flashcards games toddlers teasers shapes play game
-9    Learn SHAPES and more with fun games, quizzes, flashcards and puzzles. Approved by teachers, parents and toddlers alike Toddler Teasers Shapes teaches while it entertains. With a focus on simplicity and full voice overs, toddlers play and learn without the need ...    22 MB    Views 3532
alphabet children learning blind exploring reading teachers parents apple love learn letter users
-2    The Exploring Braille App was created to introduce young children with visual impairments to the Braille alphabet through a fun interactive, multisensory approach. The multisensory Braille/Print approach also allows users of all sight levels to learn together, providing opportunities for ...    61 MB    Views 9909


kids parents love board game purchase free option boards
+7    eyeSPOT is a premium game for parents and kids. If your kids love iSPY games and books, they will love this game. Each game consists of spotting 15 select people, places or things. With over a dozen boards including roadtrip ...    31 MB    Views 5338
games dad kids parents videos magazine love exploring featured code years game create programming
+4    Make your own games and publish them instantly for anyone to play Use our super easytofollow videos to make games like Flappy Bird, create pixel art, or build something brand new. Winner of the Children’s Technology Review: Best Educational Technology ...    65 MB    Views 8629
children toy parents family kids love learning toys home panda play game players mess levels
+4    Panda Panda No More Mess Lite is part of the Astro Go Play Network of games for Learning and Play Panda Panda No More Mess was a Family Choice Award Winner Panda Panda No More Mess is an original book character ...    NAN    Views 3297
music kids parents learning apps ipad family creativity love educational play fingerprint mode version
+9    Full Version Topped 1 iPad Music Game in the US Best Music Teaching App Award of 2011 Best App Ever Let your ears do the learning while you play This educational app brings to life childhood melodies, allowing ...    122 MB    Views 373
learning toys math kids creativity children parents apps toy love tiggly counts counting child stories digital
-7    Play Advances Language (PAL) Award Winning App (enhanced by Tiggly Counts) Calling all future mathematicians and storytellers Count, drag, match, and enjoy as the seemingly simple buttons you create come alive becoming part of a wildly imaginative cornucopia of storytelling. Ordinary ...    158 MB    Views 12
fashion love parents apps ballet mermaid dress doll princess show paper fairy stars
-5    If your little girl is a fashionista who loves mermaids and princesses, this is the dress up app for you You can create your own beautiful mermaid princess with Mermaid Fashion Show a virtual paper doll app that lets you ...    16 MB    Views 8943
animal photos kids apps educational love parents children family music animals sounds learn
+18    ZOOLA is a cute, fun and educational app that teaches small children about animal families and the sounds they make. The app offers more than 500 heartmelting HD photos of a mommy, daddy and baby of each animal type. ZOOLA will ...    142 MB    Views 1848
children games time garden apps french parents love count learn montessori numbers fun
+5    Are you a parent in search of a DELIGHTFUL and PROGRESSIVE way to teach young learners how to count from 110? Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice 2014 Featured by App Store in the "Amazing Apps and Games" worldwide promotion ...    177 MB    Views 3082
games kids parents game parrot play challenging experience achieve
+17    Girls & Guys Experience the simplest looking with challenging scores with Crappy Parrot. Achieve; Pass through maximum tunnels. Try hard go pro cause this is Win or lose situation, it’s your skills how you achieve maximum score to get crappy ...    10 MB    Views 5429
puzzle games reading children voice educational love learning parents kids skills tabtale puzzles recognition http seasons
-4    > Explore the seasons with Joyo Funfilled, educational & imaginative activities > Over 40 interactive games packed with awesome animations and voiceovers > Learn all about the seasons, opposites and colors Expand your vocabulary and learn new words It’s puzzle time Joyo the ...    51 MB    Views 1668
winter party design parents tabtale http candy activities play friends
+30    > Snowflakes, slippers, and hot cocoa too It's a Frosty PJ Party and we're inviting you > SNOWBALL FIGHT Have a blast as you toss snowballs and pillows at your besties > Plan the winter party of your dreams Decorate invitations, design ...    64 MB    Views 5943
Related Apps learning children iphone voice ipad parents child teaching words play learn
+29    ++ Teaching First Grade is an educational iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app which teaches Four different age appropriate subjects: sight words, addition, subtraction and spelling. Play different difficulty levels ++ Designed for young minds and tiny fingers, the gameplay is simple and without ...    30 MB    Views 1151
children toy family parents learning kids love toys home panda game play fingerprint mess players
+27    Panda Panda: No More Mess and the Fingerprint Network, 2012 Family Choice Winner Panda Panda: No More Mess was developed in partnership between Israeli based developer KideBook and Fingerprint. Panda Panda is an original book character brought into the digital world ...    44 MB    Views 5398
car parents skills scores game teen play rounds free training
+15    Free version play one time to try out our app. Multiple game rounds necessary for skill improvement. To keep training upgrade to ADHD Skills Booster Teen Ultimate (also try ADHD Tween Ultimate) Neurofeedback alternative (no wires) Complex strategy training for executive function ...    172 MB    Views 1357
Related Apps kids learning parents money green books playing play fun animals
0    Greentreets is part of the Fingerprint Network. Join the fun in the magical town of Greentreets by rescuing endangered animals Earn money by planting a beautiful garden, or by tossing items in the treehouse using a catapult and keeping ShmootzTM, the ...    162 MB    Views 2206
kids children apps learning puzzle speech parents playing love games game puzzles puzzingo include privacy
-9    • Featured by Apple • Best Kid's Apps by Chicago Tribune Do your kids like puzzles? How about an educational puzzle game that is fun, vocal, and packed with animations? Puzzingo provides endless learning and engagement to your kids It is not ...    240 MB    Views 8503
video parents games family children kids love learning clips silly game fun find songs tales
+12    An object recognition game with video clips direct from the official VeggieTales archives with older classics and sneak peeks at new releases. REAL USER & BLOG REVIEWS: “So fun. My 3yo liked watching but couldn't spot much. I just like having silly ...    96 MB    Views 9063
baby love kids parents time screen game babies play fun arrow
+26    FREE (For a Limited time) Love babies? Love play 'Mommy' or 'Daddy'? Choose your baby's Gender and pic their hair & eye color Change their clothes & their diaper Feed, play & bathe them too Call a friend for the baby to have a play ...    159 MB    Views 6776

Kids Crosswords

kids apps learning educational puzzle love parents children reading crosswords fun touch spelling
+16    Kids Crosswords from Learning Touch gives you 100 words, 10,000 puzzles, 10 levels of increasing difficulty and a million hours of educational fun for your kids With Kids Crosswords, your child can start with beginning speller challenges, then hone their spelling ...    18 MB    Views 5068
Xhamster Earn Fun Xvideos Learning Tables Xnxx Step Wrong Hclips Action Shooting Tube8 Falling Score Beeg Educational Mode Drtuber Design Players Tnaflix School Words Redtube Army Mode