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Score 500 Pro

+7    Keep score for your 500 card games. Score all hands from 6 spades to open misère and remember who won (or lost) for ever. Also works as a good bid list reference shows the suit order and points awarded for every ...    432 kb    Views 9621

Frozen Penguin

0    Drag and drop ice blocks to create rows and  columns. Collect trophies by generating massive combos or performing other outstanding feats Complete Story Mode by saving all of your frozen penguin friends, challenge yourself with 100 brain teasing levels in Classic ...    10 MB    Views 954


+14    Knock off your enemies with blitz Clean up a swarm of bastards It’s easy to play. Keep on touching to store power and release for firing. You can change the direction of firing by touching or dragging when firing. The more power you store, the ...    7 MB    Views 6982
+1    Yoo Ninja is a fast and supper addictive game. It lead you enter a fantastic world without the control by the gravity. As a Ninja you need jump up and down to get through different barriers. Forward running is the only ...    28 MB    Views 1609
fruit fruits mode game player
+2    "Fruit Adventure” is a free running game. Player pick up corresponding fruit picture to make the “Tomato" jumping forward on the boxes. As the game approaching, the time limit for picking up correct fruit will get shorter. “Classic" mode will have only two ...    24 MB    Views 4187

PipeLink HD

+6    This is a fantastic puzzle game on IPad. FREE in a limited time More challenge now Find the pairs and eliminate them as fast as you can, while they would be born occasionally. How about trying a extreme mode, to find a ...    3 MB    Views 7500

Cartoon Warriors

cartoon game friends mode
+15    Super realtime strategy game with multi game modesPlay with your friends in 2X2 3X3 and even 5X5 mode War never change...Cartoon wars never ends Become a hero Defeat all your friends Features: Simple fun and beautiful design Custom game mode Unlimited numbers ...    11 MB    Views 150
+21    Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the candies, the better Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 pieces But ...    25 MB    Views 8521

HiFlight Free

+15    Remember the flying chess game in your childhood? Now you can play it on the IPad for FREE Your aircrafts were lost in space. Your mission is to be the first one to get your all aircrafts arrive at destination. Features: Impressive 2D Graphics Sound ...    4 MB    Views 7282


+13    2048 now too easy for you? Welcome to 2048 Endless Mode We put an Endless mode here so you can play the game to infinity , 2048 is not the goal anymore. 【Game Features】: ◈ Endless challenge from one simple game mode ◈ An endearing ...    15 MB    Views 871

Brick Battles

-4    Take part into the battle for galaxy Challenge enemy spaceships Become the best Cosmic BrickBreaker In Brick Battles you have to control a space ship to deflect your and opponent's meteorshells toward the opponent side. But be careful Meteor also can get to ...    12 MB    Views 5737
players game box mode reach boxes boy
+13    Little boy is a fun game that combines the experience of a game table with a classic platform game. To win you must reach the last box before the other players. Players launch the dice when it is your turn ...    12 MB    Views 1328

Aztec Checkers Free

+3    The game was found in 2012 near ancient Aztec city called Tenochtitlan. It was invented by the king Moctezuma in 15th century. According to some historians the Aztec Checkers was played between executioners and slaved warriors. Slaves only had one chance ...    23 MB    Views 9348


ninja stars mode balance side attack
-8    A balance, up to the castle to guide the ninja cat 1. Lean your iPhone forward to make him walk. 2. Balance him by leaning side to side. 3. Watch out for the winds It will blow him off. 4. In EASY MODE, Ninja ...    8 MB    Views 6977
mode cut candies slice
+9    Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the candies, the better Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 pieces But ...    25 MB    Views 8247

Virtual Pool HD

Related Apps virtual simulation pool aim learn mode world
-6    Rack 'em up road warriors. Virtual Pool, the world's best selling 3D Pool simulation, is now available on the iPad. With High resolution graphics and a huge playing surface for accurate aiming and speed control this is truly mobile pool at ...    51 MB    Views 3932
challenge time amount exercise mode tiles brain
0    Challenge your brain with this fun mental exercise.\ Select the tile of colour matching the word in the box. It's harder than you think. Two Modes: CLIMB MODE: Get the number of tiles in the shortest amount of time possible. SPEED MODE: Score as ...    3 MB    Views 5456

Fraction Ninja

Related Apps students math school fraction ninja mode
+5    Learning Objective: Students will learn to represent fractions between 0 and 1 on a number line by smashing training sticks with shurikens. Age Level: 9 13 From the development team that brought you Middle School Math HD, Elementary School Math HD and ...    18 MB    Views 7345

Paddy Jumper

+1    Fly Paddy to the end of the rainbow in this infinite runner styled game just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Feel that the game is too easy? Then try out "hard mode" which challenges you to reverse gravity mode. Enjoy. [ On ...    32 MB    Views 493


game eliminate mode click
0    Popular around the world eliminate game debut Here are the most simple gameplay, the latest wave of interface, eliminating the most straightforward experience. Open the game, so you eliminate daily nonstop How to play: Click on the color box with two or ...    5 MB    Views 1996

Mukundi Ki Sawari

game vehicles mode physics
+14    Mukundi Ki Sawari is a physics based 2D driving game featuring a Mission Mode and a Story Mode.Vehicles in the game features overthetop physics and the levels are sharp enough which gives the you a sensation of real thrill during ...    37 MB    Views 6067


mode escape game purchase ghost
+1    JelBreak is a brand new puzzle game which is fastpaced, challenging and addictive Play as the determined little Jel as you try to escape the island prison. Unlock unique character skins, Slide, Teleport, Merge and Swap your way to freedom Escape in ...    84 MB    Views 9250
Related Apps time memory match guess mode points pairs
+7    Halloween themed memory matching puzzle game with a ghost and monster theme. Turn over cards and match pairs of images, use your memory and guess where the symbols are hidden. Race against the clock in Survival mode where you need to ...    5 MB    Views 9756

Jumpy Neonball

ball mode control tapping screen left fixed
+2    Try to Navigate the NeonBall through the glowing Level. Choose between 3 Gamemodes: In Free Mode you Control the ball by tapping on the left or right side of the ball on the Screen. In Fixed Mode the ball is fixed in ...    4 MB    Views 1902


0    Ball Dropping Fun Play your way through five different levels and unlock new modes, music, and balls along the way. Test your reflexes with timer mode or your aim with drop mode, and share your high scores with your friends through ...    20 MB    Views 5117

Mr Jack Pocket

jack pocket version mode device game
+14    Discover Mr Jack, the wellknown game of deduction, in its latest incarnation on your favourite tablet device. This wonderful game designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and illustrated by JeanMarie Minguez is now available on a touch version. Whether you ...    48 MB    Views 6110


time connect game mode learn arcade
-4    You can start but You never be able to stop. If you like Bubble Blast or Mouse Trap, you will fall in love with Connect'Em Connect'Em is a puzzle game in which you will have to strategically connect blobs together. Each ...    9 MB    Views 7541

Brain War Free

+25    This is an amazing game made unique by the multiplayer game mode. Beat your friend's mind in this war and use the instant actions to help yourself in the battles. Stop your enemy's turn, double next points, turn off the ...    26 MB    Views 854


play control button ship mode
-5    Take control of your ship and destroy the enemy In Starward, you can play as one of two ship types and fight against the computer or another person on the same device With control over each booster and gun, guide yourself ...    18 MB    Views 1019


stealth mode game opponents points
+2    Stealth Mode The concept of stealth is to operate or hide without the opposition having any indications as to your presence. In Stealth Mode you take your opponents out of the game before they take you out. You can track your friends ...    21 MB    Views 5802

Unstrew Me

game mode
+3    Unstrew Me is derived from the famous 15 Puzzle. Your goal is simple, arrange the numbers in increasing order as fast as you can using the one empty tile. Game Features: Two levels to choose from, be warned, difficult mode is really ...    6 MB    Views 2951

Tappy Animals

animals mode tappy
+8    Already No1 game on many other platforms Tappy Animals is finally on iOS. This is just the first release. Look forward to: Zen Mode Arcade Mode Feed Mode Be prepared... be quick… and save the animals Have Fun    6 MB    Views 3463

Worms Alive!

worms catch play free mode
+13    Catch all of the worms within the time limit by tapping them...but beware of Spiders Use Free Play mode to practise Drag worms around the screen to make them easier to catch When you tap a worm it will divide ...    4 MB    Views 9470

Snail Mail

Related Apps time mail snail speed universe mode touch
-4    Voted IGN 'Best of 2008' Award Winner Best Use of Accelerometer Guide Turbo the Snail as he rushes to deliver Intergalactic Mail throughout the furthest reaches of the universe in this fastpaced racing adventure. Navigate 50 adrenalinepacked levels of topspeed ...    22 MB    Views 8427

2048 vs Threes!

2048 mode tiles
+5    The war of 2048 and Threes //////////////////////////// 2048 vs Threes now available. Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. [New Feature] Classic Mode Time Mode Step Mode New challenge with friends ......    4 MB    Views 8448

Pongalong Pro

Related Apps coins game power mode version
-2    The full version of this adapted version of Pong includes: POWERUPS A POWERUP STORE 5 UNIQUE BACKGROUNDS CLASSIC GAMEPLAY AND ONEFINGER MODE COINS THAT CAN BE EARNED ON SINGLE PLAYER MODE To start off, you will be awarded 10 coins. Check the coin charts in the ...    8 MB    Views 6701

PipeLink Ultra

holiday mode ultra game theme
+30    Holiday theme release You could install it as holiday gift for your kids or friends now. Pipelink Ultra is a fantastic puzzle game on iPad,not the classic matching game. Difficult to find a way out from confusing pipelines? Now in the ultra version you ...    9 MB    Views 2362

Bamboo Panda

+15    A Panda has just landed in our forests This imposing black and white animal is hungry and wants only one thing… eat bamboo Feed him before he goes for a little nap, but watch out, other pandas in the jungle ...    7 MB    Views 6145


egg game written mode tap breaks
+11    eggbreak It is a game which breaks an egg as a title. They are the contents of a game on which it is not based on appearance but reflexes and moment memory are tried. The two modes exist in this game. ■ Normal mode It ...    8 MB    Views 4923
market piggy skillz mode tournament
+10    OINK OINK This little piggy went to market "TOTES ADDICTIVE TOURNAMENT MODE" "Hard to put down" Someone has just emptied all the coins, and it's your job to stop them from falling off the desk Collect them in the piggy banks. Watch ...    41 MB    Views 1763

House Defence

house military property mode heavy stand
+8    Your crazy neighbour wants your property and has hired a private military company to take over by force Equipped with the lastest and most deadly military hardware, you have a hard fight to keep your property It's up to you ...    4 MB    Views 3184

Rogue Vertex

Related Apps play campaign mode
+17    Easy to learn, difficult to master, and impossible to put down Drop numbered blocks onto a 49cell grid and create chain reactions to earn points. Five modes of play: Campaign, Viral, Classic, Hardcore, and Nightmare. Play through Campaign Mode and experience ...    12 MB    Views 8019

PipeLink Free

extreme mode find
+1    This is a fantastic puzzle game, not only the classic one. Find the pairs and eliminate them as fast as you can, while they would be born occasionally. How about trying a extreme mode, to find a way out from the confusing ...    3 MB    Views 9283


rogue command graphics picker mode commands
+18    A favorite on college Unix systems in the early to mid1980s, Rogue popularized the dungeon crawling computer game dating back from 1980 (and spawned entire class of derivatives known collectively as "roguelikes"). gandreas software now presents the classic for the ...    355 kb    Views 3808

Man Versus Bees

Related Apps mode play challenging bees
0    You're in the jungle and now a swarm with hungry bees attack you Kill them all with a tap of your finger and save yourself. Be smart and play fast. The fastest shall be healthiest even in Challenging mode. If you are ...    824 kb    Views 2614

StickMan Rocks

play bunnies mode stickman rocks
-4    Review: "Like all good endless games, StickMan Rocks starts out simply enough and ends with you hitting the 'retry' button again and again... just beware the evil cuteleprechaunbunnies," You've never seen rock climbing like this… parachuting penguins, roaring bears, bombardier ...    8 MB    Views 8711
minion mode
-8    The powerful Mr. Zerg needs your help creating a massive minion army Repeatedly tap the screen and use upgrades to generate millions of minions to fight alongside Mr. Zerg. Features an endless mode and timed mode with several levels to ...    38 MB    Views 5950

popstar 3

Related Apps challenge time game pop mode fun
+5    Beware, once you pop, you can't stop The all time favorite puzzle game was played on millions of touch screens everyday. Now, are you ready to see something new? For the first time, we are introducing 3 game modes to make it ...    19 MB    Views 8093


enemy tanks mode intense rounds wave
+1    30 NEW rounds added Defend your Garrison in an intense, 30round battle against oncoming enemy forces The tanks get fiercer as your weapons become more powerful, but can you hold them off? Lay mines, fire your mounted turret, and ...    8 MB    Views 6517


mode fun friend game players
+13    HiShuffle now supports two players mode.You could have fun with your friend or your kid together. You play a role named Elvis and opponent is Frankenstein who is skillful. It is not easy for you to get a high record which ...    8 MB    Views 2585

Alpha Blitz

alphabet game alpha mode blitz
+25    Alpha Blitz is a simple and adicting game with multiple game modes. In forward mode, tap each letter in the alphabet from A to Z as fast as you can to get the best time. If you want more of a ...    4 MB    Views 5807
Related Apps red blue mode win wars
+17    The red and blue wars have been fought for a long time. Who can win is a difficult problem. Single mode: As red, win this challenge Double mode: A man as red Another person as blue    3 MB    Views 4859

Fantasy Karts

retro fantasy karts mode game
+5    Fantasy Karts is a fun, fantasy themed Retro Racer throwing back to the much loved feel of FZero and the original Karts games. Pick your character and race through nine different fantasy worlds in this Mode 7 Retro racing game. Challenge ...    16 MB    Views 7280

Ninja Rainbow

rainbow ninja cut mode slice
+5    After the great success of Ninja Rainbow, we are releasing Ninja Rainbow. Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the Ninja Rainbow pies, the better ...    69 MB    Views 6590

Titan Jump

jump mode titan
-4    The Titans have come to jump Take the friendly titan Maximus and jump your highest Beware The mode changes every 10 seconds. Modes: Normal Fast Mode Wind Mode Cracked Mode    19 MB    Views 9321
Related Apps block move mode swipe gestures play left
-4    3D Blocks Premium offers you: Classical Mode with unlimited Combo and Upgrade system, compete with global players 3D Mode brings you a genuine 3D experience, no hassle with 3D glasses any more Round and Puzzle Mode has as many as ...    4 MB    Views 9977
food mode cut arcade cookies slice
+19    Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the cookies, the better Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 pieces But beware of the traps; you cannot slice the dynamite or any other food if ...    39 MB    Views 420

Connect'Em Easter

easter time connect game mode learn arcade
+28    You can start but You never be able to stop. If you like Bubble Blast or Mouse Trap, you will fall in love with Connect'Em Easter Connect'Em Easter is a puzzle game in which you will have to strategically connect blobs ...    10 MB    Views 9757
piano mode play game 100
-1    Revisited version of the bestseller game 100% FREE and WITHOUT of inapp purchases Completely revised, simple 2 game modes, 100% pure fun PLAY mode: you have to touch the black squares to move forward, the piano will flow only when you do ...    7 MB    Views 966


danger boxes game mode
0    Danger is a incredible game that allows you to increment strength and readiness of your reflexes. The game is divided in ARCADE MODE where you'll need to follow a particular order of tiles and FREE PLAY MODE where the goal is ...    7 MB    Views 5147
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