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Pitcher VS Catcher

+11    [ Pitcher VS. Catcher 3D release ] How long will you be able to keep meeting the catcher’s demands?  Do your best to keep overcoming the difficult challenges  [About the Game]   The rules are simple The catcher is waiting in some unbelievable situations ...    4 MB    Views 7032
0    A Says ah teaches your kids the phonic sounds of the alphabet. Kids will develop an awareness of the alphabet sounds. Swipe through the alphabet A to Z, pressing letters to hear their phonic sound. No other buttons to confuse the kids, ...    7 MB    Views 1920
0    Here is a great application for your baby Let him/her play with : farm animals sounds, wild animals sounds, musical instruments sounds, vehicles sounds and alphabet Every sound is linked with beautifully designed picture. There are two game modes 1. SOUND Mode Your child hear sound and ...    38 MB    Views 841
0    GAME DOES NOT CONTAIN ADS Happy Holidays Discover the new winter Jumping Ninja in AppStore Craziest jumping ninja ever to grace a your mobile screen You and your ninja will indulge to an great adventureand complete quests You’ll experience unique moments with your ...    51 MB    Views 4972
+2    Real Gangster Fights is Game fighting free 100% You will love this game fighting Want to Become the ultimate champion, you have to beat all rivals, step by step progress towards a championship. You can execute high or low punches, block, or ...    15 MB    Views 6012

REV Demo

+15    What is REV? REV is an allinone solution to implementing a realistic sounding vehicle in your video game. It works in the frequency domain to allow bidirectional and variable speed playback of recorded accelerations, rather than simply looping a flat section ...    2 MB    Views 453
-1    __________________________________________ 'I Look Forward Playing This Game Every Morning' 'Word Game That Is Never Boring We Love It 'From Seven To Seventy, Everyone Can Play This' 'It's Great And Its Fun To Play Outstanding Word Game' __________________________________________ Word Trivia is one game that can keep you ...    20 MB    Views 1647

FaceUp Matching

learning matching objects sound animations autism
+2    FaceUp Matching from Autism Labs is a new card matching game designed to help individuals with autism or other learning disabilities associate objects, their names and their pronunciations. Photographs of turtles, spoons, corn and other familiar animals and objects present ...    16 MB    Views 6766


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+9    [See iFool on YouTube. Mentioned in Mashable, USA Today and other media.] The most versatile prank app in the App Store, iFool has pranks to confuse, amuse or shock your friends, loved ones, and lessthanloved ones. Don't see a prebuilt ...    34 MB    Views 860
+17    Farkle Solo at High Roller Saloon is an exciting fast paced dice game. Score the most points in ten rounds to be the star of the saloon. Try to beat your best score or your friends. Are you ready to ...    28 MB    Views 1127

Animal Sound Wheel

animal kids animals wheel sounds sound
0    Spin the wheel and see where it lands Animal Sound Wheel helps engage kids by providing colorful images and exciting animal sounds. This App encourages learning through repetition and memory. As kids learn to identify the animals, they are rewarded by ...    30 MB    Views 7840
playing music time game smash fruits fruit free avoid sound version fresh
-2    __________________________________________ 'I Feel Awesome Every Time I Play This Game Two ThumbsUp' 'Amazing Game Based From A Popular Game Only Way Better' 'Good Thing I Ate My Full Meal Before Playing This Game' 'Everybody Is Loving Everything About This Game' __________________________________________ When you are looking a ...    26 MB    Views 4920
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+13    __________________________________________ 'Super Exciting Game I Love Playing This Game All Day' 'Great Game We All Like The Simplicity Of The Graphics' 'Very Smooth Playing Interface It's Amazing To Play 'No Boring Elements In This Game It's One Awesome Game __________________________________________ This one game you can play ...    13 MB    Views 7968
flight airplane slide simulator realistic stick pitch left
+5    iPlane turns your iphone or ipad into a beautiful airplane. Widen Your World with an airplane Fly your airplane and discover the best landscapes iAirplane: Flight Simulator 3D – Game features Realistic airplane model Four switchable camera views four different beautiful massive environments ...    40 MB    Views 5437
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+3    __________________________________________ 'This Is One Game That You Are Going To Look Forward For' 'This Word Puzzle Game Will Be Your Next Favorite' 'Once You Begin Playing Its A Hard Habit To Break' 'No More Boring Times When You Have This Game' __________________________________________ Find The Word is ...    41 MB    Views 7892
facebook property twitter million dollar game arm www https pitch friends
-7    Aim, Pitch & Level Up in the Official Game based on the ‘Million Dollar Arm’ on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Superstar sports agent J.B. Bernstein is in India on a quest to find the next ‘Million Dollar Arm’ ...    40 MB    Views 4542


http sound
0    A simple Breakout Nononsense, straightforward graphics and sound Crew Sound : kohrogi ( Design : mashairo8 (    10 MB    Views 5884

Pixel Garden

Related Apps garden game color shape beautiful puzzler fun sound pixel
-3    Game of the Year and Best Game on the Go Finalist – 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards Pixel Garden: a harmony of shape, color, and sound. Simple. Challenging. Engrossing. "An unusual, beautiful, and surprisingly sedate puzzler that's as fresh as an English garden" ...    35 MB    Views 6884

BBBox: Animals

-8    Big Button Box™ brings you BBBox™: Animals, an amazing collection of animal sound buttons BBBox: Animals uses the same proven interface as the other Big Button Box apps. Features: Show or hide the names of the animals All new pitch warper ...    13 MB    Views 5727
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+11    __________________________________________ 'This Game Is Something That I Look Forward To In Playing' 'Beautiful Amazing Graphics The Unicorn Is Just Beautiful' 'The Game Is So Smooth To Play We Really Enjoyed It A Lot' 'I Love It When The Unicorn Jump So High It's Like ...    15 MB    Views 3901

AnimalMatch - kids

Related Apps animal card cards kids children time playing animation cartoon game player matching sound mode
-1    A free animal matching game for kids It features cute cartoon animal illustration and 10 different game stages for kids of all ages. Children will have fun while flipping the card to reveal different animals. The children will also be ...    66 MB    Views 7574

Escape I

house escape find game save sound haunted
-6    I beckon you forward, into my house for a scare Crumbling face with a sign that says “Enter if you dare” From Poem "Haunted House" by Sheila Roy Meet Johny, the boy who were accidentally trapped in a haunted house. Find supporting ...    6 MB    Views 1139

Power Pitch Pro

ideas pitch system power don great story pro
+3    Power Pitch Pro uses the most powerful "One Line Pitch" & "Story Creation System" for the mobile device. It takes the fundamentals of great storytelling and literally puts them at your fingertips. When used together, HERO, VILLAIN, PLOT, SETTING, ELEMENTS, ...    30 MB    Views 3506

Guardian Saga

retro love games rpg playing guardian saga fans role sound
+14    The Guardians the great beasts created by the Gods of old to protect mankind from evil – have suddenly fallen quiet. Evil creatures once again roam the lands, and the entire Kingdom is thrown into chaos As the greatest ...    10 MB    Views 7140

Space Agent

+1    Get lost in space in a challenging and rewarding game experience. Come explore the movement and sound based galaxy of Space Agent. Hear for yourself in your headphones where the dreaded Xonyan intruders are coming from and guard the Earth’s oxygen ...    NAN    Views 4899


earth background sound alien
-5    Are you an alien from another planet trapped on Earth in the early 21st century? Or, are you on a recon mission trying to find out what Earth knows? Wish you had your handheld scanner to help you discover that temporal ...    758 kb    Views 4913
games playing music time measure game bass pitch sound score perfect stage
-3    It is an application that can be measured bass technique. Good of the bass, you can measure the poor. You can contribute to the improvement of the bass playing. Let's up the level of bass playing tempered bass pitch. Features It will help you to ...    26 MB    Views 2378
-9    iOS 5 Users: You should change the default Alert Style. See the support website for more details. Your kids love to play on your iOS device but you're tired of refereeing whose turn it is. Your Turn makes it easy for ...    4 MB    Views 8601
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+7    __________________________________________ 'I Love It When I Hit All The Ghosts Amazing 'The Music Is So Upbeat Makes Me Enjoy The Game More' 'No Doubt, This Game Is The Best I Have Played 'I Cannot Stop Playing This Game Is So Fun' __________________________________________ This game is amazing ...    49 MB    Views 9594

Gravity Marble

time marble sound gravity levels challenging game
0    Looking for a challenging and fun way to spend your time? look no more Gravity Marble is an addictive game that consist of leading a marble by tilting and moving your device through a maze with different challenges until the end. ...    6 MB    Views 2117
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-5    __________________________________________ 'This Is One Hyper Game It's Super Exciting' 'You Need To Have Lightning Speed Reflexes Awesome' 'I Love Every Minute Playing This Game Amazing' 'This Game Never Fails To Put A Smile On My Face' __________________________________________ Male/Female is one interesting game for everyone Male, female, ...    23 MB    Views 7143

Happy Sonic Town

children music home sound scene sense pitch rhythm monster small pass
+2    Welcome to Happy Sonic Town This app is designed for helping kids developing the sense of sound and music via mini games. FEATURES For children from 1 to 6 years old. 5 scenes designed by music education experts and toy artists, ...    36 MB    Views 7704

Wonder tree house

http org pocket sound
-1    Warning: Careful, this story is not as warm and fuzzy as it seems. Everyone built forts as a kid. Let's gather the materials and get constructing. Play with the things you create, find bugs — there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself. Happy ...    45 MB    Views 2689
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+1    Get ready to be transported to an ancient time and disconnect from reality instantly in this highly addictive, challenging and fun war themed app Some of the main features include: Amazing professional graphics that will have you feeling like an ancient warrior Challenging ...    28 MB    Views 3862
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0    __________________________________________ 'This Game Is Super Crazy We Can't Stop Playing' 'The Only Game I Recommend For My Children TwoThumbs Up' 'I Love Every Minute Playing This Game Amazing' 'THis Game Never Fails To Put A Smile On My Face' __________________________________________ Tap Color is a very simple ...    6 MB    Views 234
Related Apps war ancient challenging enemy fun young shoot sound physics
+3    Get ready to be transported to an ancient time and disconnect from reality instantly in this highly addictive, challenging and fun war themed app Some of the main features include: Amazing professional graphics that will have you feeling like an ancient warrior Challenging ...    28 MB    Views 6155
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+5    Music for kids. Find the perfect pitch for the musical notes Now children have the tool to train their musical hearing and enjoy the musical world. Including instruments, animal sounds and chords, the app allows children to become familiar with the pitch ...    89 MB    Views 9534

Leaping Salmon

+1    It's time for the Salmon to swim upstream and go back to their birthplace but there is a grizzly bear at the waterfall waiting to gobble them up They need your help to leap across the hungry bear safe n ...    17 MB    Views 740

Portable Dandy

time pitch original wheel
+1    Dandy is an intuitive and amazing sampler/synthesizer for iPhone. It really is a quirk, mind bending interactive composition with highly inspiring endless possibilities though very simple and sleek. Portable Dandy is inspired by Dandy Desmonds composition “Magnetic Loops for 15 Tape ...    33 MB    Views 6196
alphabet letter sounds learn sound hear kid match
+14    Looking for a fun App that engages your kid? With colorful pictures, lively sounds and funny animations? That stimulates your child’s let and right brains? And let them learn the alphabet at their own pace? If your answer is YES to any of the ...    10 MB    Views 7023


music library bubbles sound
-7    The simple pleasure of popping some bubbles, with music. blow at the screen to make lots of bubbles let the environment noise make bubbles for you. let the game randomly select a sound track from your music library, and make ...    14 MB    Views 8242
playing music game zigzag today super free master sound great ball
-1    __________________________________________ 'We Super Love This Game We Cannot Get Enough Of This' 'The Trendiest Game Today Download Now While Its Free' 'No Boring Moments When You Play This Game Amazing' 'We All Look Forward Everyday In Playing This Game __________________________________________ Zigzag Master is the most loved ...    47 MB    Views 4695


http sound ball
+11    A completely new sensation of zero gravity Breakout A feeling of tension, freedom, and neverbeforeexperienced speed Nononsense, straightforward graphics and sound How to play Tilt iPhone to control ball. Break all brocks within 30 seconds. Aim for a breaking rate ...    15 MB    Views 8945
jump playing music game train free hooked awesome sound effects
-5    __________________________________________ 'We Really Look Forward In Playing This Game Everyday' 'No Regrets Playing This Game This Is Super Fun' 'I Am Seriously Hooked With This Game Awesome' 'MindBlowing Game We All Enjoy Playing This __________________________________________ This game is sure to get you hooked, no doubt about ...    50 MB    Views 6301
music piano playing pitch ear perfect game tap answer notes
-1    ※※ Celebrating 300,000 Users ※※ This app tests your perfect pitch (absolute pitch) abilities. • It will help you to have perfect pitch through playing the game. • You can see where you stand in the world ranking. • If you have confidence in your perfect pitch, ...    27 MB    Views 4697

Go! Chicken Go!

chicken fly sound senses effects day
-9    ■Go Chicken Go story Once upon a time there is a ordinary rooster kept in a chicken hut in the countryside. He is curious enough to think that he can fly like a normal bird some day. And then the day has come...... ■How ...    12 MB    Views 7835
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+1    __________________________________________ 'It's Amazing And It's Wonderful I Love It So Much' 'I Look Forward In Playing This Game Daily It So Much Fun' 'Totally Fixating How Can You Not Fall In Love With This Game?' 'I Step So Fast All I See Are Black ...    6 MB    Views 9932
slot iphone skill time pitch customizable pitcher arm fully
-4    To be a great hitter you need to know what pitch the pitcher is throwing. You only have moments to see the grip the pitcher is using and if you can train yourself to recognize the different grips then you ...    13 MB    Views 2455
green red game indicator cyan glasses pitch capsule white blue
+6    You've landed on the moon, docked with the CSM and now you're coming home. The guidance computer is acting up and all you can rely on is that the Pitch indicator is still functioning properly. This isn't an action game, it requires ...    9 MB    Views 6106

Glidy Plane

plane game sound play effects score tap
+13    Glidy Plane is a Unity 3D casual game with a tap to glide game mechanic and has a fusion of retro arcade and modern iOS mobile gameplay style. Experience the adventure of Glidy Plane, a plane in distress that glides to ...    34 MB    Views 3578

Gravity Bird

time bird sound gravity levels challenging game
0    Looking for a challenging and fun way to spend your time? look no more Gravity Bird is an addictive game that consist of leading a bird by tilting and moving your device through a maze with different challenges until the end. ...    5 MB    Views 3556

Air Strike 3D

air wars content graphics attractive sound lively beautiful spaceship
+30    "In 2048, the world was attacked, invaded by the forces of evil. The air wars occurred fiercely. Let's protect the earth on your spaceship. Let’s fight to regain the region which is occupied. " Game Airstrike promises to head in aerial ...    69 MB    Views 1579
people music modern follow sound bash
+4    Try to get people to follow you, by playing the right music You are a DJ, the modern pied piper Story: The Pied Piper use his magic powers to travel forward in time. He tried the good old piper trick to get people ...    46 MB    Views 6019
drum playing measure time music game pitch score perfect set order ear play
+3    It is an application that can be measured drum technique. It is an application that can measure the speed to play the drum. Good of the drum, you can measure the poor. You can contribute to the improvement of the drum playing. Features It will ...    25 MB    Views 4452
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-5    Not all cars wanna be the transport for people, some of them are determined to be an racing , galloping on the racetrack and working hard to be a champion. Mazda , a car just born from autofactory,has a such dream ...    31 MB    Views 1712
game slingshot fun stuff breaking sound effects break screen
+1    Everyone likes to break stuff Over 3 million downloads across all platforms The slingshot game where you smash up plates, glasses and crockery. Fully 3D and physics controlled, with lots of fun sound effects. Highscore tables and 18 handbuilt levels (with ...    22 MB    Views 9623
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-3    Hold on for a cacophony of sound. Bang drum loudly to shout down the wayward triangle, killer guitar and other beatsmiths. It's a wall of sound that is way fun Awesome Music Killer Beats Endless sound battle    12 MB    Views 1170

CasioTron Beats

beats popular sound keyboards
-8    CasioTron Beats recreates the rhythm patterns found on the vintage home keyboards of the 70's and 80's. These popular keyboards were analogue and have now become collectors items because of their warm sound. This particular version takes the drum sounds from ...    8 MB    Views 9449
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+15    It is an application that can be measured bass technique. Good of the bass, you can measure the poor. You can contribute to the improvement of the bass playing. Let's up the level of bass playing tempered bass pitch. Features It will help you to ...    25 MB    Views 5040
education ipad construction children playing apps toys vehicles top vehicle 1st sound child
+2    Editor's Choice Award — Children's Technology Review I really enjoyed this app, and while my son is still a little young to figure out all the controls I am sure that we will love playing it in the future. ...    155 MB    Views 9630
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