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Tactics Space

+1    A real time outer space strategy game Command your units to achieve victory Use your mission rewards to buy new units and equipment. Customize you own troop 【Game Features】 ・Real time strategy game ・Modes range from easy to hard ・30 missions, each one unique ・Challenging boss battles    10 MB    Views 4880


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+17    Real time war game "SPACE CHOP" Feature Real time war game strategy and puzzule factor hardcore simulation game Various Battle ships and fighters and boss. Over 30 stages (include tutorial)"    11 MB    Views 3411
+1    Get a real casino quality experience with our no.1 app Download for free and play like a real pro without dropping a penny Features: Free to play More slots to choose from, more chances of winning Perfect iOS support for all ...    72 MB    Views 757
0    Real Truck park 3D is a 3D car simulator game. This game simulates various parking skill. In this game, you can get an overall view of the car’s position in a 3D optic angle outside the car. you can change angle of view by ...    20 MB    Views 1943


time legion wars quests real game
+1    首款可在手機上暢快體驗即時組隊副本、千人同場團戰的重度國戰手遊。穿越三國亂世,化身真命天子,攜手三國名將並肩作戰!! 龍紋三國遊戲特色: ● 回归最純真的RPG手遊,細膩精美畫風,全新故事情景,最強感官體驗 ● 108個系統,玩法豐富多樣,純重度長線大作 ● 即時組隊怒刷副本,爆Boss,Roll骰子,搶裝備 ● 強調軍團建設與協作,軍團貢獻值可換極品,火爆軍團戰,讓軍團勇士即時廝殺,激烈戰鬥令人血脈噴張! ● 跨服戰火熱上線,千條好漢同場廝殺一較高下。 ● 百位三國猛將任你召喚,快來組建你的最強大戰隊! 官網地址: 聯繫郵箱 粉絲頁: This is No. 1 mobile game featured by intensive, massive REALTIME country wars and quests Here you will get to know and play with global hardcore players by playing fantastic roles It offers nothing ...    NAN    Views 5933
-3    Play for FREE today DOLLAR BONUSES EACH DAY Be a million dollar winner Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and incredible sounds guarantee a premium experience. Journey through multiple themed Levels, each with their own unique bonuses and rewards: Bronze Silver ...    52 MB    Views 9142
+16    Feeling Real Casino Slots This is the app to play real casino slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun Good luck and we’ll see you on the casino floor FREE updates with ...    73 MB    Views 5377
+25    Small Witch is growing up and dreaming about the very true Magic Broom. But only artisan dwarfs, sly and mean creatures, know the secret of its making. They live on the Mysterious Island and hate intruders. On her way to ...    74 MB    Views 7968
vegas roulette game real table fun
-6    BEST ROULETTE GAME REAL VEGAS GAME PLAY Win big with this real Vegas style roulette game. Enjoy the fun without having to take any cash out of your wallet. FEATURES Las Vegas tables. 
 Max bets.
 Daily Rewards. ...    56 MB    Views 3329
-3    The perfect place to socialise, and strategise. Enjoy the fun of playing the real roulette in the amazing Las Vegas theme without ever dropping a single penny with never before sound effects and graphics. It's very simple: choose the table, make your bet, tap ...    67 MB    Views 4944

Basketball 3D

basketball challenge playing time game real feel fun awesome
-1    BasketBall 3D It’s time to lace up and head to the basketball court for some awesome shoots. Feel the best arcade basketball machine game on your device. Flick the ball towards the basket to take a shot and feel the fun on ...    71 MB    Views 9474

Real Soldier

-2    Save the last highland To protect last highland in the last battle for a life and death... The last line of defense is penetrated when highland is pierced. Protect the last line of defense Never Surrender Game Feature It is optimized for 3D ...    71 MB    Views 8945

La Caza Real

real elephants hunting game player royal foot
-8    Hit the elephants, but mind your foot La Caza Real: Royal Hunting, but also a wordplay on La Casa Real, the Royal Household. La Caza Real is a comic game designed to make the player experience the same sensations as a true ...    8 MB    Views 2699

Mob Wars

facebook players unique real mob http forum wars
+5    Enter a life of crime and work your way through the ranks of the underworld as you fight with real players and make a name for yourself Includes: 100% Ad free environment Real time fights with other players An active forum ...    9 MB    Views 3458
pirate collect gems slice real fish
-8    Be a fish slashing swashbuckler to collect your booty. Slice through a series of exciting challenges to become the greatest pirate of the open seas. Collect as many gems as possible, but don't slice a cannonball. Real pirates must put their ...    21 MB    Views 7140


war shooting game real zones authentic teams
-3    iAIRSOFT 想體驗生存遊戲這項運動嗎?第一款真人實景生存遊戲,收集台灣各地著名生存遊戲場地(陸續更新中),和各地的槍隊來場比賽吧。上線首先推出「燃燒吧歐吉桑」劇本發想場地:信義工廠與電影試拍場地:南港營區。 遊戲特色: 真實生存遊戲場景 真實生存遊戲隊伍 各式特別外型槍枝 簡單操作 武器、敵人、場地、玩法陸續更新 你還在等什麼呢 趕快下載吧 別忘了給我們好評價 讓我們繼續努力 ============================================== iAIRSOFT Wanna know what it’s like in a real war game scene?? Dare to feel the adrenaline kicking in and to bath in the formidable BBBulletRain? This original App is the very first FPS Game adopting real scenes and real war game players ...    27 MB    Views 3423

Dog Simulator HD

Related Apps dog apartment cool explore simulator knock real play high
-3    The most beautiful and realistic Dog Simulator available on App Store Play as a real dog inside a cool apartment and get ready for some real adventures. Knock off stuff, destroy whatever you like and cause the massive damage. Run around, ...    67 MB    Views 5908
vegas roulette game real win spin fun style
+29    BEST ROULETTE GAME REAL VEGAS GAME PLAY Win big with this real Vegas style roulette game. Enjoy the fun without having to take any cash out of your wallet. FEATURES Las Vegas tables. 
 Max bets.
 Daily Rewards. ...    23 MB    Views 8658

Tractor Memo

-2    TRACTOR Enjoy the world's first REAL tractor memory for kids Each hit is rewarded with a genuine tractor movie. Age 2 to 12 years. In this memory from Tractor Power you will meet John Deere, Case IH, Steiger and Volvo. ...    37 MB    Views 8061
conquer earth game real location based
+30    Conquer Earth is a completely new real location based strategy game. It transforms the real world into the game map for a global game of fierce competition. Stay at home and launch deadly attacks with your regional warriors worldwide in battles ...    38 MB    Views 1305
mobile real live dealers innovation roulette offers
-4    Experience all the thrills, spills and fun of reallife casino at Betfred Mobile. Our Live Casino offers realistic casino action at the touch of a screen, featuring real dealers, real tables and real winnings. Enjoy casino classics, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat anywhere, ...    NAN    Views 5363
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+8    • Play the most exciting strategy game for free • Fight with or against millions of online players around the world. • Sweet tutorial helps you master the game quickly Conquest & Glory is an addictive strategy game. . Forge a powerful alliance ...    32 MB    Views 5419
challenge games funny real situations friends game life mini
-4    Swipe, Tap, Tilt... Crazy mini games for all styles Guaranteed: you will have a Laugh playing this game Several reallife funny situations... Download the FREE game now and challenge your Friends Features: Simple gameplays Funny and awkward reallife situations Exciting levels Great animations ...    32 MB    Views 135

Pro Bowling

Related Apps money bowling studios pro game play real
+5    Brunswick Pro Bowling is the best bowling game available for iOS phones and tablets. Developed by FarSight Studios (the creators of the award winning Pinball Arcade™), this freetoplay mobile game is the most realistic bowling experience you can get without lacing ...    83 MB    Views 1545

Jedi Ninja

+5    Be an alien slashing Jedi to collect your valuable orbs. Slice through a series of exciting challenges to become the greatest Jedi of the galaxy. Collect as many orbs as possible, but don't slice a spaceship along the way. Real Jedi's ...    28 MB    Views 1414

Space Harvest II

time ipad strategy game space real harvest tricky
+11    Space Harvest II is an oldfashioned isometric realtime strategy game for iPad. FINALLY – the sequel to the 3rdbest ultrarealistic interplanetary fungus harvesting simulator the galaxy has been waiting for Conquer the universe in the name of the Emperor in this ...    93 MB    Views 3797


iphone real played world players shootout weapon
+23    ATK is a realworld multiplayer shootout game, allowing players to interact in realtime and simulate a shootout scenario in the real world. ATK should be played outdoors to achieve the best results and may only be played with other players who ...    19 MB    Views 9610

Real Sea Battle

+15    The real arcade machine “Battleship” Download one of the most iconic arcade machines Battleshipinto your phoneand dive into the warm lamp house atmosphere of real game of that time. Carefully chosen colors and unique design will not leave all the fans ...    38 MB    Views 376

Clash of Tank

Related Apps war time tank world country players real clash
-7    Clash of Tank is a war & strategy game set in the World War II, centering around tank battles. During the 24hourcountry war, players of Ally, Axis and Comintern can command their tanks to defeat enemies on the world map ...    NAN    Views 7025

World War Online

war time world real players earn online
+10    Play with millions of players in the largest online war Start as a general defending your base from the enemy and fight to become the dominant military presence in the world as you march your way to victory in World War ...    30 MB    Views 6654
game jungle real amazon
0    Be aware of the dangers of the Amazon Jungle Just kidding Place your bet, press spin button and have fun making a fortune This game is intended to be only for entertainment purposes. No real money or real goods can be won in this ...    17 MB    Views 8616
deposit free game real
+15    The first ever realmoney blackjack App brought to you by 32Red Casino winners of Casino of the Decade and Best Online Casino since 2003. Enjoy the thrilling graphics, exciting gameplay and win real cash with this fantastic Blackjack game which ...    NAN    Views 4308
bonuses real gold dollar cleopatra queen
-2    Play for FREE today with Queen Cleopatra DOLLAR BONUSES EACH DAY Be a million dollar winner Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and incredible sounds guarantee a premium experience. Journey through multiple themed Levels, each with their own unique bonuses and rewards: ...    54 MB    Views 6032
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+27    Welcome to this awesome Slots experience Heres what you´ll get: Gorgeous retina graphics Fantastic bonuses Atmospheric sonds Premium Slots experience Auto play Game center leaderboards Please note: This game is for entertainment purposes only No real Money or any other real word goods and/or services can be won in this ...    32 MB    Views 382


stores game real favorite find
+8    sweetFrog app uniquely blends a fun game with real life rewards. Be rewarded exploring the sweetFrog land with Scoop and Cookie with real sweetFrog coupons. Not a game fanatic? No problem Just find your favorite stores and you will receive ...    122 MB    Views 3291

Real Fishing 3D

fishing fish game real full catch life
+8    A real fishing game has finally arrived on app store New Updates Version (ver 1.1.4) Bug fixes. A full 3D fishing game We introduce the most realistic and stunning full 3D fishing game which allows you to feel like you are fishing in real life ...    89 MB    Views 784

Battlefield Moon

moon action strategy time game battlefield real enemy
-5    Do you remember the game "Nether Earth" on ZX Spectrum and Amiga? Now enjoy it on the iPhone 3D realtime strategy. Battlefield Moon "The year is 2109. Mankind faces an energy crisis. Industrial powers have exhausted all natural resources. However scientists have found ...    30 MB    Views 2196

Beach Defence FREE

+4    Do you want to join a platoon of army and be a famous soldier?? Play this game and join beach battle now Your main goal is to bounce and fly up in the air. Catching the explosives can be done by ...    30 MB    Views 407


car racing drift real race game limited
+2    Ranked 1 in the Racing Game category in 88 countries To all speed & drift lovers. Experience a real racing game ■Exciting new Multiplayer Mode where the loser loses everything Race a risky battle against players all over the world The winner can win a ...    81 MB    Views 3490
fighting sound real life step fights game gangster
+10    Real Gangster Fights is Game fighting free 100% You will love this game fighting Want to Become the ultimate champion, you have to beat all rivals, step by step progress towards a championship. You can execute high or low punches, block, or ...    15 MB    Views 6012

Parking Expert

car learning parking game real turning expert
-1    This game is for those who are learning driving ,particularly for those learning parking or backing techniques. By playing this game a model of stimulation of the real vehicles’ movementplayers can experience how to move a car into the ...    10 MB    Views 5780

ASCII Shooter

real game enemies classic
-2    Classic 2D shooting game Skillz multiplayer, win real money. Old school game with modern engine and pixel perfect graphics. Protect your device against virus attack and eliminate all enemies. Get ready for the instant action. hundreds of levels & thousands of enemies original chip ...    55 MB    Views 9880

The Pacific

wwii real note pacific
+22    THE PACIFIC WWII Your mission is to protect USS Enterprise from Kamikaze planes for 9 days of attack. Real WWII Graphics Real WWII Sounds Real WWII Action Note: We advise you to play with your headphones. Note: The bad reviews are because of a software ...    14 MB    Views 9434
Related Apps battle game robot station real galaxy invasion
+3    Save the human space station from the deadly robot invaders before they reach planet earth Real Robot Galaxy Invasion Battle is a 3d action shooter game where you will be the soldier that will defend the station and battle againts the ...    38 MB    Views 4745

VEGA Conflict

war time real conflict
-4    Stake your claim, command your fleets, and wage epic war in space. Band together with other players in a bloody rebellion to take back the galaxy from the evil VEGA Federation. CUSTOMIZE YOUR WAR: Different targets call for different strategy, outfit ...    83 MB    Views 3017
games trivia slot poker real machines slots
-2    Feeling Real Casino Slots This is the app to play real casino slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun Good luck and we’ll see you on the casino floor FREE updates ...    74 MB    Views 7884

BlackJack 21 +

Related Apps vegas game fun real
-7    BEST BLACKJACK GAME REAL VEGAS GAME PLAY Win big with this real Vegas style Blackjack game. Enjoy the fun without having to take any cash out of your wallet. FEATURES Las Vegas tables. 
 Max bets.
 Daily Rewards. ...    22 MB    Views 1726
credits free daily real features vegas winning las
0    Enjoy the most exciting Las Vegas actions around. All new features with a lot of bonus credits daily, new slots & awesome musics to make you feel like a real casino master Features: ————————————————————————————— Get 5000 Credits free at the starting 100 ...    18 MB    Views 3235
virtual game slots play coins winner jackpot real
+1    Welcome to Awarded Jackpot Winner Slots Ready to bet in Slots like a millionaire in a virtual Casino environment? You’ll have a blast playing for BIG payouts • Slots Auto play • Fast reel stop • Easy to play Lots bonuses Cool presentation Game Center Out ...    13 MB    Views 7656

Dots Heros

time upgrade production real ticket increases game
+25    Paid benefits: No Ads games, Jewelry 60 [ Game Features ] 1. Please carefully configure the battlefield (Hiller> Archer> Warrior) 2. Please upgrade to the realtime : Must upgrade quickly during game playing to eliminate monsters as zombies.    (unit upgrade, the production speed increases, ...    50 MB    Views 9633

The House on Usher

house agent mystery estate hidden real
+13    Do you have what it takes to become an upwardly mobile real estate agent? Play the role of Agent Angie Dee, who just got her first job at Homer Echers Real Estate and is getting a 'fixer upper' ready for ...    188 MB    Views 5296

MonsterVale Ⅱ

social monsters free monster collect isle real
-6    Walk down the road for Monsters you've never seen before From Real World to Monster Land, your legend as a Tamer is about to begin. Free to play. Free a gorgeous Monster Isle. Free your fantasy. Build a kingdom. Beat a conspiracy. Explore ...    164 MB    Views 267
drifting super drift corners real training
+20    Real Drift SUPER TRAINING includes next generation 2D graphics specially optimized for your mobile hardware to provide you with the best drifting experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Drifting is the act of maneuvering a vehicle through corners ...    4 MB    Views 3607

Real Parking 3D

parking real virus unity world game
-5    The world's best parking games Real Parking 3D Game World Best 3D Parking and Racing Game Seen so far is not the most realistic Parking. Actual and parking skills will be taught. To do this, you want to succeed and parking a bit faster would ...    87 MB    Views 597

Fighting Spiders

fighting spiders game real
+4    Relive the childhood games of the past. Zoosware presents the game that many of the children from Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines grew up with in the 70s and 80s Fighting Spiders. Have fun catching the spiders, grooming it for the ...    51 MB    Views 1671
castle real siege game upgrade experience units
+29    Control your troops, fortify your castle, and wipe out your opponents in this explosive tower offense realtime strategy game ROCKLYNN CASTLE SIEGE Rearrange the castle grounds and upgrade units to gain the tactic edge, and reclaim your right to rule. In the world ...    NAN    Views 2510

My Sweet Honeybee

Related Apps world bee save game real
+1    Play as the last bee in the world desperately trying to keep up the pollination rate to save the world from spiraling into complete darkness Features: Pollinate flowers and avoid pesticides as an adorable bee to save the world for as ...    18 MB    Views 9755


board bingo master cage game cottage real physical
+13    There is nothing like playing a friendly game of BINGO with your family or buddies at home, cottage or your favorite hangout. But wait a minute. Where is the BINGO cage and master board you bought years ago? Or how are you ...    21 MB    Views 9715

Sunny Side Grill

cook challenge sunny real side kitchen grill
-9    Sunny Side Grill is hiring. Are you up for the challenge? This is a serious learning game, incorporate real life rules into an interactive environment simulating a real short order kitchen. Challenge yourself to cook and serve multiple meals, hot and ...    82 MB    Views 5894

Real Ping Pong

Related Apps pong ping bounces real ball
+30    Real Ping Pong Bounce the ball as many times as you can. How long can you go?Keep your ball in the air for as many bounces as possible. 100 bounces will net you the Ping Pong Champion award.    9 MB    Views 6969
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