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Ho! Ho! Ho!

+9    CHRISTMAS TREASURES A must for the Holidays Check out "Ho Ho Ho" today to learn more about popular Christmas traditions, test your knowledge and have fun 1) Christmas Quotes: 10 apt quotes about the holiday for your consideration. 2) 20 Questions: Twenty fascinating questions ...    6 MB    Views 7106
+16    > Explore the seasons with Joyo Funfilled, educational & imaginative activities > Over 40 interactive games packed with awesome animations and voiceovers > Learn all about the seasons, opposites and colors Expand your vocabulary and learn new words It’s puzzle time Joyo the ...    51 MB    Views 1668

Packers Trivia!

trivia history word football games green record hangman info season triple
+26    A MUST FOR ALL GREEN BAY PACKERS FANS WORLD CHAMPIONS 2010 SEASON TRIVIA GAMES, HANGMAN, AND EVEN A HISTORY OF THE PACKERS WL RECORD Play "Packers Trivia" today to test your knowledge of Packers football. LOOK AT ALL THE GAMES & INFO 1) 20 Questions. ...    355 kb    Views 6224
+5    Unite rangers, zords, weapons and villains from all 22 epic seasons of Power Rangers Power Rangers: UNITE is the official collectible card game of the Power Rangers An allnew story brings together Power Rangers from all seasons, fighting to save Earth from ...    72 MB    Views 4790
+21    Check out our newest game, Blast Monkeys It's currently featured under New and Noteworthy in the Kids and Puzzle categories of the US App Store. It's Snack Time Help Caterpillar eat as much fruit as possible As you progress, the ...    3 MB    Views 2885

Seaside Spa Salon

summer time salon spa nice hot don cool
+4    Summer is really hot, it is time to go to seaside to have a spa salon in the weather. Every girl and boy must have a nice time on the seaside. Wear with your bikinis and protective clothing so don't ...    48 MB    Views 202

Chevy Baseball

game baseball favorite full play
+6    Swing for the fences with Chevy Baseball Play as either the Camaros or the Silverados in this free, 3D baseball simulation game that brings the excitement of America’s favorite pastime to the palm of your hand. Chevy Baseball is packed full ...    53 MB    Views 7714
sailing action home strategy game pirates caribbean ship seas trading press mode play sail
+2    It is era of 1832 when East India Company is ruling all the seas of Caribbean with trading between different countries. Sail your ship on the legendary seas of Caribbean while sailing, trading, plundering and raiding. Experience the real life ...    48 MB    Views 4306
Related Apps holiday cards time bingo game play season levels free unlock fun
+13    “Bringing back the classic with an interesting twist” Smoothreviews “A very nice game to have in your pocket” Appreviewme Hey there goodlooking Time to enjoy yourselves with this latest Bingo game Awesome features like multiple cards and new gameplay ...    31 MB    Views 1130
-5    Running With Scissors :: PreSeason Introducing: "Running With Scissors: PreSeason" It's an actionstrategy racing game, with an 9+ age target, and rpg collectible aspects for the characters equipment that changes their ingame graphics. Its theme is 'stranger and stranger', with obstacles like ...    40 MB    Views 1816
Related Apps action holiday game season high experience run
-6    Shofar Run by Oseh Shalom is a musical shofar action game for the Hebrew month of Elul, Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish High Holiday season. The player picks a character, runs along a path, and wakes up people and animals. ...    19 MB    Views 1120


facebook twitter christmas special seasons level type luck season fun
-4    Try to be as fast as you can to defeat those freaky Balluns Ballun is now integrated with Kiip rewarding system. Complete one season to get achievement Get rewarded while playing with real achievements like coffee, play station and more... Good ...    11 MB    Views 9525
army people game vampire monsters dracula season defense show powerful real
+7    "Vampire Season was a great reminder of what I like about the tower defense and RTS genres so much, and I have a feeling it will resonate with other people in much the same way." "Fangtabulous: The greatest hunters ...    140 MB    Views 2355
Related Apps kids art children winter apps animation artistic coloring book seasons model season
-1    Kids need coloring apps that are simple enough that they can enjoy them without help. Creating beautiful snow filled 3D art with 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Seasons is just that easy. Children will love it and parents will have ...    43 MB    Views 2332

Beautiful Tourist

season beautiful
-9    Autumn is a good season to be stylish All those jackets, hats and scarves are designed to make the cold season warmer with a look So, it's time choose our style for this beautiful atmosphere We need to make sure ...    30 MB    Views 9094

DS Bowls

dice bowls white closer move season jack
-8    DS Bowls is a dynamic dice adaptation of the classic game of Bowls featuring season statistics, full 3D dice physics, camera jumptracking and photo character customisation. Use the PowerRoll feature to launch your dice upwards then pair each ranked dice off ...    11 MB    Views 3998
facebook parents twitter pirate weapons levels life wars seas mode
+14    Follow us on Twitter via kooapps to receive free promo codes and new game launch raffle prizes Join Enrique in his quest to seeking vengeance and adventures at the seas in our newest game Pirate Wars Enrique is happily living with his ...    19 MB    Views 9683

Llama Or Duck?!

llama duck warrior show beautiful hours friends season play
+6    Over 1 million installs See what everyone is talking about Do you think you have the reflexes and sharp wit to play Llama Or Duck? You have a split second to decide whether you're looking at a llama...or a duck ...    26 MB    Views 867
-3 5/5 I love how the app focuses on so many different skills: shapes, counting, body orientation, problem solving, the differences in the seasons and more 4/5 Seasons by Cleverkiddo is a good quality app with an easy to use and child ...    49 MB    Views 6385
fishing trivia history challenge questions captain season safety
-9    Are you ready to take on the deadly Bering Sea? Step aboard the FV Northwestern and face Captain Sig's Trivia Challenge. Test your knowledge of crab fishing with hundreds of questions covering everything from the history of the Hansen family to fishing ...    10 MB    Views 1625

Jolly Try-n-Spy

holiday time puzzle kids spy fun jolly scenes skills
+4    Holiday Sale 50% off for a limited time Hohoho How fast can you go? Kids love finding hidden pictures, and this twinkling app gives them plenty of spyit time. One of the 10 jolly holiday scenes will start out black and white, ...    38 MB    Views 1947
adventure board jump mermaid level sound stars spring sea
+1    Have you ever swum in the sea? Would you like to feel like a little mermaid and go to an amazing water adventure? This app Mermaid Splashes Pro: Sea Adventure carries you away to the world of seashells Swim, jump, ...    68 MB    Views 8822


sports football money slot basketball games season contests play objectives player day points fantasy
+20    Win cash daily in football, baseball, and basketball fantasy sports contests ScoreStreak is the awardwinning new daily fantasy sports game for real money prizes. It’s simple to play and difficult to master Draft ANY player to your lineup and slot them ...    11 MB    Views 3252
Related Apps puzzle football season solution game challenging
+1    Football puzzle is a challenging and additivity puzzle game for football and puzzle fans. The goal is to move the Football to the middlebottom zone "TouchDown". Three levels of difficulty are available: PreSeason (easy), Regular Season (challenging) and Final Game (hardest). Solutions ...    7 MB    Views 1594


-9    The awardwinning 1st & Goal board game is now off the tabletop and into the digital space You'll experience all the fun and excitement of the board game plus so much more, as you customize your own winning teams, compete ...    42 MB    Views 9319

Haypi Pirates

multiplayer pirate officers seas kingdom pirates players join game powerful waters
+2    Fight alongside legendary pirates in your search of lost treasure, laying waste to all who cross your path. Haypi Pirates is a multiplayer strategy game where only the bravest and most resourceful players survive. Defeat the Spanish Armada, seize riches, ...    55 MB    Views 326

Dice 50

games strategy dice league season cup points opponents score 127
0    You start in league 8. It is the goal of the game to get promoted into league 1 and to become champion or cup winner. It is not going to be easy, because 127 opponents all with their own ...    12 MB    Views 9187


+29    Introducing "Stoneship: The Curse of a Thousand Islands" an entirely new iOS game from the company that brought you Myst and Riven. Arrrgh Pack Your Flintlock So you think you want to sail the seven seas? How about helping patrol the ...    52 MB    Views 7970
holiday game match year addictive season
+27    This Holiday Season enjoy "Number One" addictive and classic Memory Match Up game for your phone ❉❉❉❉❉ This beautiful app will set the right Christmas and New Year tone for you, and the gameplay is great for users of all ages. Staying ...    17 MB    Views 8575
holiday christmas family coloring book pages season colors includes festive
+3    Christmas Coloring Book is a Festive, Holiday Treat for the artist in your family Get Creative, and Color a variety of festive Coloring Book Pages including Santa, Snowman, Christmas Trees, Holiday Scenes and more Choose from a wide array of colors, adjust ...    9 MB    Views 9841
Related Apps war shooting game seas enemy battleship naval mission high destroy
-1    The Best Thrilling Destruction War Game Get ready to take on your enemies down in the wide oceans on the high seas, by commanding your naval battleship and destroying your opponent’s deadly warships. This is a battleship shooting game with several types ...    46 MB    Views 8574
Related Apps war shooting warship seas navy high battle combat naval deadly destroy
+5    What Navy Warship Combat is all about? The war has started in the high seas. Get your gunship battleship and join the battle force The Battle of the Deadly Seas is yours Commanding your naval ships and destroy your opponent’s deadly warships. You’re ...    55 MB    Views 6435
cards card vacation music summer solitaire beach collect sea game season levels bonuses pairs
+10    Solitaire Beach Season is an explosion of fun: vacation, summer, the beach, the sea The resort of your dreams on tropical beaches and 120 new and unique solitaire levels – an ideal combination for any solitaire fan Your trip to an ...    50 MB    Views 6901
cards time bingo game play levels season happy unlock free fun
0    “Awesome Bingo game, classic with a twist” Smoothreviews “So addictive, nice game” Appreviewme Hey there good people of this planet Time to enjoy yourselves with this latest Bingo game Awesome features like multiple cards and new gameplay make the ...    27 MB    Views 7208
kids children art holiday animation apps christmas coloring seasons book model season users simple
+17    Kids need coloring apps that are simple enough that they can enjoy them without help. Creating 3D holiday art with 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Seasons is just that easy. Children will love it and parents will have time to ...    125 MB    Views 4013
multiplayer board war spanish time apps cards games men age naval tactics ships game combat seas missions historical
-7    Introductory Sale Get Naval Tactics now for just 4.99 "Be prepared to spend hours commanding your ships into glorious victory or crushing defeat." "The AI regularly cleans my clock until it gleams." Hoist your sails and load ...    98 MB    Views 9812
weather children toddlers educational toddler skills game seasons beautiful devices sounds
+4    Introduce your toddler to the seasons of the year in a beautiful and exciting way Take care of imaginary characters by making the right object choices for the weather and get rewards for it Children will love learning about weather with ...    17 MB    Views 6114

Fizz Baseball 2010

-6    At last a baseball manager simulation for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived. Baseball Manager can be described as Fantasy Baseball meets The Sims. You take control of your favorite baseball team and guide them through spring training, the regular ...    19 MB    Views 6394

Seaside Dress Up

summer hot don girl dresses game forget choice dress
+3    On a hot seaside every girl should have a pile of rugs to be irresistible day after day. This hot summer wardrobe collection provides you with a wide choice of bright dresses, both long and short, with many tops, shorts, ...    7 MB    Views 2626
Related Apps games adventure facebook seas pirate game http collect bigfi high full
+21    The pirate arcade action game is back and better than ever with more mines, more peglegs, and more Plunder Join 6 pirate Captains on their search for booty. Explode mines to sink enemy ships and collect their valuable treasures. But ...    225 MB    Views 6220

Powder Monkeys

monkeys game tree quests bullets high seas golden
0    1MM DOWNLOADS IN UNDER 4 WEEKS & REACHED 1 OVERALL IN CHINA An ice age has descended upon Earth, wiping out mankind. Of all species left on the planet only a group of monkeys and bugs, hidden in pockets ...    64 MB    Views 2868
fishing facebook challenge catch fish enjoy friends create rewards season
+5    Over 16 million downloads worldwide Fishing Superstars Season 3 has arrived. More variety More fun Get hooked on fishing ============================================================ No more fishing alone We bring you guilds Create a strong guild with friends ■■■New features for Season 3■■■ Create a guild with friends and fulfill missions ...    63 MB    Views 1325

Mahjong Christmas

christmas santa mahjong game enjoy season
-6    60% OFF RETAIL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME Have you been naughty or nice? Mahjong Christmas doesn't care Play through a new and magical career mode with challenging themed puzzles. Rudolph will glow bright green with envy when he hears you ...    8 MB    Views 587
flower time challenge winter flowers meadow weed beautiful seasons unlock grow instantly
+28    Whack weeds with the swipe of a finger, and grow beautiful flowers to return the meadow to it's former glory Our meadow was once a peaceful place, flowers of many colours covered the pasture like a warm cozy blanket, then.... the ...    28 MB    Views 9557
basketball team set league rotation players features season
+28    Manage your team to a Championship Build through the draft, or through free agent signings and trades as your team competes in a 30team league. Set your rotation as you take control of coaching duties in addition to managerial duties. The goal ...    10 MB    Views 382

Ballun HD Lite

Related Apps twitter apple facebook christmas version level ads special full seasons download type
-7    Try to be as fast as you can to defeat those freaky Balluns Download full version to get awarded while playing with real awards like Starbucks coffee, Xbox playstation and more.. Ballun is a special type of emoticon balloon. Balluns are very ...    31 MB    Views 2810

Sling Santa

santa christmas game sling snowman snow balls season distance merry
+3    Enjoy this christmas season with Sling Santa A fun game for children and adults where the aim is to destroy all evil snowman. Each level is interesting and kept getting more challenging As Santa, use sling to throw snowballs on hidden ...    15 MB    Views 6092

Saints Trivia!

trivia history word saints record info hangman iron season
+10    A MUST FOR ALL NEW ORLEANS SAINTS FANS TRIVIA, HANGMAN, AND EVEN A HISTORY OF THE SAINTS WL RECORD LOTS OF GAMES AND INFO, AND ONLY 99 CENTS Play "Saints Trivia" today to test your knowledge of Saints football. LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF 1) ...    335 kb    Views 5137
children apps learning kids games animal forest 2015 tree supports featured season
+1    Featured as "Apps for Explore the World" April 2015 Featured as "Apps for Earth Day 2015" April 2015 Featured as "Best New Apps & Games" for Kids around 90 Countries. Mar 2015 Season of Tree will take your children on ...    50 MB    Views 2014

World Of Navy Ships

game ships naval seas world powerful fleet combat easy high
+24    Go back in time to the 20th century, and be prepared to take on your enemies on the high seas, by commanding your naval vessel and destroying your opponent’s ships. World Of Navy Ships is a battleship shooting game with several ...    59 MB    Views 8836

Ocean Rescue.

pets puzzle music adventure match game rescue matching ocean play collect fun
+4    Go on an aquatic matching underwater adventure and rescue pets with OCEAN RESCUE OCEAN RESCUE is the ultimate FREE match 3 aquatic matching game Jump into the ocean where you are surrounded by Seashells and wonderful little pets. Be the hero ...    78 MB    Views 2228
puzzle hexlogic puzzles enjoy logic addicting
-7    HexLogic – Seashells pulls together nature’s kaleidoscope of colors pink, white, blue, yellow, and orange to provide homes for our ocean’s inhabitants. You’ll enjoy deducing the right solutions to see all the color that these puzzles have in ...    15 MB    Views 3033
Related Apps kids weather apps iphone age learning clothes clothing seasons game dress play feel
+22    Kids Clothes & Seasons encourages kids to wear the right clothes depending on the weather conditions they see out of their window. If you are looking for an app to help teach your little one about dressing appropriately – be ...    111 MB    Views 4659

Gourmet Quest

wine french challenge quest episode quiz region season free
0    "Live an adventure that will allow you to discover many French regions, a true gastronomic quest Challenge your friends to a great quiz Which one of you will get the title of ""Grand Gourmet""? GOURMET QUEST, SEASON 1: FRANCE The Great Academy ...    261 MB    Views 1625

The High Seas Lite

Related Apps treasure hunter seas title follow pirates
-5    This new action packed game will put you in the boots of a treasure hunter. Fighting against the mighty pirates you sail the seas in search of treasure chests. Passing through the Caribbean you go on a quest for the ...    4 MB    Views 9600
body voice episode telltalegames order law season case crime
+21    COMPLETE THE ENTIRE SEASON TODAY, ALL 7 EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE THE SEASON FINALE HAS A TWIST ENDING YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS MultiPack [Episode 2 – 7 Bundle] Now Available for 12.99 [Best Value] via inapp purchase. Once purchased, you will ...    160 MB    Views 3992
trivia ipad friends quiz questions hard easy play edition seasons difficulties
-3    Trivia Quiz Friends Edition is the latest quiz to hit the app store Pit yourself against over 700 questions to see just how much you know about the famous Friends gang. Questions are split up into the 10 seasons of ...    10 MB    Views 541


elf realm colored warrior seasons years key
+4    A tradition of a great competition that was held every three hundred years in the Elf Realm is about to start Only young elf who are not yet three hundred years old are allowed to enter. The only one participant who ...    29 MB    Views 4128
cards facebook skill time mother myth claim season swipe based foes rewards
-2    “An interesting world populated with odd creatures, mobile friendly combat, and loot galore, all highlight why Mother of Myth is worth delving into” – 148Apps Now, with over 1 Million downloads and a 4.5 star rating, Mother of Myth is back ...    536 MB    Views 588
season hero 2015
+12    NEW SEASON 2015 is finally here From the creators of the widely acclaimed Touchdown Hero comes the official sequel for the 2015 season Enjoy TOUCHDOWN HERO: NEW SEASON now in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French ◉ Return to the field to outmanoeuvre ...    43 MB    Views 6662
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