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+15    Ragnarok is upon you, and you must use your runemagic to summon and upgrade warriors in order to defend Asgard from the oncoming doom. A fastpaced strategy puzzler with defensive elements, set in the universe of norse mythology. You must tap ...    4 MB    Views 7255

Tech Defense

+28    Defend the Earth Mining Colony from the androids’ rebellion. Neverending waves of droid invaders are attacking your base. Try to survive as long as possible before they destroy you. You’ll have to choose the best strategy to stand up against Templars, ...    NAN    Views 2445


-1    Welcome to the World of Niblets. Niblets are running wild all over town Now collectors from around the world are after these prized specimens and paying big rewards Track them down and discover their unique stories, then upgrade them to boost ...    62 MB    Views 1574
+23    This is the most amazing and addictive Arcade Basketball simulator ever seen. Unlike similar applications we made a huge effort to simulate the real gameplay and physics. 3 Different Game Modes ✓ Arcade: You got 60 seconds to make as ...    51 MB    Views 4995

Vitamin Z

+2    Can you defeat the zombie fruit and veggie menace? Your science experiment has gone horribly wrong and your lab is overrun with zombified fruits and veggies Dive into your last line of defense to save your lab, your trusty rotating omnidirectional ...    NAN    Views 5704

Starbase Gunship

gunship weapons upgrade game
+11    NEW MISSIONS "THE GAME IS OUTSTANDING" iPhone Life Magazine Defend an outpost on the edge of Terran space with your state of the art TAF Gunship. You are the weapons officer on board the AC130 gunship of the future. Your ...    43 MB    Views 8432

Last Ditch Free

zombies weapons touch weapon upgrade wall side free
+12    "Last Ditch Free" is Zombie shooting game. Scenrio: In infected with mysterious fatal virus city, human became monster without soul and humanity. You must go on to get rid of all enermy to survive.. on your own. This endless war just begins. "YOU" Be ...    9 MB    Views 3119
elephants weapon upgrade double bow arrow charge
+23    Charge of the Elephants is a casual, 2D modified tower defense game for the iPhone in which you assume the role of the commander of a small group of defenders who have taken up a position across the King Abraha’s ...    57 MB    Views 3420

Benny Llama

farmers time llama powers put upgrade special bosses
0    Spit your way through waves of farmers and bosses who are trying to put down Benny, a mutated llama who can control time and gain special powers by finding new accesories to wear and upgrade. features: Time slows down when llama doesn't ...    35 MB    Views 8496

Flappy, 3D

-1    Flappy 3D Flappy is BACK Now more FUN and visually STUNNING than ever before. Experience the Thrill and Excitement while you bravely navigate YOUR character through deadly pipes and other obstacles… But beware even the slightest mistake and GAME OVER ...    45 MB    Views 3038

Super Eight Pro

upgrade points throws speedy characters bombs enemy
+1    This is the story about a boy and his journey to return the old man’s magical potion bottles. The magic bottles have strange powers: with each bottle he touches, he turns into a different creature. The old man promises to ...    12 MB    Views 4223

Enterprise CC

version space starship store upgrade trek star game
-3    Enterprise is a 2D space shooting game that incorporates dodging meteors and blasting ships while trying to stay alive in the dead of space. The name Enterprise was used as a reference to the Star Trek starship Enterprise, the game ...    5 MB    Views 4415

Warbot Assault

action arcade mech upgrade weapons armor paced free players
-3    Command a mighty Warbot as you represent your country in a futuristic cold war Experience intense beat em' up action in this FREE FAST PACED ARCADE GAME Warbot Assault is a fastpaced arcade fighter where you fight against other players' mechs as ...    48 MB    Views 1364


card adventure role system game upgrade dust play open team
+11    The official QQ group: 110318631 The new concept of games debut, cancelled the stamina bar and deceptive. All the items in the game to send to send to send. Adventure treasure: Each hours of free open, six selected one can get all the ...    NAN    Views 4443


shooting upgrade emotional fun bricks simple play operation attack
+5    Want a different traditional shooter? Shooting Games are so old difficult it? Original shooting game with a different concept, BRICKS Destroy many enemies and move on forward. You can go further with the upgrade. Makes fun of shooting to avoid ...    26 MB    Views 3915

Jean's Club

challenge club higher rating helpful upgrade receive
+5    After the big hits from Jean’s Boutique of Fashion business, Jean employs the best manager for launching new club. Challenge to the best club through upgrade and employee. Operating tips: If you recieve the higher the rating of the result, will increase ...    56 MB    Views 5522
wealth fleet captain upgrade ship game warships port attack caribbean
+5    Story: Mr. Captain, front cargo ship found a team, they seem to be coming from the west of Manhattan number Ah, well, this time we can make a small fortune, ha ha ha ha Quickly earn enough money to upgrade our ...    55 MB    Views 533


action time space ship prepare hordes task enemies upgrade aliens
-3    Spaceborn is a science fiction action shooter set in space where you take command of an alliance spacecraft. As one of the last surviving fleet of the human alliance, you are entrusted with the difficult task of holding off and ...    90 MB    Views 3746
+11    Earth has been destroyed and only you can undo this Don’t Touch My Planet features simple, two button controls while having a huge depth in timing and resource management. On every attack wave your offense and defense is limited and you have ...    50 MB    Views 5520
castle real siege game upgrade experience units
+29    Control your troops, fortify your castle, and wipe out your opponents in this explosive tower offense realtime strategy game ROCKLYNN CASTLE SIEGE Rearrange the castle grounds and upgrade units to gain the tactic edge, and reclaim your right to rule. In the world ...    NAN    Views 2510

Star Horizon

war star game ship john story upgrade battles ellie
+24    Please Note: Star Horizon requires an iPad2/iPhone 4s/iPod Touch 5 or above. “Star Horizon stands on its own as a title that is well worth playing. The visual splendor alone would be more than enough to justify the purchase.” 148Apps “Star Horizon ...    472 MB    Views 6047

Fight the Fire

fire fight fun answer equipment upgrade regions questions safety
+28    The forest is ablaze, and homes are going to burn unless you Fight the Fire Use your helicopter to drop water and deploy your hand crew to cut fire lines as you battle to keep flames away from homes. Progress through ...    20 MB    Views 4901

Battle Buccaneers

battle kinds ships treasure build port upgrade choose high adventures
+26    Create your legend in Battle Buccaneers an epic online world filled with pirates, war, treasure and swashbuckling adventures Build your port into a powerhouse, fight your rivals and adventure across the high seas. Your citizens await you FUN FEATURES INCLUDE: ...    58 MB    Views 5277
journey heroes grab massive boss upgrade mission skills unlock rewards
+16    Ready for an Epic Clicker Adventure? Kill Monster to explore more level Fight Boss to get massive gold Upgrade Heroes to help you in journey Complete Mission for rewards Unlock Skills to overwhelm Grab Treasure Chests from thief Achievement for gems ...    46 MB    Views 1291

Dots Heros

+25    Paid benefits: No Ads games, Jewelry 60 [ Game Features ] 1. Please carefully configure the battlefield (Hiller> Archer> Warrior) 2. Please upgrade to the realtime : Must upgrade quickly during game playing to eliminate monsters as zombies.    (unit upgrade, the production speed increases, ...    50 MB    Views 9633

Logis Tycoon

center upgrade city truck data order trucks
+5    Take control of global logistics Become the owner of a logistics company delivering friendly and precise service to cities around the world. Fulfill a city's delivery request using the trucks collected by you. Build up more experience points in order to perform a ...    23 MB    Views 4889
free game truck monster upgrade purchases swamp features device feature
+5    Swamp Monster Truck – Realistic Chase & Race Game DOWNLOAD one of the BEST RACING GAMES for free today on iPhone & iPad Easy to operate, just touch the screen to POWER forward, TILT your device left or right to ...    26 MB    Views 2753

Age of PhoneWars

+1    Age of Phonewars is all about fastpaced battle action. Prepare to fight hordes of enemies that try to push your phone off the screen. Upgrade your weapons and blast your enemies away. “…overwhelming, and you’ll soon feel the burn of repeated ...    8 MB    Views 815
games game babylon deathmatch deluxe starship mayhem wave upgrade
+23    What players are saying about BABYLON DELUXE – Starship Deathmatch: “Loving it. This game is pure deathmatch and it when it gets hot it gets HOTTT” Luke, United Kingdom “Spaceinvaders on steroids This game has the X factor: intense and challenging with a ...    71 MB    Views 2567

Heroic Legends

Related Apps strategy heroic legends free game rivals play upgrade guild wars
+13    Join over 180,000 players Create your hero and equip him with devastating weapons in the world of Heroic Legends, a free strategy roleplaying game. Choose from three unique classes, perform tasks to earn rewards and battle tough rivals online "Heroic legends is ...    89 MB    Views 2442
survival levels deadly upgrade replay species enemies
-7    Immerse yourself in an epic war for survival, encounter tiny, yet deadly enemies, guide the smallest of beings to greatest victories, evolve and become the dominant species. Core: Your mission is to ensure the survival of your species. Use genetic engineering to make ...    70 MB    Views 454
dodge game obstacles special tokens upgrade ball
+11    Dodge. As the title indicates, Dodge is a game about dodging You control a ball to avoid it from hitting obstacles. Dodged obstacles will be rewarded as special tokens that can be used to upgrade the ball to enhance gameplay. Powerups ...    13 MB    Views 6138

Basket Ball Zone

game modes seconds pointers upgrade requires amazing arcade addictive
-3    This is the most amazing and addictive Arcade Basketball real gameplay. 3 Different Game Modes Arcade: You got 60 seconds to make as many baskets as you can 3 pointers: You got 60 seconds to make the 2 and 3 pointers, the board ...    57 MB    Views 572
game store retina graphics defence tower upgrade defend alive stay
+7    Play the hit action strategy game with over than 30 challenging levels. Meet, greet and defeat legions of space ships from the dawn of time to the end of days. It's the "tower defence" type of game but with new, futuristic, amazing ...    48 MB    Views 5276

Willy The Fish

reef starfish faster play collect upgrade fish avoiding
-3    Willy the fish is on the reef Help Willy make his way through the reef, avoiding sharks, electric eels, and poisonous jellyfish. Collect the starfish to be able to upgrade Willy to help him on his quest. Collect pearls to give ...    22 MB    Views 54

Pirate Ph.D.

games learning pirate coins child outfit send upgrade captain
+4    Pirate Ph.D.™ is a learning app for 47 year old children. The app encompasses many games in one. The player selects between available games and answers questions correctly to earn coins. Pirate Ph.D. is unique from other apps as your ...    79 MB    Views 7421

Sky Force 2014

time force sky incredible 2014 upgrade shooter players rescue stunning
-9    The mobile blaster legend is back to celebrate its 10year anniversary in superdestructive style. Harnessing the intensity of classic arcade shoot’emups combined with the hottest smartphone technology, Sky Force 2014 offers a stunning scrolling shooter experience with an incredible new ...    154 MB    Views 3547

Tank Battle City

+29    The world is at war Upgrade and config your unique ultimate tank to battle with your enemies Tank Battle is Heavy Weapon alike game, a sidescrolling shoot 'em up arcade action game at its best Use an incredible assortment of heavy ...    29 MB    Views 3721
journey heroes rewards mission complete upgrade skills grab fortune tap
-8    Ready for an Epic Tapper Adventure? Kill Monster to explore more level Fight Boss to get massive gold Upgrade Heroes to help you in journey Complete Mission for rewards Unlock Skills to overwhelm Grab Treasure Chests from thief Achievement for gems ...    45 MB    Views 1343
breaker bricks upgrade gems break ball numerous removed shield gem
0    Brick Breaker is a classic funny game. Bricks (or Blocks) are display at each level. You must break all those bricks with a white ball. To break those steel bricks, you must hit them by 3 times using the ball. ...    9 MB    Views 5531

Sky Pursuit

sky aliens blast upgrade ship wave pursuit alien https
-5    THE FINAL STAND Alien object landed on earth in the year 2099, we did not survive the invasion. You are the only one left of us and you are fighting the last war of humankind, in the sky. SKY PURSUIT Countless alien forces ...    21 MB    Views 5734

젬헌터 for Kakao

time addictive upgrade hyper easy strategies
0    Now it's across the universe A new style Kakaotalk game. Thrilling and uncontrollable hyperspeed Faster and more precisely A war of 80 seconds 100 times tension Easy controlling and superaddictive Take off right now ▼ Easy and simple control You can enjoy just with touching on ...    38 MB    Views 9290

No Operation

seminar aircraft operation upgrade system
+12    Although without a special mission or operation you try to survive as long as possible. With this new take on the twin stick shooter genre you control your aircraft and your shield systems simultaneously. In addition you have to manage your fuel ...    4 MB    Views 5847

Elite Force (FPS)

facebook youtube upgrade elite guns power grenades force www
+2    As the big cities grow, a parallel power arises to impose fear and control over the population. You are part of the special police division: ELITE FORCE, who will fight organized crime agains drug lords in the favelas of Brazil, terrorists ...    44 MB    Views 3001
war tanks game upgrade beautifully improve lots integration
0    FREE for a limited time Now in HD for iPad 3 & 4 retina display only. Beautifully rendered in 2048 pixels Ranked in Games: Top 100 in 28 countries over 230,000 downloads If you like war tanks, this ...    110 MB    Views 3111
Related Apps war strategy wars game islands upgrade friendly fun play
+11    COLONIAL WARS – LEVEL PACK NEW LEVELS AVIALBLE Again your mighty empire falls into war, landgrabbers are at your borders, rondup your legion and decide you strategy for this new war The last war you were mighty victorious and you showed ...    22 MB    Views 5689

Steak Fighter Lite

steak purchase slice upgrade fighter
+8    Steak Fighter Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the steak, the better Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 ...    10 MB    Views 6188
speed steampunk upgrade hills rider biker players game great special
-7    +++++ Don't just climb...Fly +++++ Steampunk racing and hill climbing is a way of life. You are constantly weighing the perils vs the rewards but the thrill makes it worth it. We are the racers who are willing to push things past ...    88 MB    Views 9617


skill time monsters defense battle player upgrade single castle complete
-8    Upgraded Hero Tactics, now multi player battle The best defense is offense A defense play by cute monsters Easy control and very friendly interface for every player Simple one touch to summon monsters Still difficult to operate? Use automatic mode Freely deploy monsters. No limit to ...    57 MB    Views 1239

Tower of Fortune 2

Related Apps facebook tower gameplay game unique spin upgrade enemies fight conquer
+8    Toucharcade 4.5/5 "This is a really great game." Capsule Computers 9.5/10 – “It mixes simple gameplay with a really intense game style and they fit together so damn well” 148Apps 4.5/5 – “Tower of Fortune 2 has somehow, miraculously, managed to ...    25 MB    Views 20

UAV Infiltrator

time bombs fuel vehicles game screen skies ads upgrade
+16    It's your chance to test your piloting skills and reflexes Guide an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) through enemy lines and survive for as long as you can in this awesome and addictive sidescrolling game. Controlling the UAV is very simple but ...    26 MB    Views 5993

Hero Gladiator

skill team hero player gladiator upgrade combination combat play
+15    Hero Gladiator is a very interesting cartoon style RPG game. Player in the magic world play a four team challenge evil. Experience of brutal fighting, to win the final victory. Hero Gladiator not only requires a single team member equipment ...    12 MB    Views 5695


touch ship realms levels races upgrade prepare buy inventory tilt
+19    Realms, the intense action shooter blasts its way onto your screen providing numerous levels of gameplay for the beginner and advanced iPhone and iPod Touch gamer. Start with any of six different races and prepare your ship to embark on a ...    6 MB    Views 9886

The Assault

multiplayer game units world fantastic amazing gamecenter upgrade fun great
+2    Fire on, Commander Put on your boots and step on the mud and VICTORY in this World War and do it MULTIPLAYER ONLINE Upgrade your units to take advantage of amazing advances in technology Unlock new troops and upgrade their attributes ...    27 MB    Views 9954

Traffic Dodger

traffic power ups upgrade store dodge
+6    Info • Ever want to dodge traffic in real life? Well, now you can in this endless,cartoon runner where you dodge incoming traffic by tilting your device. Police cars, taxis, sedans come at you at full speed and sometimes very ...    32 MB    Views 4186
drill upgrade resource mining resources factory planet gears device
+3    Manage resources and build your base Join the interstellar resource war Flip your device to sell resource Upgrade drill and extend your base to colonize the planet Just flip your device to proceed through most events Features Drillking is a game where you mine resources ...    47 MB    Views 3627
steampunk hills speed rider upgrade special multiple game experience great
0    +++++ Don't just climb...Fly +++++ Steampunk racing and hill climbing is a way of life. You are constantly weighing the perils vs the rewards but the thrill makes it worth it. We are the racers who are willing to push things past ...    86 MB    Views 748

Points Rush Pro

Related Apps time sports game points mode play bonuses rush trophy upgrade
+3    It's a whole new ball game Presenting "Points Rush" The Ultimate Sports puzzle game for any and all sports fanatics The rules of the game are simple. Match and connect as many common sports balls together and earn as many ...    50 MB    Views 5911

Zombie Jeep Gunner

zombie air full game support upgrade team zombies gunner weapons
+29    You play a jeep gunner in a female special forces team, trapped by an army of bomber zombies. They want to eat your brains and steal your knowledge…..Stay alive by commanding your team and defending the base with bullets, rockets ...    36 MB    Views 6788

Last Ditch

weapons weapon zombies touch side upgrade wall
+14    "Last Ditch" is Zombie shooting game. Scenrio: In infected with mysterious fatal virus city, human became monster without soul and humanity. You must go on to get rid of all enermy to survive.. on your own. This endless war just begins. "YOU" Be the ...    9 MB    Views 8924
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